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can i give up???-omg ew ew ew UPDATE......NEW PICS--His name is SAM.

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So, I've name this new fucker Sam. He's a bit smarter than his big brother, Bob. I started my antibiotics last night and have kept up the cleaning with the Hibicleins, (if you don't know what that is, it's an OTC surgical soap that is used to prep the skin for surgery. It kills everything). Sam has gone down a bit and the redness has subsided a bit. It's still sore to the touch but that's okay, at least it's not getting bigger. My doctor was closed today so if it needs attention, I'll go to the ER if needed or just wait until Monday. So,, good with Sam. He better GO THE EFF AWAY quickly!



So, I THOUGHT the last update was the "final" update but apparently I was wrong.

Here's why there's a new update:

check out that new red was a pimple type thing last night. I woke up with it grown (nothing like Bob was) and it's burning/hurting this morning. This is EXACTLY the SAME way Bob looked when he started. I'm going to wait until the end of the day and see how it does. I have Hibiclens, so I'll be doing that 3 times a day. I'm am NOT, NOT, NOT a happy person right now.

It's right next to Bob, so I'm pretty worried. As fast as Bob progressed into MRSA, literally over night....I'm NOT okay with this. I actually still have a little bit of Bactrim left, I may start taking that and see what happens. OOOHHH boy am I a mad little person today.



Here is a photo from tonight, under this upate. Bob is gone :-). MRSA is gone. Infection is gone. Antibiotics are finished. Etc...The only thing that remains is some sensation loss/nerve damage, muscle tone loss and a knot (induration) that goes from a little bit below Bob to the edge of my orbit and a little scar that just looks like a pimp scar.

I went to my PCP and he said that there is possible nerve damage because of the shooting pain that I keep having in my face where Bob is/was. He also said that it could just be part of the healing process because it was so bad and so deep. He said the tenderness near my nose is because the infection probably had entered my sinus' on my left side. I found out after reading the reports (I always like to request my reports and read them), that not only did I have MRSA, I was also Septic on admission. No one told me that but I figured as much since I had been running a fever. The muscle tone loss was from Bob, in general and the amount of swelling and the amount of time it was swollen and infected. He has me doing facial exercises (and let me tell you, I look like an IDIOT!!!). He said that should regain shortly. The pain in my face should resolve itself but it's nothing to take any meds for because it comes and goes so quickly. As far as the knot, there is no surgery required....YET. That was the biggest/best news that I got. He said, typically, it's something he'd send to the surgeon/ENT(since the surgeon was supposed to have taken care of it while I was in the hospital but didn't), but since it was on my face and I was still pretty young (27), we're going to take a look at it in about 6 months. If the induration is still present, significantly like it is now and has shown minimal-to-no improvement, he'll send me to the ENT. (Anyone who wonders why an ENT....the ENT is also a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon). So, cross your fingers for improvement so no surgery at all :)

The pain is gone which I'm excited about. For SURE not a pain that I've ever want to wish on an enemy. I never knew that type of pain was able to happen like that on your face. I know that's weird but it was a weird most painful pain I've had since my gallbladder attack! So crazy. My doctor prescribed my Lortabs 7.5mg...I took ONE a few days after to go home because my puppy, trying to be the 55lb lab dog he thinks he is....he was trying to be helpful and bumped Bob. Not cool. I made sure that my PCP knew that I only had one!

OH! And Bob is allowed to be uncovered, more silly looks!, unless he goes stupid and want drain again.

OHHHH! Did I tell you ladies the story of my new physciatrist illegally give me a drug test?'s pertinant to this post, I promise.

Nah, ya'll knew I was starting to get really depressed while I was in. I already had this appointment to adjust my medications I was already on and then on top, deal with this insane deep deep down depression.

I went in and saw her, she tells me that they give all women pregnancy tests. So what, I did it. When I got to the lab part, the tech started doing what they do for drug screens (put your bag out there, empty your pockets, etc...)...I'm like "drug screen, huh? That's damn sneeky!"

So, I peed and was anxiously waiting my results. My psych. pulls me into the hallway to talk (1. she violated HIPPA!!). She asked if I had lied about taking illegal substances or street drugs. I said, "What did the drug test say?" She was pretty much caught and was shocked I knew the deal. She pointed out, on the print out, that I was positive for Amphetamines and Narcotics........mmm..mmm.k?

So, she wanted to try and be a bitch and use athourity and say that she's going to have to report this and report to the CPS because there were nothing on my medication list that would test positive for these.

I let her know, in a nice way, even though I was ready to show her what crazy was...but I was calm.

I said (and it's been like a week now so I'm paraphrasing), "Well, since you wanted to be sneeky about the drug test and not ask for my consent, yes....I am must more intelligent than your normal patient volume. , I'm glad you got those results. Now. You may let me explain.

1. I JUST got out of the hospital, for a week. (this was 3 days after I got out). I was on Dilaudid every 4 hour, around the clock for 7 day and was given Percocets for break through pain....for 7 days! OF COURSE it's going to come up positive! Secondly, (as I pull out my prescription bottle) this right here, Phentermine tests positive as an amphetamine.....which as you see, is prescribed to me.

She's like "oh, I must have missed that"....whatever.

It was BAD....I'm going after that one legally because of how it was done.

Anyways, that is the deal.

I had major wicked depression from this. I'm trying to manage it the best way I can. It's pretty difficult but I'm trying. So that's how I'm feeling. There we have it~


Cheese and Rice, I'll be here a week, tomorrow. Ugh. Not much to update today. I'll be discharged tomorrow, for sure. They were waiting on th ENT to come in to take a look at it before they discharged me. They finally got in contact with him and it turns out that he had a death in the family and wants to see me in the office.

The Infectious Disease doctor came in and was his normal self. He won't order a PICC for me to have IV antibiotics while I'm out of the hospital. He is going to be putting me on oral antibiotics that I have an allergic reaction to while I was here. He claims that "no one" has a reaction to this antibiotic....considering it was the only new thing that was introduced into my body, it was that antibiotic. SOOOO, I'll be back. I'm going to talk to my PCP and ask if he wants to order it for me, since he is in charge of my overall care.

Both of my IV sites infiltrated today and that's been causing the most issues today.

The good news that I got today was the ENT who may need to I+D Bob, he is also a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon so this way my face won't be butchered!



02/05/13 night update: (i've had to delete some of my prior updates because the post got too long)

I'm sick of this shit. The nurses and CNA's have been sweet and accommodating. The doctors, on the other hand, have pissed me off.

First off, my Primary doctor came in, he's always stoned face and even after I told him the bottom of my face was swelling again and the entire side of my face was tingly and on the inside of my cheek was tingly. He felt my neck and was like, "well your lymph nodes aren't swollen".....ok, wtf does that have to do with what I just said? The he asked if I was still taking the Dilaudid (IV pain meds); I said, yes but it's usually only when someone comes in and messes with my face or when I have to squeeze it a few times a day. He said, "wow...well we should be in the process of getting you out of here..." So, he apparently didn't like that I was still taking the Dilaudid and wrote orders to the RN's to not let me have Dilaudid until I took Percocet first. I have a naturally high tolerance to any and ALL medications. Dilaudid is I think 4x stronger than Morphine and it takes the edge off. Percocet just gives me a headache and makes me talk a lot but I still hurt. So, yeah......I'm tired of being told what hurts and what doesn't hurt. No one wants to fucking believe me!

The Infectious Disease physician came in and started laughing at me when he heard the RN tell him about my swelling and numbness on my face. He laughed and said, "hahaha is this true?" DUH! He then tells me my face isn't swollen. Excuse me, explain the stretching feeling on my face, explain why it feels like I've had a stroke on that side of my face, explain why it looks swollen in the mirror and why EVERY other person has said it looks swollen? He said it looks sooooo wonderful and gave me a lesson and a drawing on the white board on the layers of skin and a furuncle, carbuncle and abscess, etc.........gotcha, I'm well versed in anatomy and physiology and the whole thing you just told me. But WHATEVER. He said it's fine, blah, blah blah and that the ENT will figure out what to do with it and basically wouldn't let me speak.

I'm so annoyed. No one wants to listen to me. I told my Primary doctor that I don't think it's wise to discharge me yet with MRSA. He wouldn't let me finish why and I told him if he insisted on discharging me tomorrow, to put a PICC in for Vanco because my stomach does not do well on ANY hard antibiotics. I'll just throw it up, even if I eat or drink milk, guess what? I'll be right fucking back in the hospital.

I don't want to leave with MRSA and I have a valid reason.

My dad is terminally ill, the next illness he catches....WILL kill him. It doesn't matter what we ask him to do, he does NOT wash his hands (gross, I know). I live with my parents and it's kind of impossible to not get some of this somewhere in the house. He doesn't leave the it's going to be extremely difficult for him not to get sick from me and I'm not about to feel responsible for killing my dad, kwim?

Lastly, my DS is always all over me. He'll wash his hands but he doesn't do it well. He's 4, ffs. He sleeps in my bed so guess what? He'll be laying in very close to my face, he may even sleep on my pillow. I don't want to risk him getting sick either but nope, no one will fucking listen.

The last thing that really busted my fictional balls is, the Patient Billing came in today to "talk to me about my patient responsibilities"........WTF? Are you kidding me? I'm not even on the list to be discharged and I shouldn't even be having a visit from someone in that department as it is! But whatever, she came in and told me I needed to give her $25 today for my copay.

I'm like, "excuse me? First off, why are you even in here? Secondly, I'm in the hospital....ALONE. I don't have cash on me and I'm not being discharged, yet.".  She gave me a print off of all of the precentages and copays my insurance requires. I look at it and was like, "this isn't correct....I have **NEVER** had a copay for anything in the last 5 years I've had this insurance. I've never had a copay at the doctor, I haven't had a copay at the mental institution I was in, I don't see any bills from anything." BTW: I have Tricare Prime (Active Duty). I'm like, "Listen, I don't have any cash on me, let me talk to my insurance company so I can understand what they are saying because I can barely understand you with that mask on which btw, I have MRSA, not TB." I understand I was a little rude to her and I do kind of feel bad but not totally. I have NEVER seen a person from billing come into ANY patients room to collect....let alone before they're even discharged.

So, after everything today and that I'm still hurting........guess what? I have proof that I'm in fucking vitals. My vitals are through the roof. My BP is generally very low, my pulse is usually in the 50's to low 60's. Everything was super high for me. My BP usually runs in the 80's-90's/50's-60's. It was 130/88 and my pulse was 86. Tell me something isn't fucking wrong now.

Anyways, my dinner is here, I'm hungry.


by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 6:55 PM
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by Leah on Feb. 5, 2013 at 9:07 PM
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lol if you were in a coma they would just have to get used to it. You should pretend to be in a coma. 

do not disturb

Quoting BeAmour:

 Everyone else has been awesome though. It was just today and the doctors.

It seems after you've been here long enough, they're tired of seeing you.

Quoting flowerfunleah:

Wow, I can't believe she came in to collect, how tacky!! Are you sure you don't want to go to a different hospital? They might treat you better there.


by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 9:41 PM
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What a load of bs. First i wouldnt let any onr squeeze.on my face anymore. Then i would demamd something start happening. They need to listen to you. Your the one in pain with an illness. I cant stand asshole drs that dont listen and i make sure they hear about it. I did it with an ob that i seen once and changef to a differ ob. The whole hospital knew and my new ob did.

I hope you get better soon and they stop milking your insuranceand so something.
Also you might want to get in touch with that friend before you get released.

We are here for you keep us updated ive been watching this post for a couple days but just never posted. My thoughts are with you.
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by Anonymous 55 on Feb. 5, 2013 at 9:54 PM
I look for your updates everyday, I hope something positive happens soon!
by Silver Member on Feb. 5, 2013 at 9:56 PM

 That's weird that they want YOU squeezing it a few times a day. I would think they wouldn't want you messing with it since it's mrsa.

Make sure you are cleaning your cuticles and under your fingernails realllllll well.


by MotherDucker on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Poor thing. They are taking you off dilaudid because they think you are dependant.

I'm ALLERGIC to hydrocodone (percocet, vicodin) and morphine makes me vomit a lot.

I had dilaudid in june for 2 weeks.. they cut me off. They thought I was addicted. No.. addicted to NOT having pain!

I feel ya mama. Call tricare and bitch! Oh and the hospital here made it so you cant leave their ER or hospital without going through a buzz exit door only, so you HAVE to stop at the desk and pay.

Yeah.. I laugh at them every, single, time.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Can you get a second opinion somehow?
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by Bronze Member on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:46 PM

If they have you leave you should if at all possible go to another hospital in a different area so you dont get dicked around by these fools anymore.  Come on they should have lanced it and cleared the spot long before all this played out.  Im sorry im frustrated for you

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:48 PM

What a fucking mess! I am so sorry you have to deal with these dick head doctors. Just continue to stand your ground with them. It's too bad that we have to fight for our own proper health care. But you have too. I wish I was close to you because I would like to use my ass kicking skills on some dumb ass doctors. (( hugs))

by Ruby Member on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:54 PM

 I wash my hands and then I put on gloves before I touch it.

Quoting CplusG:

 That's weird that they want YOU squeezing it a few times a day. I would think they wouldn't want you messing with it since it's mrsa.

Make sure you are cleaning your cuticles and under your fingernails realllllll well.



by Nickels on Feb. 5, 2013 at 11:02 PM
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I'm sorry, mama! I got out of the hospital a few days ago. And I'm sure ill be back there soon, doctors have a tendency not to listen, get mad, and be a bitch!
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