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My in laws want us to pay for the medical expenses FIL incurred because our dog bit him and I am refusing EDIT

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This is Gretta, she is part lab, pit and Austrailian Shepard

Why, because I TOLD FIL not to pick up the baby. The dog, Gretta, who is very well trained has taken it upon herself to be my 2 month olds personal bodyguard. She is fine with me, DH and anyone she knows picking up the baby but if it's someone she doesn't know, she doesn't  like it, she thinks they are trying to hurt the baby.

If I put the baby in his seat, she goes and sits right next to him, if he takes a nap, she goes and lays next to his bassinet. She has NEVER been aggressive with the baby or anyone, she is sweet as she can be and very well trained. She is 5 years old and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

Now Gretta doesn't know FIL because MIL is allergic to dogs so anytime they come over, we put her in our bedroom (Gretta, not MIL). Yesterday, FIL came over without MIL (MIL was at work) to see the baby. I offered FIL a drink, he asked for a tea and I went to get it. Before I left the room, the baby was sleeping in his seat, I told FIL just go ahead and sit down, I'll get the baby for you in a second, Gretta doesn't like it when people she doesn't know go for the baby. Gretta growled, I heard her from the kitchen so I ran out and said "no, don't do it she will bite" He said, "I'll be fine" and he wasn't, he got too close, didn't heed the growling and she bit him. He needed 4 stitches on his hand. The only reason it wasn't worse was because I yelled "heel" to Gretta and she stopped right away.

DH was home during the whole thing, in our room taking a nap, he heard Gretta growl and came running, knowing something was wrong.

At first FIL said he was calling animal control and going to have her put down. Animal control contacted us and said that because she did growl first and he was warned about he trigger behavior (going for the baby) they aren't going to do anything to the dog. Nor can he sue us as he also threatened.

FIL's medical insurance has a $500 co pay for an ER visit and he wants us to pay for it. HELL NO, he was told not to and he did it anyway, he can pay for it himself.

For those saying he could sue because it's my dog, in my state at least, you are wrong. The person from animal control told me, and I confirmed it with an attorney, that because I warned FIL not to go near the baby with the dog there, him doing so was at his own risk. He can't turn around and sue over it (and what kind of person threatens to sue their son and DDIL anyway? but he did)

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 15, 2013 at 1:04 PM
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by Anonymous 6 on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:34 AM

 So your sister's dog was protective, notified the parents if anyone was getting close to the child, but never attacked anyone causing injury.  That sounds like a very good dog and the owner was responsible enough to know when to put the dog behind closed doors.

The OP is not that sensible.  She thinks her dog can bite and scar anyone because it's "protective", and that is a sure fire way to end up with real behavioral issues in the dog that will eventually get her put to sleep.

If I were the FiL I would be contacting my own attorney and not assuming there is no ability to litigate based on the OP's declaration.


Quoting littlelamb303:

 Quoting Anonymous:

 Did your sister's rottie ever bite someone ripping skin and drawing blood?

Quoting littlelamb303:
Quoting Anonymous:

(a) If your dog is resource guarding, she is NOT well trained and (b) if your dog thinks your baby is her "resource" I would be concerned about what's gonna happen when baby gets mobile.


 not true.  My sister had a rotweiler that was very protective over the new baby coming in the house.  She NEVER had an issue with the dog and her children, EVER.  It lived with them until the dog died at age 13, never a problem.

  My sister was careful about not allowing her dog around certain people.  The dog did not like hyper kids, etc.. so when her nephew (who had serious issues) came over, she would lock the dog in the bedroom.  Her dog never bit anyone in the 13 yrs that she lived


by Gold Member on Feb. 16, 2013 at 11:08 AM
I would pay it, but that is just me.
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