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How do you tell *update

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your sister that her husband of over 5 years is an unfaithful jerk?

She forgave him the first time he cheated and I thought they were happy but I was completely wrong! I went over to pick up my lil one from visiting with them. My sister was taking a shower so I thought I would just wait on her so I could hang out with her a bit. Well her husband comes over to sit next to me on the couch and we just start talking about work and stuff nothing big. Well out of nowhere he puts his hand on my upper thigh. I pushed it away and was like wtf are you doing?! He comes closer and is making grabs for my arms and puckering up his lips saying things like I am so hot and he wants me so bad right now. I screamed and as soon as he heard the water turn off he ran into their bedroom. I picked up my lil one and just ran out of there. IDK why I didn't stay to tell her right than and there but I just wanted away from him.

I just got a home a few mins ago and my sister has called me 3 times already asking why I didn't wait on her and for me to call her as soon as I am safely home. 

IDK where to begin or how to tell her what happened. I love her and want her happy but this would hurt her so bad. 

Anyone have a time machine??? 

You ladies are right. I am going to call her back right now...wish me luck! I hope she isn't mad at me!!!

Well she said she needed some time to think about what I just told her. I offered for her to come over but she said she doesn't want to see me right now. She than told me that she has intention of leaving her husband just because I'm jealous over her marriage and want her to be single as well. Idk really know how to take all that. But I guess it's somehow all my fault...I just thought she needed to know is that so wrong?!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 7, 2013 at 4:26 PM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 7, 2013 at 9:29 PM
Sorry that happened to you. I hope my sister can realize what I did was out of love for her and that it's not too late for herself. She can do so much better than him.

Quoting Anonymous:

Your last update is exactly why I didn't tell one of my best friends her fiancé tried to cheat on her with me shortly before their wedding date. I was the maid of honor and it was one night after we'd went out and then crashed at my house. I was so mad at him for being such a jerk and putting me in that situation. He had actually tried the same thing with another friend of ours a couple years prior to that and when she told her she didn't believe her and it ultimately ruined their friendship. So I just kept my mouth shut cause I knew she would resent me and would end up staying with him anyway. We've since drifted apart and they are still married about 10 yrs now and have a daughter. I can only hope that he has matured since then and is faithful but who knows! I think you did the right thing though, it's too bad your sister isn't willing to face the truth. I'm sure she knows that you are being honest but is choosing to believe otherwise, hopefully she will come around and someday may even thank you for it.
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