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Send your kid to daycare he said...ETA

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My sons pedi advised us to send our LO to daycare so he can develop social skills. He was 13 months at the time. I feel like I'm depriving him of that but everyone around me says he is doing great and is best at home with me. We are living comfortably enough for me to stay home with my LO and I want to know how many mamas did NOT send their children to daycare or anything of that sort and had kids with fine social skills. Should add he does not have any cousins and is the first born of his generation. We're waiting on family to bring more kids into the family.

ETA: I looked into some of the options mothers gave. The local YMCA closed in may of 2012 here, and our library does have story time. I found a Montessori play group, and contacted them. I had no idea this post would become featured. It's going to take me a while to reply but thank to you all of you mamas who remained respectful.
Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 27, 2013 at 3:44 AM
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by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:45 PM

you don't need daycare to socialize a child; friends, family, church all have tons of kids aroung for your LO to socialize with

by New Member on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:47 PM
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I never sent any of my four kids to day care.  They are all doing well socially.  They constantly have ther friends over are happy and well rounded. On the other hand  I went to daycare from about the age of three and I was very shy.  I was the child that cried to go home in kindergarten.  Hence, my decision to keep the kids at home and have playmates and community centred programs about an hour long.        

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:47 PM

WHOAH! time for new PEDI!

No daycare here. Thank goodness! I not only want to be there for all their firsts I want to make sure they have the opportunity to LEARN from social mistakes! I also do not believe in time out - 95% of people who use it actually do it incorrectly and it leads to social apathy.

He will do just FINE without 'socialization' from other kids in a day care situation. You can plan playdates once a week (an hour a week is really all he will need for 4+ years!)

Wow, just wow over anyone saying that, but then I've been looking into home schooling for years now, and know that all kids are best home with parents who are able to be there with them, or a caring adult - read family relative on-the-same-page-as-you-exactly!

Good luck with your search, and may happy returns be in your future!

by Anonymous 75 on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:48 PM

At 18 months I thought it was in my daughter's best interest to attend a "Mothers Morning Out" program two days a week. (When I worked during the school year, my daughter was taken care of by my parents.) Before having my first daughter, I thought sending her to any kind of program was absurd. BUT, as my child grew and I got to know her as a person and not just a baby of a certain age, I realized SHE was ready for more interaction with other kids, other adults, and another environment.

She thrived and the following year I upped her days from two a week to three (the MMO program was a three hour program). The following year, I sent her four days a week.

For us, this was wonderful. But, each child and situation is totally different. Do what feels right for YOUR child. Docs are great, but they ARE NOT the child's mother.

In my opinion, [good] mothers ALWAYS know best!

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:48 PM
Check into That's how I found a local sahm group. We met once a week for a couple hours. We had park and zoo trips as well as coffee at this place with an indoor play area for kids. We became friends and our kids got to make friends as well. I was in a similar situation. No friends with kids the same age and the only one with kids in the family. My oldest was fine. My youngest had issues but ended up in daycare because we divorced. It helped him a lot! Good luck!
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by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:48 PM

 It took a LOT for me to let go of having my LO w/me 24/7, but am I EVER glad I did! It TOTALLY gives an edge to developing social skills, and more!!

by Silver Member on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:48 PM

I would look around for playgroups, and definately do story time at the library. Maybe looking into classes, like gymnastics or something like that he could attend. I always trust your instincts, if you think you should keep him home then do it.

The majority of the time Mom knows best

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:49 PM

LOL I think your Ped is an idiot, sorry ~ But I have been caring for babies since I was 10 years old and the only difference day care kids have that mine didn't is they were sick more (germy kids) My kids went to a co-op preschool, I chose it bc it was cheap and I was a stay at home momma and to stay at home I had to be creative and find something cheap and my grandbabies go to a 2 day / week preschool for 21/2 hours and it costs $70 mo, it has been great for my grandson and me otherwise I would be doing "play group" and Im just not into doing that any more at my age but that is an option. I know several young moms that alternate their house every week and get together for these play dates. I also know several ones that use the free day care at the "Y". - ususally you get 2 hours free child care with your membership or $3 an hour if not a member. But there are options but your kids doctor needs to stick to doctoring and let you stick to parenting. My opinion anyway. The only thing I can say about kids in daycare is that they  seem to be more independant quicker and the ones who are not in daycare seem more babied and that is not a bad thing. I taught my kids at home before preschool and they done just fine.  

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:50 PM

I don't think that not sending your LO to daycare is bad, nothing wrong with it.  They will socialize when they start school, she isn't missing out on anything other than getting sick at daycare.

by on Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Sorry if this was said already. I don't think you have to put them in a daycare, but some social interaction is good for them a playgroup or something. My SIL never takes her daughter to any playgroups and so she freaks out when ever there is a family get together. She brought her to my dd birthday party yesterday and she cried the whole time they were there. She is 17 months.  They both work but different schedules so she always has a parent with her. nothing wrong with that but she is just not very friendly.

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