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they should use the death penalty on ETA

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Question: Do you think child molesters should get the death penalty?





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child molesters. they won't change and are useless to society- not to mention they are wasting my tax dollars. scumbags. that's all.

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 3:49 PM
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by Anonymous 22 on Jan. 20, 2013 at 7:14 PM

 OH YA!!! I had totally forgotten about the pink undies, flip flops and handcuffs!! ROFL!! ROFL!! TOO DANG FUNNY!!!! YIKES! 29 degrees is VERY COLD!!! I've heard that the inmates who do go thru the tent 'prison' rarely ever break the law again b/c its way worse than having a nice cot inside the prison, etc!!

Quoting KeriAZ:

Yes it is in Maricopa County in AZ. And its the Sheriff who is doing it. The Tents are for those who arent staying long like DUI's and such. Maybe 6 months at the most. We had a couple nights that it got down to 29 over night. The prisoners wear pink underwear, pink flipflops, pink handcuffs. They wear black n white stripes. i know cause my Ex was in Sheriff Joes. Now he is in the state pen.

Quoting Anonymous:

 I heard about that!!! I was shaking my head!!! I was like WTH??? REALLY?? So that victim and the victim's family doesn't matter but that scumbag that KILLED her does matter?? I seriously doubt his weight would be an issue if they just took a gun and shot him once in the head!! I'm sorry--but IMO, you kill someone, you (unless it was self-defense) DO NOT deserve to live!! Your victim is dead, so WHY is your life more important than your victim's life?? It isn't!! I guess that Governor doesn't give a crap if he gets re-elected or not, since I am willing to bet after that STUPID decision, he will most likely NOT get re-elected!! I am willing to bet if the victim had been his sister, cousin, niece, aunt, etc., that he would have done EVERYTHING in his power to be sure that scumbag got the death penalty and that the death penalty DID get carried out!!!

I have a relative who is currently in prison. He is NOT in prison for ANY sex crimes whatsoever! He was robbing banks and turned himself in to police. Anyway, he told me you can always tell the child molesters, wife/girlfriend beaters, baby killers/wife/girlfriend killers b/c word gets out about their crime(s). The above mentioned criminals walk around with black eyes, broken arms/legs. He even told me that he has witnessed guards allowing several bad ass inmates into an area where one of these molesters/wife beaters etc. is at and then the guards look the other way while the inmates beat the CRAP out of the scumbag.

I wish they would do more chain gangs!!! They make prison life too easy for inmates who are NOT molesters/wife beaters, etc!!! Have them pick up trash along the side of the road. Have them out fixing potholes, etc.etc. I think its in Arizona--there is this one Warden who makes the inmates sleep out in tents at night!! It is SOOO COLD out in the desert at night!! I think they also do some sort of physical labor out there too. VERY FEW Inmates end up re-offending after going thru his program, which is AWESOME!!

Quoting theCMtroll82:

ohio has been idiotic with death row inmates the past few years, the governer reduced a guys sentence to LWOP because he claimed he was too fat to die

Quoting jessi2girls:

There are cheaper ways to execute criminals.. but too many people have bleeding hearts for them..

If, after convicted, they were executed (and I don't care how, hang them, shoot them, fry them.. burn them.. I really don't care).. within, a week after conviction.. problem solved..

Quoting Anonymous:

if only it were cheaper to execute criminals. But yea I agree. I say do it the old fashion way and hang the fuckers! 





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