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No woman needs to have a f**king husband!

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To those who say 'when you're married and the husband dies first the wife will get pension benefits and all the other hundreds of benefits a wife is entitled to' I am aware of that! I am and always will be considered a single mom. So tell that to all the other single moms who won't get shit from their baby daddy's just because they chose not to marry. What makes a difference that we're already taking care of our children on our own already because there were never be any man there to take care of us and be our husbands for us to collect benefits from when they die. There's a lot of us that plan on staying single mom's for the rest of our lives and we can accomplish a lot without a fucking husband! It's called independence! Our children's happiness are more important than us seeking happiness elsewhere from dating sites or meeting new men and hoping to become somebody's wife someday. Look forward to your children growing up and having children of their own. Look forward to being a grandmother someday not somebody's girlfriend or wife. You urge for pleasure, wish someone would relieve your physical stress.

Do it yourself. Go to a chiopracter or a massage therapist,  if you have good insurance that your co pay won't cost much. Or buy a body massager. You need a new car, get it yourself. Need someone to talk to? Talk to your friends or a best friend. There's no need for a woman to feel lonely when she has her children. She is never alone. My best friend was financially and emotionally ready to become a mother but never had any serious long term relationships and she's 37 years old. She went to the sperm bank and is now a proud mother of a beautiful baby boy. Now she says her life is complete. True, in the beginning however the relationship ended, it's tough doing everything on your own, but it's a life challenge.

The struggle won't last forever. You will prove to yourself and your child that mommy can manage without daddy. She can manage without having any man in her life. You get involved with a man and your child doesn't like him at all, know what you do, drop the man. He's not worth it if your child doesn't approve of him, no matter how many men you get involved with. Drop them all. Why should you be happy if the child is not happy with you? The child just wants mommy, no daddy or step daddy. You start your day, take your child to school/daycare, you go to work. After work pick up your child, go shopping if you must or save it for the weekend, and then go home. That's the way my world revolves around. Of course take your child out to kids events or the park. Dedicate your life around your child. He's/she's more important to you than having a boyfriend or husband. Life will be great.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 2, 2013 at 2:56 PM
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by Anonymous 66 on Feb. 3, 2013 at 12:28 PM

This sounds like a lonely,sad existance to me. The desire for companionship be it monagamous or not is an inherent human behavior.

 I'm sorry your husband died.

Maybe one day that void will be filled again by something other than bitterness of how other people choose to carry on with life.

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