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Teachers and what we hate about you! UPDATE

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Ok, perhaps hate is too strong a word. I will forfeit hate, and, replace with (strongly) dislike about parents.

Our job is to teach your children, according to the curriculum given for the grade being taught.

We aim to target all the different exceptionalities as much as possible. That is, the good teachers will try their utmost to do this.

What we hope parents will do to help their children is do the follow up at home. Read with them. Go through the homework with them. This will help kids to process and retain what they learned in school. If they do this regularly, even if they forgot about a test one day, they would still do great! Don't teach them to only study for tests...that isn't enough. Encourage them to be lifelong learners, by giving a damn about their education. Teachers can only do their part...parents need to help too!

Update: if all you took away from this is that I didn't give you a 1 to 10 detailing what I dislike about parents, you are completely missing the point. Read between the lines. The title is supposed to catch your attention! 

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 18, 2013 at 8:53 PM
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by on Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:42 PM
Web definitions
(exceptionality) The quality of being exceptional; A thing, condition, or other matter which is exceptional.

Quoting Anonymous:

No, it's a term that the education system made up. Find me a link to an online dictionary that doesn't just redirect you to Exceptional and I'll admit I'm wrong.

Quoting Anonymous:

It is a word. Just because you've never heard the term doesn't mean it does not exist.

Quoting Anonymous:

Exceptionalities? That's not even a word, I can't even figure out what word you meant to use there. 

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by Ruby Member on Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:49 PM
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by on Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:51 PM

Sometimes I think people just read the title to these post and then reply. My husband and I already have a plan for my son once he starts school. Every night we're going to sit down with him and make sure he gets whatever help he needs. I had absolutely NO support when it came to school. It's not going to be like that with him.

by Ruby Member on Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:52 PM
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You caught that too?

Quoting Anonymous:

Hmmm - so your child has one of the highest iq's on record?

Quoting DragonMom25:

as a parent I care so much about my children's education that I had to fight tooth and nail with the school and superintendent to get government required assistance for my eldest, whose IQ is over 200.  they wanted to fail him and to have him diagnosed with ADHD because he could do the day's work in 15 minutes and was bored!  then we had the teacher who used to take his snack (sent from home, because he was on 4000 calories a day and he needed the high calorie snack-doctor's note provided) while he was in process of eating it and turn it into a health and nutrition class-"this is full of sugar (100 % pure apple juice) and is an example of something not allowed in my classroom!" as she read just the sugar content to the class and threw it away unfinished-3rd time she did he got a new classroom! (I called her twice and the principal once on it-his take:  "it is her classroom and she can do WHATEVER she wants in there")

my younger son has ADHD, and because I refuse to medicate (only issue is at school-they will not allow him to fidget, chew gum, me to get his organization started, or move for 90 minutes at a time in 6th grade) so they told us "he needs to fail this year" to our face-what lovely teachers and principal.....  so why was he doing so abysmal at his grades 1st quarter?  assignments were not going home because the locker (first year with them) was full and disorganized (special OT teacher assigned to help him with locker did nothing), teachers were allowing his home work to count for equal to the unit tests.  I cried Foul!  and am now homeschooling him.  

his 4th grade teacher was great!  She had him chew gum during tests, had a special ball for a seat, and was allowed several "stretch breaks" either in the class or just outside to the door in the hallway.  He excelled in 4th and was top of his class with strait As, did ok in 5th with mostly As (no gum or ball seat or stretch breaks-older teacher believed rows are best) but when his 1st quarter midway grades for 6th grade came home with Ds and Fs I knew something was WRONG!  the teachers said "all kids with ADHD have poor grades", so this was reflecting his disorder-not what he knows, because "he knows all the materials we are teaching"  so from that poisonous environment I took my son, and I am not going back till he is out of that school!

Oh and I actually like teachers, but they need to teach the material as well as the organizational skills to do the work.  First year with lockers and we were told "no parents allowed in the wing, your children will be helped to learn locker organization in the first week" since his emergency card was in the bottom of the locker (why did they not ask again for it?) that was sent in the 1st day of school-so their idea of teaching about locker organization was useless!  

when a teacher will not sit with the parents for 3 weeks (took that long to get a 15 minute meeting) to discuss different coping mechanisms for the classroom of a "special needs" child (or any child) then the teacher is failing.  your job is to teach, my job as parent is to support the teachers by passing on information that will make it easier to do the job of teaching!

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