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*update* a woman just called my phone looking for my dh

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I just got the weirdest call from some woman looking for my husband.

She asked for my husband, first name and to confirm because his name is common I asked her for his last name, which she gave me. Um OK, so I told her to call his phone, she said I don't have his number. I was kind of thrown off by this, nobody has my phone number unless I give it to them and he doesn't put my phone number down for anything, he has his own number so I asked what this has to do with, she said it was a personal matter and she would like to talk to him, so could I give her his number, I was like no, not unless you tell me what this is about, and she hung up.

Wtf? Now I'm curious, what do you ladies think?

I called the number back and it rang 3 times and went to voicemail, the voicemail says her name is Ashley and to leave a message and she will get back to you asap.

Maybe I should have one of my guy friends come over and call from a blocked number pretending to be dh, or I could text pretending to be him, but what do I say?

Text back

I got a text back, she said call me when you get a chance we need to talk, it's important. In all caps

Should I respond with talk to me in text, what is important? How do I respond to this?

She texted back

okay, fine but I would have preferred to just say this out loud, but if you don't want to talk after what happened then I understand.

I texted back spit it out.

Here is the response

I'm sorry for telling you to leave your wife, I understand that you love her and have been faithful to her, but when we started talking you seemed so sad, and then when we were talking you seemed happy, I just thought that you could leave her for me and we could live happily ever after. I understand I was wrong in thinking this. But you have to know I am madly in love with you. I would make you so much happier than your wife ever could, you just have to let me have a chance.

Omg, wtf? I was fully expecting an I'm pregnant with your child not this, now what? Am I supposed to be mad? Happy? How do I respond to this?

She is now blowing my phone up with texts like nothing to say? Why won't you talk to me, I love you. I want to find this homewrecker and make her swallow her teeth.

So I texted her back asking why she thought I (still pretending to be dh) shared her feelings?

And she responded

You were so nice, nicer than any other man I've ever talked to, you helped me see that I am beautiful and worth something. When you told me you were married and just trying to help me as a friend, I knew you loved me. Don't worry about your wife, I will take care of her, she sounded like a whore when I called earlier, but we will get your two kids and live happily ever after, we will be happy.

OK so I'm going with she is a psycho bitch, who says that? I'm texting her back now that this is his wife and if she ever contacts my husband again she won't like what happens.

I found the fb messages, thanks anon for telling me how to find the archived messages!

First message is from her

Hey what's up, your daughter is so cute! Sent in may of 2012, dd was born in may 2012

He responded with

Thanks not much, you?

She responded

Just going through a rough break up


I'm sorry to hear that, but things will get better, you were obviously too good for that guy and its his loss.


Awe thanks you're too sweet.

And that is all there is. So how she got my number or determined he was sad, or anything else I'll never know.

She just texted me

Listen bitch you will regret the day you didn't back off my man!

Can we say psycho? Wow, haha, omg

And now comes the tearing into she deserves!

My response

He was never your man, I had him first he doesn't want you, he doesn't need a crazy bitch when he has a perfectly sane stable one at home whom he is married to. Had he been your man he would be married to you, and not me. Lose my number before I find you and you become one of those faces posted on a milk carton, got it? Also if you ever so much as talk to my husband again, I will show you exactly who you're messing with and I can guarantee you won't like it. Do you understand me? I do not want to hear from you ever again, and neither does my husband, he says you are psychotic and hideous, that means ugly, have a good night!

OK so I got tired of waiting, and decided that I would text dh and ask who Ashley is, he says. She was just a friend and then she became obsessive, and so he cut contact with her, she has his number but he blocked her from texting or calling.

I believe him, because I trust my husband and I have been dealing with psycho so its hard not to believe.

I talked to my dh and he says they swapped numbers, because he was trying to be nice and she sounded like she needed a friend. And after a few texts she went psycho so he blocked her number. He showed me everything I asked him to show me, all email accounts, his phone, everything. And nothing was there. I believe him after talking to her, why wouldn't I? He said he loves me and the kids and wouldn't ever do anything to hurt us or jeopardize my trust in him. He said she asked him to leave me for her, and he told her that would never happen, because he is happy with the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with, and that is when he blocked her. He is upset that she got my number, he isn't sure how she got it.
We made up and had the most amazing sex, I know tmi. And although at first I was distrustful, I trust him. His body language suggests that he is telling the truth, the look in his eyes tells me he is telling the truth.

And yes I'm OK with him having female friends, it would be hypocritical of me not to be OK with it since I have male friends.
Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 13, 2013 at 7:49 PM
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by Diamond Member on May. 14, 2013 at 1:44 PM


by Hufflepuff on May. 14, 2013 at 1:51 PM

Glad this is a story with a happy ending

by Anonymous 106 on May. 14, 2013 at 1:59 PM

This is why my husband and I just don't find it appropriate to have opposite sex friends in our marriage. We can control how we interact with others, but can't control how others interact with us, proven by this woman who clearly took a friendly interaction too far. It's just more drama than I need, marriage is hard enough on it's own. Sort of still feel bad for this woman, she seems lost and lonely.

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