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poor people wonder why theyre poor

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Its not rocket science. You get your tax refund and buy stupid shit you don't need. then come on here the next month bitching that your lights are getting turned off, or all you have to eat is ramen. Why not use it to pay off a bill put it in savings or invest in something.

Eta. Funny example.

So I had a friend who decided she wanted a car. She got her income tax back and brought the car she had to have. I should add, this was her first car and she had just gotten her license a month prior. Anyway, she has the car that she spent her entire return on. What she didn't take into account was insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. She didn't even have the car 90 days. Poor thing.
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by on Jan. 19, 2013 at 2:30 PM
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by on Jan. 20, 2013 at 1:41 PM

I know I find myself often thinking about post on here while sitting in my socy classes. On Fri my professor was talking about the poor and how they get told If you are poor you should not have kids, if you are poor you should be expected to go without basic needs ect.... I immediately thought oh yeah that's on cafemom...................sigh...............very sad that instead of giving others words of encouragement and accepting them for who they are we instead have to rip them to shreds and make them feel even worse about them selves.

Quoting Luna091306:

 Apparently. lol There are few others that seem to think they are as well.

Quoting clippingmom:

Is talia-mom the tax refund police???? Having the money to buy your every want or need does not make a person rich

Quoting Luna091306:

 How is she living beyond her means?

How does using a tax return for a car or saving for a house equal poor?

Quoting talia-mom:

you are poor because you live beyond your means. wtf are you pregnant again? You didn't have to get pregnant
but when you need your income tax refund to clothe you, get you a car, and a exactly show what you are poor.

Quoting puertoricangeek:

Ok, so I'm poor because I am buying the things that my family needs. Ok so I should be on all kinds of PA and then I could save my money every year and then be like you right? I get no help, I work 40-50 hours a week, I have not had a vacation in over 5 years, I have a college degree, I have been actively looking for a better job but I am stuck here and because I have gotten pregnant again, have a two year old and a husband I can get a car or home to accommodate. OK, I will live in a one bed room, get a scooter and then have my fucking kids taken away. Your going to judge me based on this and have the nerve to assume that I will always be this way. If it wasn't for "POOR" people doing their jobs then those of you with money would not survive!

Quoting talia-mom:

and that is exactly why you are poor.

Quoting puertoricangeek:

I mean we will be moving to a bigger house and buying a used car. Paying up an years worth of insurance and then the rest we will spoil ourselfs with. I don't think that is so bad.



by on Jan. 20, 2013 at 4:55 PM

 They do the thinking and I can do the movin lol:)

We despiritaly need more space and an extra room.


It sucks. Hopefully you can get some clothes with this tax return, even if it is one outfit. I did get a new bra. I needed one so bad lol.

Quoting Luna091306:

 Watch out! You are about to be called poor by a bunch of anons. Apparently, using a tax return to move makes you poor. lol

I say go for it! I need new clothes too. I haven't bought myself something new in a couple of years, other than maternity clothes. :/

Quoting teal_phoenix:

 That's definitely not us. We are using ours for a new apartment and bills...

Oh and some new clothes for me but hey I haven't had new clothing in a LONG time. Trust me, if you all saw my selection, you would say go for it lol:)




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