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What is this rash?? EDIT

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Ok so this rash started out small on my underarm right in the middle, it itched like crazy, burned if I put anything on it, and started getting very dry. I put lotion, neosporin, and anti itch cream on it and it faded. I thought nothing of it, then it started again but right where my bra wire hits and it spread, it is the same thing, it is also now on the upper part of my underarm. I have not changed anything, not soap, razor is new, deodorant is the same... I really have no idea what this is but it is spreading and it itches like crazy and hurts at the same time. I have tried everything on it to help it but nothing seems to help. Below are pics of the two rashes sorry I just got out of the shower I tried to cover my chest the best I could to where it was not covering the rash. Also my phone sucks and they look very faint so I circled where it is.

Does anyone know what this is? I do get eczema on my feet but never had an issue with it any where else plus this is a different thing then my feet... Oh this rash has lasted for about a month.

Edit: Ok so I don't get what is going on... I have NEVER had this rash before, my bras are not new, they are clean, I take showers daily, I have not use anything new to be an allergic reaction, if it was any of those wouldnt it be on both arms? It is only on my right arm...

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 9, 2013 at 2:08 AM
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by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 5:45 AM

You've got hives.  They more often than not start in the boob and underarm area and will oftentimes spread down your upper arms, down your abdomen, sides, bum and hips. It's always worse in the boob and underarm area though as that area of your body tends to be warmer. Your best bet is an antihistamine that is not the non drowsy kind. Anti itch lotions help a little bit, but not a whole lot.  I have chronic hives. I'll go months with out any problems, then they flare up again and my skin will look the same as your photos.

My last bout of hives lasted about 3 weeks just before Xmas and it drove me crazy with the itching but I do find the antihistamine helps, especially when trying to sleep.  I use baby powder with cornstarch as a temporary relief as well. If you have baby powder on hand, dust some under your boobs and in your arm pits and anywhere you've broken out, it doesn't last long but does help calm things down for a bit.

Here's a bit of info on hives from the Mayo Clinic.  Good luck

by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 8:31 AM
Mine wasn't too bad just covering the middle knuckles on my first 3 fingers. My pointer finger was the worst. I used hydrocortisone and bandages 3 times a day. Cetaphil works great too if the hydrocortisone doesn't. Hydrocortisone cream and bandages is definitely the cheaper remedy but other than that I do recommend the cetaphil.

Quoting Anonymous:

Im hoping not I dont have anything for it. What did you use?

Quoting BamBamsmomma:

I had a rash like that on my fingers. Doc said it was eczema. So maybe it is eczema even though it looks different than the case on your feet.

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