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going to lose it!!

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So sunday night i got a fairly mild tooth ache, it happens every so often, i have a horrible habit at night of clenching my teeth in my sleep so it makes me feel like i have a tooth ache the next day for a little while.. no biggy i took a little tylenol (as its one of the only things i can have since I'm pregnant) dabbed a little orajel on andwent to bed. monday wasn't any better it was much worse... well i thought my dental insurance fiscal yr restarted in feb so i figured i would just wait it out til feb 1 to go because insurance is maxed out. well it got worse, way worse i was up constantly through out the night and orajel only worked for a max of 20 minutes and tylenol didn't do a thing.. tuesday was really really bad, i was in tears a good portion of the day the pain was beyond intense so i called my ob explained the dental insurance issue and asked for meds to hold me over, so he wrote me a script for penicillin and tylenol with codeine (sp?) Took them and 2 hours later the pain hadn't lessened any, of course the entire time i was trying to think of a way to see a dentist, finally it occured to me we have a credit card specifically for dental/medical that i saved for emergencies such as this so i called and found someone willing to see me and they had an appointment open an hr from the call so i went in, turns out i have an exposed nerve. my only options are to extract or root canal and cap, which is $160 vs $2200... honestly there isn't much of a choice, we don't have the $2200 for it :( (if we could find a way to claim what we paid for dhs tuition on taxes we could afford it since we have a portion of it of but we can't) Nd i found out the fiscal year is actually may not feb
Well today i saw my doctor and filled him in on the situation let him know I'm scheduled for next week for the extraction so he offered me stronger pain meds to hold me.over til the penicillin kicked in... well I've taken 3 doses so far and it hasn't touched the pain, the numbing stuff i had hasn't worked, I'm exhausted from lack of sleep because of the pain, today i can't even bite down without getting nauseous from the amount of pain and i just want a little relief even for a little while before i go insane from pain and feeling so helpless with it!

Just a vent i guess to try to keep myself busy since i can't fall asleep :/
Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 31, 2013 at 12:16 AM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jan. 31, 2013 at 9:01 PM
Dh had a weird work schedule today and went in at 11 am and still isn't home.. this week he's been home by 4 the latest, of course the day i get sick from meds he is super late lol. and i didn't sleep last night again.
I didn't either til i did some reading on it... i was going to use a heating pad and glad i.didn't... don't want to risk it gettib worse or taking antibiotics and the heat just having the opposite effect

Quoting ttriddick:

Yeah I had hydrocodone from the dentist. I had to take half and just deal with the rest of the pain. Or take a whole one and sleep while dh took care of my son. :( hope you feel better soon. And I had no idea about the heat spreading the infection. I'll definitely ask my dentist about that. I sure don't want extra pain if this ever happens again.

Quoting Anonymous:

I heard heat will spread infection. But the vicodin kicked in.. sadly it made me super sick so I've been laying down feeling dizzy and nauseous almost all day.. but the pain is gone, i just can't win!

Quoting ttriddick:

Yuck tooth pain sucks! Last month I had an exposed nerve and it sucked. The only thing that helped me was a hot shower with the water hitting on my jaw where the pain was. It hurt again as soon as I got out but provided a few minutes of relief. Maybe you could try that? I'm sorry your tooth hurts. :(

by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jan. 31, 2013 at 9:02 PM
I tried it and no luck :( but a pp said that now it says on there use it for that

Quoting Groove:

CLOVE OIL. It works better than orajel X10000000. Seriously.

by on Feb. 1, 2013 at 1:30 AM

Well that sucks about the insurance. Dental seems to be the worst coverage ever. No matter who you have. I have bad teeth and am always paying out of pocket. Because they all cover the same thing which is practically nothing. Good luck with it all. 

Quoting Anonymous:

I have been looking for ours cause i use them on ds when he's getting multiple teeth and the amber isn't cutting it for him. but they're gone and i just haven't felt up to drive 20+ minutes and dragging 2 kids in the store lol.
they won't cover anythih including the emergency visit i had on tuesday... just the extra cleaning(and cleanings don't count towards out annual max)

Quoting LHummel:

When i myself needed a root canal I used Hylands brand baby teething gel and tablets. They totally worked however I wasn't pregnant at the time so check on if its safe to take. Hope it gets better. Being in pain like that and pregnant stinks.

Forgot to add, have you called your dental insurer? When I was pregnant there was a condition that they would cover an extra cleaning. Don't know if there was anything about emergency care as well but the worst they can tell you is what you already are thinking. As in they wont cover it. But maybe they will. Worth asking i think . 

by Platinum Member on Feb. 1, 2013 at 1:42 AM
Has anyone suggested peroxide yet?

I had the exposed nerve/ toothache from hell a few months ago, crying in pain, throwing pillows... I was prescribed Tylenol with Codiene, did nothing. I had a friend suggest swishing peroxide in my mouth, I was grossed out lol. A few days later, I was desperate, & tried it. I wish I did it sooner, it killed the pain.
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by Anonymous 3 on Feb. 1, 2013 at 1:44 AM
U know u could get the RCT without cap initially?! And then get the cap at a later date. It would be about half of the price you were quoted!
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