On-call OB: “Here, take this.” (passing pill to mother in pre-term labor at 33 weeks.)

Mother: “What is it?”

OB: “It’ll stop your labor.”

Mother: “I’d hope so since that’s why I’m here, but what is the NAME of this?”

OB: “It doesn’t matter, now take it or we have to start IV stuff.”

Mother: “Well I am NOT consenting to mag sulfate since it only speeds up my labor and that pill doesn’t look a thing like terbutaline or breathine. What is it?”

OB: “Mag sulfate does not do that. To anyone. And it’s not, now take it.”

Mother: “So is it procardia?”

OB: “What the hell does it matter? Yes, that’s what it is.”

Mother: “I’m not taking that.”

OB: “Well. I say you are, now shut up and take it.”

Mother: “Are you stupid!? That will kill me!”

OB: “People don’t die in hospitals.”

Mother: “My wrist band and chart BOTH say I’m deathly allergic to that. Get me something or someone else!”

OB: “That’s it, I’m discharging you and it’s your fault when the baby dies, because it will, and I’m putting in that you refused treatment so good luck if you come back here.”