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Yup, I got unhealthy food on FS last night.....But, did I deserve this....

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For the 1st time ever I was judged in line for what I bought with my FS.

I buy natural healthy food, with only healthy snacks usually. I had had a crazy few days, my body was feeling crappy (I have MS, and a lung condition) And DH was out of town for 2 days. So I ran into Walmart after dropping DD off to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I grabbed wheat bread, American cheese, (for grilled cheese) a can of tomato soup, and I have been trying to loose weight so I grabbed 2 boxes of skinny cow candy and cookies to help my sweet craving. That I'd not what I normally buy, but whatever.

The lady behind me on line was watching everything I did with my kids. Then I put my stuff up and then took my EBT card out to pay. She made a huge sigh and loudly said,
" I am so glad my tax money is allowing you to buy crap like that! ". I was shocked and did not know what to say....... I just said, "ummm.....I am just getting food like you!" "Then she said, "yeah, but I do not have kids I am feeding like that-no veggies, just soup cookies and crap! I was so flustered and my autistic DD who hates this kind of thing was rocking with her hands over her ears. "I just said, "I am sorry you do not like my choices!" Quickly grabbed my stuff and left. And as I was leaving the lady shouted "well get off your lazy ass and get a job then I do not care care about your choices!" I started cry as I walking to the car and ended up sobbing once I was in the car.

If only she knew what we have gone through to get to this place!! I never ever thought we would need PA.

of course after I could think of so many quick come backs, but I was too taken back!!

I understand some people have a problem with FA, but my kids need to eat. Yes, it was not the healthiest, but it's not McDonald's. And j needed something quick and easy. And yes, the cookies were crap, but I trying SO hard to loose weight which I need to do for my health, and sweets are my big weakness.

I do not want to be on FS and PA, but circumstances beyond my control put me in this place. We were in a great place till my illness hit. We had over 7,000 in savings, and added to it each month. DH, worked full time and me part time making $30 an hour and making almost as much as DH did full time........

Then BOOM! 3 years ago I was in a coma for 6 weeks with birth of my last baby. I woke and had lost everything. I had to relearn to talk, walk, read write, eat, etc. I had traumatic brain injury form oxygen loss, and a permanent lung condition that will lead to a lung transplant in 5-10 yrs. And after a year I developed MS as a result of one if the meds I was on. Our insurance had a huge deductible, only covered half the rehab, and we had unpaid bills piled up when I got home. I paid the bills, so DH was lost with it and was overwhelmed with a dying pregnant wife (they did not expect me to survive) and two young kids to care for. And his business basically took a huge dive due to him being away do much to care for everything.

So 2 years after he had to close it down and because he owned the business he did not qualify for unemployment.

With a hard painful work I far surpassed what the docs expected out of my recovery. I went back to work for 6 months but I could not keep up, my health was deteriorating and my family life was falling apart. So it broke heart to do so, but I filed for disability and eventually FS.

My DH has been working his butt off getting his computer web design business going, and also starting a guitar restoration business . And the best part is they are both work from home jobs for the most part, and he is able to help me with the kids and house because some days I can not get out of bed. And after a year he is finally doing well and if it keeps going we will be able to get off PA soon.

And even though the docs say it is not probable, I am determined to be able to do some kind of job when 3 yr old is in kindergarten.

Anyway, that is my story. We are far from "sitting on our lazy asses taking PA." I wish I coulda told that lady all that stuff!!!

So, sorry this ended up so long. This post started as a vent, but after sharing my story maybe it will also show that not all people on PA are lazy people sitting on their butts taking a handout!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 23, 2013 at 10:32 AM
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by Ashley on Feb. 24, 2013 at 1:38 AM
This is what a girlfriend of mine's husband had to remind me when I had to take PA after becoming a newly single mom to an under 1 year old. I did fine foe the first year, but began to struggle and trauma had kicked in from the split. (Highly abusive relationship; immediately after leaving, I was pre-occupied with making it and never took time to absorb things emotionally...I was too focused on being strong and a survivor and not being a victim) When I applied for FS, I had tears dropping on my paperwork from my hurt pride. In effort to lighten it, I told my friend's husband playfully after a less 'smart' purchase, "Thanks for the popsicle, Chris." He laughed and said, "Not a problem. Although, it's actually you paying for it since you WERE working. Consider it a refund." That helped a lot. I'm still a single mom, and the economy doesn't help me move from 'making ends meet' much...but we do fine. Someone said something about following to see what car they drove...I never disappoint...I walk home.

Quoting gizmo538:

 I'd also like to point out that if you and your DH were both working, then technically that is YOUR money that you're using. You paid your taxes, your DH paid his taxes so now that you've fallen on hard times and need PA to get back on your feet then why can't you use the money that you've already put into the system?

I've had a job since I was 16 until 3 years ago when I got pregnant. I managed to get a job after my DD was born, but was promptly laid off when my boss learned I was pregnant with my second DD. I haven't had a job since, though not from lack of trying. 

DH was also laid off and has an AA degree and 14 years experience (9 of which were in the USMC). Yet, even though he's applied all over the country, all the offers he gets are for crappy jobs that barely get us through the week.

When we were on PA, we were using the money we put in. Since DH and I also was working at the time we were on PA, we were STILL putting money into the system.

So next time some lady ever says that to you, tell her that it's YOUR money from the taxes YOU paid and she can kiss your @$$.

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by Ashley on Feb. 24, 2013 at 1:42 AM
It sucks to always feel guilty getting my nails done because of food stamps. I don't get them done every month, but when I do, I feel like I look too classy to 'deserve' food stamps in their eyes. Like I said in the last post though, I make it up to them by walking home. (;
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by on Feb. 24, 2013 at 1:45 AM

Yeah, I wish I had been behind her. I would have been really tempted to "accidentally" bash her with my oxygen tank. 

by on Feb. 24, 2013 at 2:10 AM

I'm sorry..that's so horrible what happened to you. I am a big organic food person but I try to keep it 80% natural, 20% junk or non/organic. Regardless, it is not right how this lady treated you...

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