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Maybe suicide is selfish, but calling it that only proves you don't understand

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When someone is severely depressed, they aren't thinking rationally. They don't see the people around them as people they can confide in. They may feel that they have messed up their lives to the point that everyone would be better off without them.
In their minds they are doing the selfless thing, by taking themselves out of the picture. No, they don't think about the lives they leave behind, because either they don't think those people care about them or that they will be better off with them gone.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 19, 2013 at 6:19 AM
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by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 7:49 AM

My brother committed suicide 3 years ago leaving behind two beautiful boys. He had many issues, emotional, financial, legal, and he simply could not handle what he had done to himself, his wife and his kids. He was leaving them in debt and without health insurance. He had a long standing policy and after he hung himself, the money went to his children. 

I cannot begin to imagine what it must have been like to be living in his skin and KNOWING what a complete and total mess he made of his life and facing that humiliation. To be so low that he would believe that his children were better off with the insurance payment then visiting their father in jail. 

I do not judge. To take ones own life means that someone is in a very very dark place that they clearly feel no way out of. 

I would rather be the one who finds the body, then the person living in my own personal hell. 

Quoting HaleyCovington:

Dumb... Just dumb... You don't think it's selfish not to think about the person who has to find you? You don't think it's selfish for you not to care how that will impact their lives??? Even if its a stranger, you're putting a horrible thing in their life because you're depressed. I will never feel sorry for someone who takes their own life. You can tell me some sad story about how they think no one cares or how they think people are better off until you're blue in the face... I will never feel a shred of sympathy for someone like that.

by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 10:40 AM
I have been there. I was severely depressed, had horrible anxiety attacks, felt hopeless and overwhelmed. Drugs weren't helping, and neither was sympathy. My mother in that stern but loving voice only a mother has told me how selfish I was. I knew she loved me. I didn't feel any love for her, or anyone else at the time. but those are just feelings! life is not about how we feel all the time. Suicide is selfish! It wasn't until I realized that my suicidal thoughts were because my focus was always on me, my feelings, my comfort, how people perceived me, that I could refocus my attitude. Suicide is selfish on a multitude of levels. When you are no longer willing to be grateful for anything you have anymore, you become suicidal. And life is something to be grateful for. I also understand though, some people don't have that realization. We live in a society that medicates instead of makes patients focus on hard issues and (dare I say it) take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. If I sound harsh it's because we all( my self included) have been trained to think that we are not responsible to protect our bodies and minds from the negativity the world throws at us. Suicide says "I hurt, no one's fixing it". If we could just find a way to get a depressed person to think "no, FUCK this! I'm going to find a way out of these thoughts, because its not all about me or my happiness" then we can start to fix the problem. But that only happens when people realize depression, suicide, anxiety are all self-centered /self focusing diseases. Oh by the way I have been off Xanax and Prozac for over 2 years, have dropped 30 pounds, and I start everyday focusing on what I'm grateful for. And i have joy ( its different from happy. happy comes and goes. joy stays in my heart like a beacon of hope) I hope this help and doesn't just insight rage.
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by Anonymous 56 on Feb. 20, 2013 at 11:06 PM

If you have never been so low that you think about killing yourself than dont judge!  I have been there and you dont know what runs through your mind during that low period.  Ending the pain is all that you think about because it is so bad it takes over your life, your mind, your feelings.  You do feel so alone and trying to fight something that you have no control over...its hard and believe me it takes work to over come.  You feel that the world would be better with out you in it and reaching that point is not an over night thing.  My depression went on for a long time and fought every day to win and come out alive.  If you have never met the devil in your mind then you have nothing to say on the subject

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