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My parents dont take my food allergies seriously...

Posted by Anonymous
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Ok so, my parents are incredibly unreasonable when it comes to food.

I am currently living with them, moving out march first, thank god so i wont have to deal with this much longer, but it just upsets me.

they do the shopping, i contribute money for groceries but they absolutely insist on doing the shopping, and they will not buy any veggies. they just wont. 

I had to cut dairy, soy, and gluten out of my diet, and they refuse to buy things for me because "its too expensive" it really isnt, they just have a weird concept of what food i would be eating, i told them it really isnt expensive and have explained to them waht to get, i have asked if i could go grocery shopping but they get pissy and say THEY have to do the shopping. i have just gone and gotten my own grocerys, but then they get mad and make me contribute the same amount regardless, so my groceries would be extra. yep. totally unreasonable.

i am nursing and i am worried this could be affecting my milk supply because i am basically starving most the day.

my meals have basically consisted of the only 3 fucking things they will buy for me:

gluten free hot dogs.

gluten free turkey deli slices.

and quinoa with frozen veggies and chicken. (i love this dish, but its getting old)

this is ALL i am allowed to have. i have been repeating these same meals for months and its ridiculous. i dont know why my parents are so fucking unreasonable. i'm just glad im moving out.

oh and they have also insisted i eat the food that cause me and my son to be ill, because "i am being ridiculous and i should just deal with it"

my son is also allergic to these foods.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 24, 2013 at 8:13 PM
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