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New moms who think they know it all. EDIT!

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Do you know anyone like this?

I have a lot of friends on fb (that I know in real life I don't add people I don't know) but anyhow besides the point, They just became moms a few months ago some have under a year under their belt yet they have ALL the answers. It Bothers me sometimes It see it like this....I would never tell a mother of triplets or a mother who has a child older than mine anything. I mean how the hell would I know lol. I haven't reached those years and don't have the same number of kids so how or why would their opinion or advice help me....I obviously know I do not have to take it but when I new mom tries to talk about stuff they have no clue about I find it a little I alone?

I wanted to add that I never said new moms were clueless obviously though as a new parent we do not know everything but we are knowledgeable enough to figure things out. Like myself I figured things out as I went because yes every child and family is different I guess it is the new moms that think a cookie will kill a kid or juice will immediately rot their teeth out lol. Moms who act snobby are the ones that bother me!

Also another thing is adivce is great when asked for it I hate being TOLD something without asking for it though. That is all I was really meaning. I know good advice can come from anywhere but the point is I am more for letting parents parent no one else.

To the mom who was a teacher with a psychology degree that is usually how I respond to people asking for advice from me with a "well they probably act that way because....." I am always being asked from family and friends for advice on kids, life and relationships I guess I possess that quality but I hate to say anything because I am no expert and no matter how much I have done or been through it does not mean I have all the answers!

by on Feb. 15, 2013 at 7:11 PM
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by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 2:47 PM

My thought is that women without children (that want children/planning to have children) feel like they are outside "the loop" of parenting.  These women could just be overzealous in their excitement that they finally can add something to these discussions and be accepted.  I'm sure they'll settle down in time.  Looking back, most first times mom can probably remember a time/times when they acted the same way.

by Anonymous 12 on Feb. 16, 2013 at 3:02 PM
I have one of those on my Fb. I laugh at her all the time.
Posting about her 4 month old talking. Lmao. She thinks she knows sooo much then calls me all upset about her kid being sick when I had already told her (and got ignored) that he had croup a month ago. She didnt listen and it got really bad.
by Gold Member on Feb. 16, 2013 at 6:04 PM

lol. I swaddled my ds for about 6 months since he was born when he was a baby. Swaddling had helped him feel secure and helped him sleep too.  Yeah, the women who dont have children shouldnt be wasting their energy trying to teach an actual mother. I dont know why they do that

Quoting SaGe_Ed:

I do know a few people like that.  But my favorite is the people with NO kids who like to give advice.  For instance, I have a friend who thinks because she teaches kindergarten she is the expert on small children.  She told me I couldn't give my 5 year old cold medicine.  I told her, uh, no.  lol  Oh yeah, and my sil reprimanded me for swaddling my son, said she will NEVER swaddle her kids because she doesn't want their legs all squished up like that.  I wanted to ask her what position she thinks they're in while in the womb?  I also wanted to tell her that you never know what you'll do to get your screaming crying kid to sleep at 3 in the morning.  Maybe even (gasp!) swaddle them.


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