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I'm the total opposite of my mom

Posted by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 4:24 PM
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I grew up with a mother (I now call her "Laurie") who was a drunk. she had a reputation of being the easiest crackwhore in town. she never gave a shit about my brother and I, stole from my dad, physically attacked him whenever she could.
she used to lock my brother and I in the basement while my dad was at work so she could turn tricks and do drugs all day upstairs. she'd pawn our stuff for crack and had no problem telling us. One time, she was found in the girls bathroom of my elementary school, unconscious of an overdose. her arrest record is as thick as a book- all for hitting cops, drugs, prostitution. (let's just say the chief of police made it VERY CLEAR to us Laurie was damn lucky my father's personality and attitude gained him good friends in good places.)
when I told her I was pregnant, she did a total turn-around. she was there for me every day. After I had my baby, I realized she acted like that because I was giving her something she'd always wanted- a grandchild. once the baby was out, she treated me like shit all over again. for the first year and 1/2 of my kid's life, Laurie barely saw her. I didn't allow it.
she agreed to go to AA- and for 5 months she truly was sober. It was evident. she updated me on every single meeting, called me if she had the urge to drink or do drugs so I could talk her out of it. she was doing great.
Just before last halloween I noticed Laurie going to the bathroom.....10 minutes apart.....with her purse. she'd come out reeking of alcohol and perfume, stumbling around, her eyes glazed over. 
When I tried bringing it up in a totally non-confrontational way, she FLIPPED. called me a fucking whore who screws everyone in sight and is ridden with STD's. she threatened to beat up my in laws (almost in their 70's) and "every child in their house"- including mine. her grandchild.
a 2 year order of protection was granted. Laurie lives with my grama- her mom- and has told her if she takes my side, she will hunt her down and hurt her. my brother is a mama's boy and was furious I couldn't just "ignore what she says and let her do what she wants"(?????). he then allowed his gf of one month email me HORRIBLE things and said she had every right to.
the only people i talk to in my family are my dad and step mom. i love them so much. my grama and aunt hate me, im dead to my brother and everyone else associated with them wants nothing to do with me. because i refused to allow my mom to treat my daughter and i like shit.
before she completely left me, my grama told me mom was always drunk when i'd let lucy spend the night. my mom hit my grama in front of my kid (I walked in on my mom beating my grama grama was SHIELDING MY DAUGHTER BY HOLDING LUCY BEHIND HER BACK AS MY MOM HIT HER. I scooped lucy up without a word, put her in my car and off we went.)
I barely even scratched the surface.

I am proud to say I am not a "mother" like Laurie.
has anyone else had to deal with a parent like this? 

by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 4:24 PM
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