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I'm a terrible, rotten, horrible, awful, mom

Posted by Anonymous
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I just can't handle her anymore.     My daugher is almost five.   I'm good with the other kids, but not her.

She wants to play a game with me, ok, I sit down and play and she acts a fool.  Throwing game pieces, taking fifteen turns at once and squealing with laughter... so much so that she cannot even hear me tell her to behave.   So... I walk away and make her put the game away.

Then, baby wakes up and she goes in to talk to him ahead of me.   She won't pick him up or anything really dangerous.   In fact, she talks sweetly to him and has him grinning at her.

It the next thing... when I go pick him up and we all sit on my bed for a cuddle.   She gets her face in his and screams as loudly as she can until he cries even after I've asked her to stop.   So, she gets told that it's naughty behavior and sent to her room while I play with baby instead.

Later, she comes back, saying sorry, and gets on the bed again to cuddle, and this time she tries kicking him in the head... I correct that.. she grabs my hand and (laughing in hysterics the entire time!) she then tries to make ME slap him...   At this point, I stiffen my arm so I don't slap the baby and she rams her head into my stiff arm and falls to hysterical screaming and crying because she bumped her eyeball on my arm...

I send her to her room...

(this is about 15 minutes worth of my day with her)

I know it's a bad day for her, too, but she is just non-stop.   I cannot direct her to something else...    The older two kids cannot STAND when she acts this way and most of the time they do not want to play with her... but they let her anyway and then all hell breaks loose.

She acts fine in group settings, like preschool, church, etc...  she's just very confident in herself in these settings and is a little too talkative...

But at home, it's like she is a wild banshee...

What am I doing wrong???  I engage her, get her busy, side track her, give her stuff to learn and do... give her 1-1 time until she starts acting up so badly that she loses that time by having to sit on her bed.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 2, 2013 at 4:21 PM
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