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In the restaurant, those were my kids...

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Yup, that was me, my sis and her guy, and all of those little ones were my kids in that restaurant today. Yup, that was my daughter making the mess with her food because she grabs too much and shoves it into her face instead of mouth. Yup, that was my almost two year old giving the soccer whistle screech at the top of his lungs because he can't communicate. Yup, that was my second child yelling at the top of his lungs while having a conversation. Yup, that was my oldest making all of those weird movie effect sounds and tapping on the table. I know it bothered you.

I know you saw me trying to handle the situation. Trying to feed my baby; taking my almost two year old into the bathroom for punishment; signing to my three year old to use signs instead of trying to talk in a place he cannot hear language due to crowd; and trying to get my oldest to stim by rubbing the table instead of tapping it.

It's tradition for us to eat out the first week of February when we first get our returns back. It's the only time I do it because of my kids.

I thank the waitress deeply for putting up with us (yes, we tipped her very well). I thank the other patrons for not coming up to me this time (I have been approached before). I did like the "knowing smile" that the one man gave my sister's boyfriend when he downed his beer and got another one. I really appreciate the nice lady who said "hi" to my oldest while we were leaving and giving him a brilliant smile.

I know we were loud. I know it looked like I had no control over them, but believe me when I say that it could have been worse.

Now I'm going to go and take a bath before one of them starts the nightly wake-up routine they all still have. I am just very thankful that this time no one came over to tell me to control my children. I am very thankful that only a few people looked over with annoyance. I can see you, even while trying to handle them all.

But, again, thank you for not coming up to me to attack my parenting.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 5, 2013 at 11:06 PM
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by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Quoting Anonymous:

I would much rather sit by your screaming kids who eat a little messy than sit by a group of old people who do nothing but blow their nose the whole time I am trying to eat.  YUCK!

haha!! SO's father does this ALL THE TIME and it is soooooo freakin' GROSS!!!

I asked SO if his father learned his manners in an outhouse but he was confused. So I said "He's always blowing his nose at the dinner table and it's DISGUSTING!!!" (he does it when we're out to eat too!)

SO said "Oh, so it's rude to blow your nose!? COME ON!!!"

When you're sitting down to eat, it's VERY rude!! Yuck!!!  My mom always taught us to walk away from the table if you need to blow your nose, then wash your hands before sitting back down!

So yea, in the sense tht you're talking about, I'd rather sit next to a family with young munchkins.

by on Feb. 11, 2013 at 12:38 PM

LoL, I luv your humor for this post!! You have my sympathy, but they will get better and you'll luv the stories when they get older and you all can laugh at it!! Besides, they won't learn if they're always home.  

by on Feb. 11, 2013 at 6:38 PM
Yeah yeah people like me ruined that wonderful state..what a pitty..oh well thank god my kid is so well behaved i can dine out happily. As long as kids are allowed in restaurants their parents have the right to enjoy their night out. As simple as that. YOU can stay behind doors for the sake of humanity. I do not exclude my kid from my social life because some ladies like you have issues. I never thought bad about other peoples kids in dining areas. NEVER. Even when i did not have children of my own.If you have then you can make your self criticism. But it needs guts.

Quoting Anonymous:

It's people lie you who have absolutely NO consideration of others, are the same people who are destroying what was once a grand country.

Too bad common courtesy went out the window around the same time the "gimme gimme" programs rolled in. It's ALL about ME ME ME. Never mind who you step on or disturb as long as YOU get what YOU want.

Good luck raising those kids of yours. They'll probably end up in my classroom. And if not yours, someone's just like yours. I see the disservice parents do to their children daily by teaching them it's all about getting what they want at everyone else's expense.

Quoting Mazou80:

Sorry but parents with children DO have the right to go out for a dinner like any other human being.If someone is annoyed he can stay in the serenity of his own house!I am not willing to wait for years for my kids to get 3 or 4 so that I can dine out.

Quoting Anonymous:

There isn't a ChuckECheese here. At what age do you think I might be able to eat out?

Quoting Anonymous:

Maybe someone else in that restaurant only goes out to eat once a year too. And you completely ruined their treat for themselves.

I honestly can't stand parents that take their kids out to restaurants when they though they aren't capable of handling it. If they can't act like an adult at the table then get a sitter or don't go out to eat. Why not just go to Chuck E Cheese if you know they're going to act like that?

We tried to taking ds to a restaurant when he was two. He couldn't handle it so I immediately grabbed him up and waited in the car with him while dh had the food boxed up and paid. Didn't try again until ds was 4.

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by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 4:00 AM
Hahaha... My mother in law is deaf and I've heard multiple stories of her doing the same thing growing up, closing her eyes and her mom signing into her hands.

Quoting Anonymous:

ah, I understand now, thank you for taking the time to explain!

I wouldnt feel too bad about him not looking.  When I was a teen I used ot close my eyes when my mother spoke to me lol.  She would get so mad she would take my  hands and sign into them.  Deaf kids are kids too, and will find their ways to manipulate lol

Quoting Anonymous:

It was explained to us at the time that he didn't qualify because he can hear in the sense that his ear drums work and the cochlear works. After that is when his brain doesn't work. He needed a nuerologist and so the audiologist dropped him. The nuerologist didn't know what to do really because he needed the services and help as if he is deaf. He put the label so that we could get help. He was taught to talk and learned signs. He is better than me but we both struggle with grammar structure. I also keep mixing up the signs for "now" and "stay". He gives me such a pittiful look when I don't sign correctly. His newest thing is to not look at us and try to listen and understand speech. I get so angry because he then doesn't do as told since he didn't understand what was said.

Quoting Anonymous:

Like I said, Im not offended.  There are zealots and snobs in all groups of people.  Just wasn't sure if you were aware.

I can imagine it must have been hard for you to get services.  Why didnt he qualify if you dont mind me asking? (just ignore if Im being nosy!)

Can he speak ASL now?  Just curious, my son speaks fluent asl, but that's at home, especially now that he's older, I sign almost eclusively

Quoting Anonymous:

He isn't deaf. He has a nuerological condition that affects how his brain processes sounds. I am sorry. I don't want to offend any one. We had to have him labeled as hearing disabled to get help, because he didn't qualify for Deaf services and no one in the nuerological field knew what to do. To get him to learn signs and have help it was a fight.

Quoting Anonymous:

Please don't take offense to this, I mean it in the best of ways, but do you know many people in the deaf community?  Calling it a hearing disability is not a good thing.  I myself am profoundly deaf and I know many who would jump down your throat far enough to tickle your ovaries for using that term.  Not me, I think some are overly senstive about using "pc" terms for things.  But was just curious if you were aware how offensive some in the deaf community can find the term hearing "disability."

Quoting Anonymous:

 I don't know why they all do, honestly. I didn't ask for them to have something wrong with them. My oldest has ASD and ADHD; my second child has a hearing disability and a heart defect; my third child is being looked at for ODD; and my fourth has delays and a heart defect (which is a different defect than my third child's). Honestly, not a single one is the same.

Quoting Anonymous:

Why do all your kids have something wrong with them? No offense ..

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