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Tired of hearing about.... Gun Control!!!

Posted by Anonymous
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Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about it?

I don't understand what the big deal is.  They aren't trying to take away all guns, they're trying to put restrictions for UNNECCESSARY GUNS!  You don't need semi-automatic riffles and high capacity clips for hunting...or even self defense.  What other reason do you need a gun?  If your target practice is so intense that you need a high capacity clip...that's a different issue! 

I'm tired of seeing all the crap on Facebook about how criminals will be armed, but we won't.  Well, take a second to think about this:  Do criminals buy their guns legally?  NO!  They buy them illegally from people who probably stole them... stole them from all the people who claim they are "responsible gun owners!" Maybe you have no intention of killing someone with your guns, but are you taking the precautions to make sure NO ONE ELSE WILL?

Here's an idea... how about ALL GUN OWNERS are forced to be responsible and have their guns locked up in a proper safe. The reality is, while there are people who have good intentions with their weapons and ARE responsible (locking up guns, practicing gun safety)... there are more who are not.  Debating about our mental health system will not change the fact that someone who is mentally unstable can easily steal a gun from Joe Somebody's house, and use it to kill innocent people. 

I think all these people who are in a huge tissy over this topic should evaluate their own level of responsibility in the situation. 

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 21, 2013 at 12:09 PM
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