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I think I have Hodkins lymphoma

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Im really concerned I have it because for the last year I have been having enlarged lymph nodes over my whole body (neck, chest, armpits, groin). They sometimes hurt and seem to become inflamed after excessive activity or drinking (even just one or two drinks). They seems to be extremely sensitive. And now I think my spleen may be enlarged because I can no longer eat large meals without the area under my left rib cage hurting and having a full feeling. Im very scared and starting to really worry. I had mentioned the nodes to my doctor before but they didnt seem worried.

DH and I are TTC and now im so scared to go to the doctor because I will probably have this and have to stop TTC or possibly even die.

I just went through Severe Dysplasia (Pre-Cervical Cancer) and have to have part of my cervix removed. Im only 26 but it just feels like its one thing after another, the first cancer scare was bad enough im just scared of potentially going through another.

ETA: For everyone thats being rude and attacking me about not going to the doctor, if you read above I DID. I even mentioned it to the OBGYN who treated me for my dysplasia. Neither seemed concerned, the first didnt even bother to exam me and the second just said they are a little swollen and that can happy for many reasons. Not much help there!! 

Also being able to just see another doctor isnt so simple. We have tricare (military insurance) and are required to go on base and see a PCM who is a nurse practitioner, we dont see doctors. I have to go through a process to request in change of PCM so that I can see another doctor. Tricare has to approve that, its not so simple as just making an appointment. Thats why im asking questions on here, its sometimes eases your mind if you have others who have been through the same thing and can give you advice...rather than being attacked when your scared. 

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 3, 2013 at 9:50 PM
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by Bronze Member on Feb. 4, 2013 at 12:43 PM

 Good.  Because I knew I was beating a dead horse anyway.  I knew you wouldn't be able to come up with a justifiable answer to my last question.  I was hoping you might see the error of your ways but...

Anyway, have a nice day.

Quoting AllieReed:

I am done with you, gypsy lady. I really don't care what you think of me. You do not know anything about me in order to make such judgements. I love my job & my patients & coworkers love me.

Maybe you could go relax, do some shopping, or get some lovin'. No need to get all worked up over something on cafemom.

Quoting gypsy30:

 I read a lot of bs in here that shocks me.  It's easy to be nasty to people when you're sitting in front of a monitor.  I get that.  But this is supposed to be a support group and, instead, it almost the opposite.  There are some really nice people here and then there are people like you.  Nobody here intimidates me. 

Now, your comment, "OP needs to not jump to conclusions and see another doctor as soon as possible," is something you should have said in the beginning.  Posting something like, "Don't jump to conclusions  yet.  If you're scared that something is wrong and you weren't happy with what the first doctor said, go see another one as soon as possible," would have been a nice, more acceptable way to respond instead of, "you are dying for attention, aren't you? I am personally offended by your post."  If you can't see the meanness in that, you need your head examined. As for me hanging on one sentence, it was that sentence that kind of jumped out at me.  Here you have a girl that's scared and instead of offering support, you attack her.  I'm about finished with this argument with you because it's obvious you don't see anything wrong with what you said, which says even less about you.  Think about it for a minute, really, (as a last resort to get you to see reason), would you treat your patients that same way if they expressed that concern to you from a hospital bed, or in a doctor's office?  Would you really look them in the eye and tell them you think their problem is that they're dying for attention?  Unless you're just as callous and insensitive at your job as you've demonstrated here,  you absolutely WOULD NOT say that.  For one, your boss would find it unacceptable.  So why is it okay that you did here?

Quoting AllieReed:

If you think that my one sentence was mean & nasty, then you are in the wrong group. You are going to be floored by what women in here will say that is TRULY hateful. You will get torn to shreds.

OP needs to not jump to conclusions & see another doctor as soon as possible. Again, I never said she shouldn't be scared or worried. Maybe you should read all of what people say instead of hanging on to one sentence that strikes you the wrong way.


Quoting gypsy30:

 If you're an RN, then you should be, by nature, a little more compassionate.  That you're not means you're in the wrong profession.  Telling her she's dying for attention is mean and nasty, there's just no other explanation for it.  Having swollen lymph nodes, as I said, like she does, would scare anyone.  Let's hope it's nothing serious, but to berate her for being afraid is really rather heartless.  I wasn't trying to intimidate you with my EMT status.  My point was that I've taken care of a lot of people who are afraid for a lot less.  I don't ever remember, not once, even thinking in my head that they were being foolish with their fears.  I'm actually shocked that you're an RN.  It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse, I've always thought that.  It's not a job just anyone can do, but your attitude kind of puts a stain on your profession.  I hope you treat your patients better than you did this OP.

Quoting AllieReed:

It is hardly mean & nasty. I'm not saying she shouldn't be worried, I'm just saying that calling out a diagnosis like lymphoma is ignorant.

Btw, I'm an RRT & RN of 14 years. Your title of EMT doesn't intimidate me. lol

Quoting gypsy30:

 Your post is mean and nasty.  Swollen lymph nodes, especially in the chest, armpits and groin would scare anyone because, fyi, it's not normal.  I've been an EMT for years and I've seen people a lot more scared than this over a lot less.  If you're just hanging around in here to make your nasty comments, go elsewhere.  It's not cool to berate someone for being afraid.  In fact, it's quite ignorant.

Quoting AllieReed:

I agree that her dysplasia was a cancer scare. If you read on further in the comments, you will see that I had cervical dysplasia & had LEEP to treat it. I have never had any other problems since & that was a few years back. Dysplasia will EVOLVE into cancer if left untreated. So, I'm no GYN but I do have experience with the condition.

Now, if you will read what I wrote below, I am referring to her THINKING she has lymphoma when I said it isn't a cancer scare. You have to have all testing done in order to know whether or not you have had a scare or not.

Quoting gypsy30:

 Dysplasia is a pre-cancer condition.  When I found out I had it, the doctor told me I was one step from having cervical cancer.  Mine was moderate dysplasia.  Hers is severe.  If you know nothing about it, you should really not comment.  Be offended all you want.  It IS a cancer scare.  Frankly, your post is offending.

Quoting Anonymous:

You are dying for attention, aren't you? I am personally offended by your post. It isn't a cancer scare until you have been to the doctor & had testing done.

My father died from lymphoma. He was diagnosed in January & gone in June. It is a very serious cancer & I promise you that you would have gotten really sick by now. Well, if it's true what you said about having the symptoms for a year.







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