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My sister is the worst!

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I have three sisters, and one of my sisters can be so extremely petty, it's pisses me off. Our mother lives with her, and my 11 year old daughter is really close with her kids (her cousins). My daughter sometimes asks to spend the weekend over at her house to be with her grandma and her cousins. I always asks my sister days before bringing her over, and she tells me everything is fine. Yesterday I had a conversation with my mother which she revealed to me that my sister is less than welcoming to my daughter. My mom explained that she complains about having her there (which she's never done to my face, she always seems more than happy to have her spend the night).

I asked my mom if it was anything that my daughter did, I assumed she misbehaved or something (which is honestly not like my kid, but you never know). Anyway I thought she had a legitimate reason for not wanting to have my daughter around, but my mom told me there was none. I learned that she often likes to make my daughter feel left out, she'd take her kids to get ice-cream, or any activity and my daughter would be left behind. She's an eleven year old girl, of course that hurts her feelings. My mom had to promise her that she'd take her to get some later! It makes me frustrated and upset that she'd do that to my daughter! I can't believe it, and I feel like a terrible person for letting her go over there to be treated in such a way. It just breaks my heart because when my mom brought it to my attention, I asked my daughter about it, and I could just see that she was really sad about it!

My sister and I have a complicated history, we went years without talking at one point but we reconciled almost a decade ago. And I never thought she'd treat my daugter that way. I love her kids like they were my own, I'd never treat them the way she treats my baby. It's like she gets some sick satisfaction from making my daughter feel inferior and unwanted and it's so petty and sickening! 

I explained to my daugther that she wouldn't be spending any weekends over there any more and if she wants to spend time with her cousins, they'll just have to come spend the night at our house. I refuse to let her be treated that way, that's a sure way to get my daughter having severe self esteem issues. I'm not having it! 

Sorry for this long rant. I just had to get it off my chest. Also I've yet to confront my sister about this, and I guess the whole point of me posting this here is to ask for help! Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks! 

by on Jan. 21, 2013 at 2:50 AM
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