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Seeking to vent.

Posted by Anonymous
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First of all, if you're going to ridicule. GTFO. (I suggest using the back button)The purpose is to get this out considering this is anonymous. I'm not seeking for any attention but any sort of advice anyone could possibly give. I've recently moved 5 states away from everyone so it's not like I really have anyone to talk to about this.

I'm starting to get really nervous recently. Moved w/ surrounding family when I thought this would make everything easier on us but at this point. It's getting hard for my boyfriend & I. We haven't succeeded on finding jobs quite yet. We're on food stamps but still haven't retrieved any information whether we're getting any sort of insurance. Considering my child needs to see a pediatrician very soon. He's on time w/ his shots at the moment just would feel a little better if he was being seen by someone to answer any of my questions. I've been trying to call them but they automated phone systems somehow hangs up on me. Pisses me off...

But this whole no-job situation is starting to take a toll on me. I've never had this  trouble getting a job ever. I literally have applied everywhere no one is hiring except the beach & that's unbelievably impossible for me at the moment...I don't understand how my luck could be like this? I'm trying to give my son a good life & I'm trying to be happier. I figured this would all make me happier. Also I could very well be going to school to give me better chances for a job as a cna but I'm nervous I could be pregnant again. We've practicing safe sex but I guess I should know better considering I got pregnant while on birth control...It's honestly just my luck.

My boyfriend told me his parents are stressing on him getting a job more than me because I'll be going to school. I don't feel that's the best idea but last night they told him he needs to hop onto getting a job because its getting scary for them. They're scaring me. I told them to talk to him because I've been applying everywhere while he's playing his video games & sleeping all the time. I don't know if they were intending to scare him but it scared me hardcore & stressing me out...What I'm wondering though is if it's getting scary financially why'd they take him to a gun show & bought a lot. Took me out shopping for clothes & other things. I can live without those things. I need balance!

Thank you for letting me vent!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 11, 2013 at 9:18 AM
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