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Is this illegal??? Please help. Update1 UPDATE 2 (after the cops)

My mom is having problems with her neighbors. I don't want to go into the back story, its too much to type, its on here somewhere. 


My brother is 16. He was in my mom's backyard earlier today, with his friend, and they lit a fire in the fire pit. Completely legal, not even breaking a neusance law or anything.

He turns around to see my mom's neighbor, standing on a chair in her backyard (the yards are joined by a privacy fence), filming him and his friend.

Is that illegal? My brother was in his own yard, not doing anything wrong, and the neighbor is video taping him without his consent? 

Please answer quickly, I jsut found out about this

Eta: My mom lives in New Jersey

Update 2:

Thank you ladies. She is calling the police now. This happened earlier in the day. I'm not sure why she didn't call them earlier, she was more freaking out, but she is calling them now and she said she woudl call me after she speaks to them. I will update after I hear back from her


I finally heard back from my mom. She called the cops, they came over and talked to her. Apparently, if a person wants to attatch survailence cameras on their house and point their view into the neighbors backyard...they are completely allowed to do that. As long as the camera itself is on their property. So stupid.

Basically there is nothing my mom can do, but the police are writing up a report of some sort and adding it to the case file. Several of the township officers are acting as witnesses on my mom's behalf when this case goes to court next week. 

They also said that my brother was doing nothing wrong and he and my mom are completely in their right to burn a fire in their fire pit in their own backyard, so if the crazy neighbor attempted to file some type of complaint for it, she would be turned down.

The entire thing is just ridiculous though, it really is

Thanks for all your input earlier ladies. :)

by on Feb. 14, 2013 at 8:52 PM
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by Anonymous 11 on Feb. 22, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Honestly I would take a radio, put it on heavy metal, not loud and just leave it on in her room 24 hours a day since they supposedly hear everything. I would probably start stomping up the stairs.

I would not change the way I lived. Let them call the cops 5 times a day. All they're doing is making themselves look like trouble. Eventually the police will get sick of them calling and stop coming. They should have brought a single family home out in the country if they wanted that kind of quite.
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