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Got my foodstamps today!!! more info added

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I cant wait to go shopping. For dinner tonight I want to make bacon cheddar omelets with home fries and toast. I have wanted this for a week.  

such small things make a pregnant women happy lol.

wow to many replies to answer all of them so ill do my best here.but for the record i do not feel i need to justify anything to anyone and this post was meant to be about EGGS!

No i will not give up my baby just because I get FS!

I have gotten fs sense i was forced into quitting my job when i was 20weeks with my last son who is now 18m

This was not a planned baby but still very loved and wanted (as all children should be)

My dh works and works hard. he is always looking for a better job

Before i was expecting again i had started working again and will mostly work over the summer while still pregnant. i have nothing against working and make great money when i work and we are not on fs when i work. just good jobs are hard to come by so i take what i can get.

I cloth diaper because i have them already. i bought them with my own money (some where gifts). i do not get my water or light bill payed for me.

I do think that I am a good person unlike some of the ladies here that need to kick people when they are down from behind the anonymous button. I am always nice to people when i use my sn or not! 

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 8, 2013 at 10:44 AM
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by on Feb. 15, 2013 at 8:54 AM

if i like omletts that would sound great. no judgement here since i also get food stamps(hopefully with my dfs new job we will be able to FINALLY be free of gov assitance, omg i cant ait to post about that!)

by Anonymous 67 on Feb. 17, 2013 at 8:42 PM
Haha... um. I wasn't joking about the job. :-D

Quoting Anonymous:

I have one assistant and one secretary and one makes $19/hour and the other makes $15.  These are secondary income jobs and neither one would be stupid enough to even consider supporting a family on what I pay them.  Both have worked with me for over 10 years now.   If either one of them want to earn more, then they will have to find different jobs.  This is more than the going rate for their positions in my area.  Not that either one will.  They know how lucky they are to have the jobs they do.

Quoting Anonymous:

So do you pay your employees good enough to support their famlies without assistance?

Quoting Anonymous:

 It feels GREAT to live the good life...all thanks to the fact that I educated myself and earn a very good living thanks to the business that I own and run in addition to the career my husband has, who btw, is the same age as I am. 

No wonder you are in the shithole you are with your way of thinking. 

Quoting Anonymous:

Hows it feel to snuggle up to that paycheck with wrinkled skin and a floppy weenie at night? Cause you must've married a man for his money and/or life insurance.

Quoting Anonymous:

 No of course you didnt choose that.  Crap just happens.

going crazy

Quoting ColtsFan1912:


yes all of us that were EVER on food stamps CHOSE that life. 

Crap happens. We were on FS for about 3 months. We no longer are on them but I surely didn't want to be on them. I am thankful they were there when we needed them for that short amount of time. I am so thankful though that we got off them & are getting our life back on track. Things are finally looking up.

Quoting Anonymous:

 Very thankful I was smart enough not to choose a life like this.




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