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WORST job you ever had?? DISH.(kinda long lol)

Posted by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:40 PM
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Gather 'round, ladies. I have a story to tell of my lovely (cough cough bullshit cough) time working at Steak N Shake. Before I tell it, let me say this. NEVER work at SnS unless you want to hate everything about life. 
I started at SnS last year and had to transfer to another, the busiest steak n shake in the region (it's right next to 6 flags in gurnee, IL.). I loved working at the previous steak n shake, and was eager to start here.
Things were ok at first...but I noticed ALL managers being very careless around food. I grew up in the food industry, and I brought it to their attention every time. There is a way to prepare food, plain and simple. Also they would say the meanest comments to every worker- except their favorites. I also had a say in this matter.
Once they found out I am a "I take no shit" type of person, the managers put me on their list. Specifically, Becky and Bob did.
First I noticed large amounts of money missing from my checks. They flat out told me, "I refuse to discuss this with you. Deal with it."
 One day I went in and 3 different coworkers came up and said "Uh, Becky's saying this and this about your paycheck..." she was discussing MY money and private talks I had with managers to everyone in the place! Her response when confronted? "You mean you're NOT ok with me telling everyone your personal info? what's wrong with you??" shortly after she told everyone my husband beats me and our daughter every day. I'm a tough woman, but that made me run to the bathroom and cry when becky admitted to saying it.
Becky would come by and literally stand 2 feet from me, GLARING at me. she would say "I fucking hate you, asshole." she would dump bags of food I prepared all over the ground and say "You fucked up again."
she would tell customers directly in front of me that its a wonder i could tie my own shoes and its amazing i knew how to count, i was so stupid.
One day I went on my break and saw someone went thru my purse, went into a well hidden pocket IN the purse, and stole my ipod. the drive thru station was right by the break room/office area, I KNEW becky was the only one back there all day. I immediately confronted her and she smirked, said "You don't have any proof", and locked the door in my face for the rest of the night.
she told the owner, Bob, that my husband threatened to beat her ass (he never, EVER did). she even told people he was stalking her!!! FOLLOWING HER HOME AT 4 AM AFTER WORK!!! uh, bitch, he's with me watching TV at 4 AM. she seriously had a creepy obsession with the stalking fantasy.
one night she called me into the office. one of her favorites, the greasy, disgusting, smelly fat dude who made the shakes, and becky actually worked together to make a FALSE REPORT ABOUT ME. It was a warning. He said I called him these horrific names and I NEVER DID. she told me "You BLINK the wrong way, and you're fucking GONE."
The next night, I went in and becky immediately started in on me. she said "hey, everyone! DAMN, eryn's a SHITTY ASS worker, don't you think?!" EVERYONE AGREED. all but one girl, who i got along with. becky said right in front of me "Thanks for taking my advice. It was wise to agree with me, people." she talked to everyone beforehand and idk what they got in return for acting like bitches towards me, but whatever.
she told the new girl to scream and curse at me and thats when i took my headset off, placed it on the counter, and said "Done."
 becky tried getting me to admit i was imagining the whole thing. i eventually threw my hands up and said I was done with her. 
i was soon called back in the office and my god, she shoulda won an oscar. she was BLUBBERING about me beating her up, i was so hostile she said she was terrified i wanted to kill her. THE FUCK???

I looked her right in the eyes and said "You're a bully. there are a million other names I could use- especially names that start with B- but bully truly is the best one. You're the kid everyone hates. You're the bully who steals other people's lunch money to make yourself feel good because you hate yourself so much, you disgusting woman. I am quitting before you fire me for yet another fabricated reason."
she was FURIOUS. i didnt give a shit. the last month i worked for her, i never ate. i threw up 10 times aday. my hair was falling out in clumps. i didnt sleep. i was so weak i crawled around. my hubby had to pull over many times driving me to work- the closer we got to steak n shake, the more anxious i became until i went into full-blown panic attack mode.
just seeing becky's face made me vomit ON THE SPOT. the stress was too much. and after i quit, a friend told me to look at becky's FB page. right there, for everyone to see, was becky making plans with her friends to come to my home and beat the shit out of me!! she said "I still have her address on file LOL" WTF???? i copied and pasted everything and sent it to steak n shake corporate- a few days later i was served at my home with papers from corporate saying that my bringing beckys FB comments to their attention was DISRUPTING BUSINESS, I was a NUSIANCE, and if i step foot in the steak n shake again, i'll be arrested!! WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE.

so, yes. lol. what about you guys? worst job??
ps- dont give steak n shake your money. FUCK THEM. 

by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:40 PM
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by on Feb. 6, 2013 at 1:56 PM
Cna. Wiping old people's asses is not very fun.
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by Queen Bee on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:00 PM

I have only worked for a handful of employers but I HATED my job at Kroger. I quit 5 months after I was hired lol.

I was a bagger and basically they are treated like scum. I was yelled at because another bagger had wanted to switch tasks with me. He lied to me and told me the manager said it was OK. He had been with the company for a few years and I at the time maybe 2 months. Yet I got yelled at for not making sure myself the manager was OK with it.

Another time I had to clean up vomit off a cart..and it was alllll over that cart. Super gross and they wouldn't let me use a hose or anything..had to do it by hand.

Other than that I have liked my jobs...I was at Dollar Tree for 4 years and while I did put up with a lot of BS I still didn't hate the job. I had a seasonal position at Target which was nice but boring. I now work for Big Lots and I enjoy it.

by FriendoftheFoot on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:03 PM

Hmm. Working at the boarding stable. I assumed I would get more time with the horses but all I did was muck out about 30 stalls. I found out later they usually hired about 2 Amish boys to do the same amount of work they expected me to do by myself. I did enjoy helping walk the horses from one pen to another but man. .. that's a lot of stalls to muck out lol. I was SO sore

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