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Can a professor require this?

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I am so annoyed right now. Nothing in our syllabus said this would be required but here we are.

I am taking a intro to speech course. Wednesday she said that Monday she is going to use some poll program where she puts up some questions and then we text in our answers. Well i emailed her my concerns yesterday telling her that i do not have a smart phone. I have a old flip phone that i don't even have texting for. I told her how my husband took a huge pay cut recently and it was one thing we had to get rid of.

Well today right at the beginning of class she mentioned the poll program again and how "useful" it is to gauge results of classroom opinion when you can do it anonymously..she then rats my email out..asking how many lack texting on their phones..I didn't raise my hand because she already knew my answer and then she says well Carla sent me a email and she does not have texting since she is the only one I will still do the assignment and require you to make up the participation points in a different way.

this one guy in there ( who looks like a newly high school grad who has no family responsiblites) laughs out loud and says how 1990 i am to not have texting and then says you should make her state her opinions on the questions publicly.

everyone laughs..including the stupid professor. I am literally the only one in there in my 30s. everyone else is 18-20. seriously. we had to do intro speeches and i felt like a old woman..i am even older than my stupid professor!

I literally wanted to sink into my chair and die. My face was so hot and my eyes so full of water i know i had to look a literal mess.

I left as soon as class was over and am steaming mad right now. I want to email her back and be like WTF. but i fear she will publicly out me again.

can a professor make an assignment based on features of of a cell phone that not everyone may have? Then require me to "make up the points in a different way?"


Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 15, 2013 at 3:26 PM
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by Emerald Member on Feb. 15, 2013 at 9:36 PM

Welcome to college. My SO is a professor at a university and many students bend over backwards for his recommendations they will need in a few years. Deal with it and get a mediocre grade and never sign up for one of her courses again.

by Anonymous 14 on Feb. 15, 2013 at 9:42 PM

One thing i learned in college is that professors can be real jackasses and to just go with the flow. If this is all that a professor ever does to you consider yourself lucky. I had one professor rip a woman up one side and down the other because she brought her 9 year old daughter with her to class one day. Her school was out and the woman had no child care. The professor got in her face and accused her of stealing and threatened to report her because the 9-year-old was getting a 'free education' from his class. Granted, she was a little presumptuous by bringing the girl but this prof was also a jerk when you missed class; he wouldn't give you what you missed, you had to track down a classmate for the info. The same professor also once asked who liked Hemingway as a writer, and whoever raised their hands lost participation points for the week because he hated him as an author. Nothing ever was done to this guy, he was just a total ass. All I'm saying is let it go, and don' tever let a professor get to you again. Some of them are so full of themselves and their 'importance' and forget to be decent people. If you have an alternate way to do the assignment, then do it. Get through the semester and get out of the class. Try to get to the point that when the class laughed, you just laugh right along with them. The worst thing you can do is feed the professorial ego by getting visibly upset.  Sorry this happened to you! And good luck in your class. :)

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