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I was ALMOST abducted from the Bronx Zoo at age 3......

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I was with my mom, her boyfriend & his son. The four of us were walking, and her BF was holding his sons hand & my hand. My mom said she bent down to tie her shoes, when she was done she looked up at her BF & noticed I wasn't with him. She asked where I was - he said he thought my mom grabbed my hand so he let go of me (didn't even bother to turn, look & make sure) - my mom panicked & she said something told her to run to the the area where you left the zoo -- & sure enough she saw a man holding my hand, trying to walk out of the exit with me.

She screamed for him to stop, screamed for help & two men ran up and grabbed the man. He told police that the he found a little girl & was escorting her to lost & found so she could find her mommy!! (sure you were, that's why you were trying to exit the zoo with a crying little girl)

Anything crazy ever happen in your life that could've ended up a lifetime movie?

*I actually experienced something worse than almost being abducted at the zoo ::

When I was 7, I remember being woken up in the middle of the night by my mother, she grabbed me and put her finger over her mouth (as to say SSSHHHH - be quiet) we ran and hid under our kitchen table (it was a round glass table but we had a super long table clothe (it almost reached the ground) anyway we were hiding under the table & I saw two pairs of black boot walking around our apartment (it scared the shit out of me)

They were there for what felt like forever (my mom said it was like 5/10 mins) - crazy shit is they didn't ransack our apartment or even take anything.

We moved to Staten Island like a day or two later.

Later on in life I found out that my bio dad was into some shit he shouldn't have been into & those guys were there looking for him. My mom & dad hadn't been together since I was like 1 - but it was the last known address they knew he lived at.
Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 30, 2013 at 4:32 PM
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by Anonymous 25 on Jan. 31, 2013 at 5:02 AM

I'm going anonymous for what I'm sharing. Generally, people don't know many tales from my past---I like to keep it that way. People treat you differently when they know you've been through something traumatic. I won't say they treat you like less of a person, but they feel... censored, and like they need to walk on eggshells.

At the age of fourteen, we had a new neighbor move in. The lot had previously just been an open field on the side of our dirt road. They paid to clear the acreage, have a manufactured home installed, and a chainlink fence erected.

My life was really boring. Not unhappy, necessarily, but boring. Having new neighbors was one of the more exciting moments of my life at that time, and I was essentially raised by my grandparents who taught me the importance of friendliness and hospitality. I wanted to do something special to welcome them to our neighborhood. So, I enlisted their help to make some frosted sugar cookies and a pan of brownies.

My grandparents lived on the other side of town, while my mom and I had our own home. I stayed home alone a lot while my mom worked. My grandparents didn't get out much anymore at this point. My grandmother suffered from an epilepsy-causing brain tumor and my grandfather was on 24/7 oxygen. Basically, my life was home and school, and my life was very... predictable.

Long story short, I went to the new neighbor's home alone, gave them the treats, and then went back home. I noticed weeks... or months later, that one of the older boys was always watching me. His eyes were always burning my skin.

One evening, after having a fight with my mom (teenage angst, you know), I was out watering the plants, as I did every other day, when I felt an immense force knock me to the ground. I heard no thumping of footsetps in the dirt, I heard no crunch of dry crab grass---nothing. I hit the dirt ground hard, the rocks immediately scraping up my skin. I felt the water from the hose seeping through my clothes and turning the silty desert sand into mud, and it felt like for the longest time, all I could see was endless blue sky and the outstretched limbs of green tumbleweeds.

I felt paralyzed... and it seemed like an eternity had passed before realization sank in, and I could feel fingers clawing at my clothing. Adrenaline surged, I fought back, I grabbed one of my mom's garden angels and clocked the boy in the head with it... but it was like it had no effect whatsoever. I could feel the evil radiating from him, and as hard as I fought... I wasn't strong enough.

He's rotting in jail, but there are times I still can't find closure.

by Silver Member on Jan. 31, 2013 at 5:03 AM
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by Anonymous 23 on Jan. 31, 2013 at 5:06 AM

Quoting Anonymous:

My friends and I were about 17 and all 10-12 of us were playing tag at a park at night. It was like hide and seek/tag. So I went to hide in a picnic area, I backed into a dark corner and felt someone wrap their arms around me( I thought it was my hubby, then bf). I turned around and it was some strange guy. He put his hand on my mouth and pinned me down, ripping my clothes off. I tried to scream. Then one of my guy friends jumps down out of the rafters( he was hiding up there) and stabs the guy with a broken piece of wood and we ran screaming to our friends. They thought we were joking til they saw I was basically naked. We left and called the cops.

Holy f!@K! That sounds like a horror movie, or something. Especially that one sentence. Freaking creepy as hell.

How did your guy friend figure out what was going on?

by Anonymous 25 on Jan. 31, 2013 at 5:10 AM

When I was maybe ten or eleven years old, my grandmother's neighbor let some of his distant relatives move in. This neighbor was like another grandpa to me. I think they were his cousins, and he was doing it as a family favor---I don't recall the blood connection.

I was very curious. The man had this darkness, but it was alluring, and the woman was pregnant. They were quite young. I think she was sixteen and he was nineteen. I have... in a way, always been obsessed with pregnancy. I find it such a miracle. I got close to them very quickly, and they would come over to "play" often. My grandparents had an above-ground pool, one of those three-foot deep ones with the liners.

My grandmother was a very wise woman. Very connected, very gifted. She didn't like the guy next door. Felt his darkness, felt his intents. She warned me away from him, but at that age, I didn't really understand why she hated such a nice guy. To me, he seemed nice, and I never had many friends.

She had just cause to feel unease. When he got me alone, while his girlfriend got a job and he didn't, he exposed himself to me. I knew it was wrong, but it didn't really add up. I guess I was gullible. I let it slide, and it happened more and more, until he lured me away and began to touch me inappropriately. My grandmother sensed it... and she saved me.

I never really got the chance to tell her, when I was old enough to fully comprehend all the events, how much I loved her, or how courageous I found her to be. She was not a woman to be trifled with, especially when it came down to protecting her family.

by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 7:26 AM
Wow....some seriously crazy and scary stories on here!

My story isn't as scary but at the time I was beyond freaked. I was 16 and had just ended a relationship with a guy who had some sketchy friends. When I was out I started to get this feeling I was being watched from time to time but never saw anything. Months went by and it became more frequent. I thought I was going crazy. Then when I was 17 I noticed every time I was driving at night there would be this black s10 a few cars behind me. It just didn't feel right. Then one day the s10 with really dark tinted windows and no front plate was right on my ass. I freaked out and started to speed, so did he. I saw a police car in a parking lot with the officer just doing paperwork. I skidded into the lot, got out of my car, and ran screaming for help. The officer saw the truck turn and speed away. He got a partial plate and called it in but nothing came of it. Things calmed down for a while then as I moved away for college and everything. When I was 19 I was home over Xmas break and happened to be alone at home with our dog (an English mastif ho weighed 180lbs). My dog started to follow me around and always stand between me and the closest window. This went on all night and I was really just like omg dog come on lol. Then when I was sitting down watching tv she went nuts and practically attacked the window. I looked and saw this man dressed in black running across the road, jump in a black s10 and speed away. I grabbed a knife and called my dad. Just a few minutes later my dad and 2 men who were like fathers to me showed up. There was snow on the ground so they looked for footprints. Turned out that guy had been walking around the house and up to windows in rooms where I had been. He even put a ladder up to the upstairs bedroom I had changed in. Even walked up to the back door at one point even though I had never walked to that part of the house.
Shortly after that I moved and got a new car. I have never seen that guy or truck since. Def scared me to death.
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by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:05 AM
I was about 9, I always road my bike around the neighborhood, even though its nit the safest place. My dad told me if someone started following me not to go home, either try to lose the person, or go to the police station. A man in a red Chevy truck 99 4 door model, started following me. I pasted by my house and kept going around the block, I pasted up my street and tried to turn down an ally, but there was a car, so I went around and came up the ally the other way, the truck had couldnt turn, so they went around, but by the time they go to the other side I was gone. I went half way up the ally then turned back and went home since it was right there. Told my dad about it and mom and she was happy I got away, but still called the cops and they asked me a few questions.
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:26 AM
It's amazing how so many of us have been involved in these crazy situations - I'm glad we are all still here to talk about it.
by Ruby Member on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:31 AM

I almost drown twice. Same beach. Same situation. There was a drop off and one time I was too little and no one was watching me I didn't know about the drop off. The second a friend pushed me off the drop off (it was under water so it was really hard to see) knowing I couldn't swim. My mom dragged me out the first time. The second time pure fear kept me alive I didn't know how to swim but I fought really hard. Both times the life guards weren't paying attention to the water at all. 

by Gold Member on Jan. 31, 2013 at 9:07 AM

Ohhh, that's a really good idea! very creative! I bet you were scared with that guy following you, glad you were smart about it. 

Quoting Anonymous:

lol  I knew that read weird when I wrote it. For fundraisers as a kid, our team would all roll tacos and sell them by the dozen. They were the best rolled tacos ever, actually. We would go to businesses and door to door selling them. This big building in my town had lots of little businesses in it and I would sell LOTS of tacos.

Quoting SusieQue717:

Why were you selling tacos in a big building in town?

Quoting Anonymous:

One time, I was selling tacos in a big building in my town. I was riding up the elevator and as the door shut, a guy ran in. I noticed that he was hitting the stop button on the elevator, so I hit the next level and got out. When I started up the stairs, he started running after me. I ran all the way back to an office where I told some ladies that a man was chasing me. I had to go to the police department and fill out a report.

by Anonymous 8 on Jan. 31, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Yes it is

Quoting charlene2010:

That case is all twisted & creepy! I'm in Sacramento so not that far from Calaveras county

Quoting Anonymous:

Yeah when I saw his face on tv it all came back. I can still see the look on his face. He looked really angry that we had seen him and scared at the same time. There was a lot of terrifying emotions on his face. I thought for sure we saw something we shouldn't have and he was going to hurt us.

Quoting MsEmma88:

Oh god I bet! I think you were freaking lucky. It could have been very very bad

Quoting Anonymous:

Yep I saw Herzog that day. He scared us so bad just by looking at us we didn't leave our driveway on our bikes for a month!

Quoting MsEmma88:

Speed freak killers?!? Well holy crap. I'm in sonora

Quoting Anonymous:


Quoting MsEmma88:

You wouldn't happen to be anywhere in calavaras county would you?

Quoting Anonymous:

When I was little my brother and I would ride down the street.  Sometimes we would see a car in the middle of this cow field and we found that really strange because well, who tends to cows with a car?  It really stuck with me seeing this totally out of place car in this cow field.  One day we rode by while he was opening the gate to the property.  We didn't like the look he gave us and decided to go home.  It was like he was trying to decide if we were a threat.  Then years later in that same spot they started digging.  A mass murderer had been dumping bodies in the well on the property.  Seeing his picture now and knowing how close I was to that mass murder terrifies me.  I mean we were probably 8 and 11 and there was nobody else around besides us and him for miles.

So yeah, thankfully it wasn't bad but it could have been very bad.

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