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Wow...Would you be offended?? (somewhat long...) Yes another WIC/PA post/vent lol

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Ok, so let me just say, I went into a Walmart today (as if this story will be suprising since it was in fact Walmart...) So I posted this status on my Facebook and OMG Holy Hell broke loose.... So we were just in Walmart (not one we regularly shop at) to get our Daughter  food and tell me how the cashier goes 'is this WIC?' My Husband goes 'no, no, no, absolutely not' and I said 'I think it's really rude that people would even ask that, there are some people who can actually afford their kids'. She was like 'oh ok' made me sooooo mad, who are they to assume we are on WIC just because we look young. (We seriously looked up WIC requirements just to see and my husband and I would need to have 8 children in order to qualify...)

So, I needed to vent and posted this status to my Facebook:

Why is it when you go in the grocery store to buy food for your baby the cashier automatically assumes AND asks if it's WIC? Umm not everyone is on WIC, so yea that just really made me mad...maybe they just ask that in 'this' Walmart because we have never been asked in any other store.

OMG one person really took offense to it...and commented back: (here are the first few comments, there are way too many to share them all...I deleted all names)

  •  I know at our stores they do because they have to go down a list as well and so many get the wrong stuff

  •  I still find it rude...not everyone needs help providing for their kids...I worked in a grocery store almost 10 years and we NEVER asked or assumed a person buying baby food was on WIC

  •  Maybe she was just doing her job. There is no need to be rude and mad about it.

  •  I agree its rude but they may be getting on cashiers cause so many let stuff slide

  •  At Walmart they have to put the check info in first. If not they have to wait for a csm to come void the order and we all know it takes forever at Walmart as it is. It's easier for everyone to ask first. Unless you want to be standing in line waiting all night.

  • Heres on idea. If u don't like what they do, go somewhere else. Problem solved.

  •  This is the first Walmart or any store that has ever asked...and I have every right to think it was rude or not like how they just ask or assume. Would you like if someone assumed something of you? I'm not against people on WIC that need it, but it shouldn't be assumed or questioned that everyone with a child is on it.

  •  Wow some ppl are rude... But it's true a lot of ppl live off the system even when they don't need it cuz they are with a drug dealer or many don't even know who there babies daddies are... So you have every right to be pissed and mad at the situation

  •  I don't think she is taking just as her idk any Walmart that asks is it wic the person usually has to let the cashier know. So to me if I was in her position I would find that very insulting and rude.

  •  you have a right to be mad if you were using wic you would have the card out and ready

  •  EXACTLY!!!!! I have never seen or heard a cashier ask. If people are offended by my opinion of how I felt someone was rude to me they don't have to read or comment...people work hard to provide entirely for their families...I'd feel the same way if I placed my order on the belt and was asked if it was EBT. People get mad and offended when they spend their hard earned $ and are assumed to be on the system...just shows there are way too many people on it. Most use and abuse no need to go back and made me mad, so I vented ...have every right to do so...

  •  I always shop at walmart and they've never asked me if my order was wic. I've always made my daughters food so i guess ive never had an order that would look like an "wic order" but i agree i would feel like i was being judged. Lmfao i love to see ppl getting mad about what other ppl post on facebook. Fyi i was a cashier for 4 yrs and never asked a person if their order was wic or ebt lol thats rude.

  •  That's right you do and after all this is your wall don't like leave and don't comment

So THEN, this one 'woman' messages me as if she knows me and my family...(copied and pasted everything so if you can't make something out, it's her poor writing lol):

  • 'woman'-

    U take about people on assistance like u or your family has never been on it. My mom and dad worked hard for ur family for 25 years while your mom and dad sat home and collected welfare. You act like your shit don't stink. People like ur family give people that really need help bad names. I'm done venting and I will be deleting u. Oh another reality check, u r not the only one that has a child so stop acting like u r.

    • OP-
      Are you serious right now? Because obviously you don't know my family. I don't even think I know you anyway so you deleting me isn't going to upset me. My father has worked for the county as long as I can remember, he has worked his ENTIRE life at times working 3 if not more jobs. I'm almost 30 my father has worked for the county almost as long. So before you go around assuming you think you know people, get it straight. Oh and my Mother worked most of my childhood as well. The people that give those on assistance a bad name are those who use and abuse it. My husband works hard to support our family and so yes I have every right to be mad and offended because we look young it is assumed we are on wic. Oh and before you think I just sit home living off my husband, I work from home. So everything you said makes absolutely no sense at all. So obviously you were offended by what I said, I'm not going to apologize, if you didn't like it you didn't have to read or comment it and keep getting even more offended...not my problem

      • 'woman'-
        Im not looking for an apologies. I know ur family very well. New street. U can try and tell me but u r just joking urself when u say ur parents worked. Everyone laughed at ur family in the big black bus.

        I'm done venting. Have a great night.

        • OP-
          Yea ok so what if people laughed because they had a bus so now it's a bad thing to have a vehicle to transport all your children safely..oh btw my dad owned that bus too...and you are joking yourself thinking I don't know my parents worked and STILL whatever, have fun THINKING you know my family...seriously, grow up

          • 'woman'-
            Ask ur brother if he still has my initials still in his arm he engraved with a broken bottle. Have a nice day.

            • OP-
              Yea cuz I like never even talk to him...

            Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:29 AM
            Replies (371-380):
            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:53 PM
            That was a little dramatic.
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            by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:55 PM

            Maybe, lol the WIC checks I used to ring through when I was a cashier, they got like 30 jars/containers of food plus cereal and a bunch of other stuff...

            Quoting torttia:

            Maybe she just thought the baby food was wic?

            Idk what all wic covers. I understand how offensive it can be. I was talking with DH at a restaurant the other day about how I want to ttc again once we get a bigger house and the people next to us just gave me this god awful look lol

            Quoting Anonymous:

            These were the items we purchased...We had 10 stage 1 double packs of Gerber baby food, Frozen Meatballs, Ranch Dressing, Baby Water, my Husband's Diet Pepsi, a can of Peas, 2 boxes of Butter and a box of Penne...I worked in a grocery store almost 10 years....I would have NEVER seen that or questioned that as a WIC order...

            Quoting torttia:

            When you use wic the cashier needs to see the voucher so it is a legit question. When I am shopping I can tell when someone buys WIC items so if you had things that a voucher covers like milk, bread and eggs then she was probably just covering her butt.

            My DH and I are 21 with a 3yo and a 9 month old and we get the looks and questions all the time and no we are not on PA. I used to get offended when I was asked about it but I got over it. We are young parents and we are successfully supporting our family without assistance and it is not something people are used to seeing. I say chill out.

            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:55 PM


            your one of the people that makes us that work dealing with people, hate people.

            arent you??

            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:56 PM
            This is why I dont go to Walmart anymore.
            Posted on CafeMom Mobile
            by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 16, 2013 at 9:57 PM

            No, actually, I am a very nice, quiet person. I generally keep to myself. This just REALLY irritated me.

            Quoting southernjess3:


            your one of the people that makes us that work dealing with people, hate people.

            arent you??

            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:01 PM

            People who take that stuff personally have issues. It talks more about the place you are shopping at then the customers going through... I don't by food at Walmart (or really ever shop there, except once when Gamestop told me that Walmart sells the charger cord for my PS3 remote, and I called every radio shack and other stores and nobody had it). I try and boycott those places, as well as Burger King, McDonalds, and every other company that adds to the dysfunctionality of the world.

            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:02 PM

            They ask everyone who is buying food with a small child if its WIC, they have to put that in before they ring up the items so they just ask first. The whole "no, no, no" thing and "some people can actually their kids" comment was just unecessary and made you look immature. Your whole reaction was an overreaction, especially the fact that you felt the need to complain about it on facebook. You were rude and offensive, not the cashier. You are making young parents look bad. 

            by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:05 PM

            they ask because some people who do have wic don't have the common sense to give the paper to them before the transaction or even have the common sense to tell them that they have wic so that the line can go faster because if you start ringing stuff up and they don't say or do anything to indicate it you have to hold up the line and void everything you just rung up and all that. They are trying to make sure that you and every else is in and out at a leisurely pace because they know you have places to go. It might sound rude, but it was for good reason they asked.

            by Anonymous 90 on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:08 PM
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            A poor person can go to goodwill and buy wharever you had on. Clothes don't represent how much money you have. Your just another stuck up who worrys to much what other people think. Your selfish and arrogant. I don't receive PA of any kind, but i don't look down on those who do, it would not offend me to be asked. I feel sorry for your children, to be so blindly raised to beleive such ignorance. 

            Quoting Anonymous:

            By the way, there are none of those stores in our area and there is nothing wrong with Walmart (I never said there was)...and we don't dress unkept. My Husband was in his suit and I was wearing dress clothes with my hair down. Don't think you can be more properly dressed. Now if we were in ripped up pj's and slippers with messed up hair not caring what we looked like....ok..

            Quoting Anonymous


            hahahahaha wow, this made my night. Best advice i think ive ever seen, Witty, comical, and right on the dot!

            Quoting Anonymous:

            You went to Walmart - the lowest of the low class stores - and you get mad when they think you are on welfare?  Go to Whole Foods,  Nordstrom's, Saks, Bloomingdales, Harrods, etc. if you don't want them to make assumptions about your ability to pay.

            Also, you may want to try dressing better.





            by Anonymous 93 on Feb. 16, 2013 at 10:18 PM
            You cut your BROTHER/SISTERS out of your life cause of life choices that don't meet your merit badge standards.. Holy hell your a fucking CONTROL FREAK!

            Your a big time wacko

            Quoting Anonymous:


            Now might I add, I have NEVER been on assistance. Yes, my parents were ages ago like way before I ever even exsisted or were a thought in the world and my Father worked up to 4 jobs and busted his ass to where they didn't need the help anymore. (which is how things should be) Like who is this lady to assume that our family is and was on welfare? SERIOUSLY? Yes, I admit I have a few siblings on it and I barely talk to them because I do not agree with their life choices. But as far as my parents go, no they are not. My Dad still to this day works for the County, owns their home, 2 brand new cars, and can do as they please because they have earned it. Myself and sister live well with our husbands and children because we can and have worked for it and have husbands who have amazing jobs as well. Own our cars, provide for our families and are in the process of buying our first home. Like does anyone think it is wrong for me to be upset and aggravated that it was assumed I was on WIC? I am in no way against it...if people NEED it and don't abuse the system, fine...but I find it sad that there are SO many people on it that it's automatically assumed that 'everyone' is on it and it's a question asked at the checkout. We work hard to provide for our family, I find it insulting to be assumed to be on assistance...

            I learned in the 6th grade make an ASS out of U and ME....(that is how I learned to spell it lol)

            ***Vent over***

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