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Mother in laws

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How to keep mother in laws at arms length ?

Mine gets in my DH ear then the next thing I know everything I thought we agreed on ....we don't

She tries to tell our DD'S what to wear if we go somewhere,drives me crazy!

We used to get along really well,then she got really rude,made nasty comments towards my family.So I stopped talking to her.She moved 4 hours away but it hasn't stopped her.HELP ANY ADVICE without me being rude back towards her.I don't want my DD'S to see me act the same way she does.They already see how she acts.I want to be better than that.

Sorry if I didnt space my words right,or if I have run on sentences .I just need advice.Thanks

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 7, 2013 at 10:58 PM
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by on Feb. 11, 2013 at 12:08 PM

As someone who's mother-in-law liked her only 3 years out of our 9 year marriage.. I say invite her out and try to talk to her. Make sure you have someone around to hear what is said (just in case she is the type to twist words).. Be honest with her. She sounds like the type who wants control and doesn't know how to let go. Just be preapred that you guys may never have a great relationship. But make sure you stand your ground and let her know your the wife, and your not going anywhere. Give her, limits and ask her to respect them. ...Good Luck hope you fairs better then I did. hugs

by on Feb. 11, 2013 at 12:54 PM
No shes just nuts lol and being jewish is not a descent/race its a religion. Which is why its so hilarious.

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting svolkov:

Just blow it off. Mines nuts. She thinks cuddling a boy past 2 will make him wears a skirt at home amd he wont be gay. Diabetes is caused by being a jew, fans make you sick, you should always drink your milk warm....I could keep going lol

Odd about the diabetes...since the people I know who have it are not of Jewish descent.  She must be confusing it with Tay-Sachs or some other disease common to Middle eastern descent people.

I think the OP has to get her dh involved.  If not then she has to be firm with dh.  This is what WE HAVE decided and what WE ARE doing.  It's difficult because I was in the situation.  Except it was my dh and my mother. It's extremely difficult when the two people you love most are fighting with each other.  And it's hard to take sides.  I constantly felt torn especially because I thought my mom had good insights.  And dh's family wasn't particularly welcoming, vice versa.  I tried to stand by my dh...he WAS my husband and thought my loyalities should lie there...but it was hell.  I understand how the dh feels.  But this MIL is being rude and it has to end.  Dh needs to tell her look wife and I have discussed this and we feel it's the right way. Please respect that.  And I love my need to be respectful to her.  If he doesn't do that it can affect the marriage badly.  I know.

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