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has your baby ever cried so much you wanted to shake it so it would stop?

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Question: if this saved even one life, would you share this video?




I just did

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by on Mar. 4, 2013 at 10:08 PM
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by New Member on Mar. 11, 2013 at 1:38 PM
Quoting ChristyG2012:

Yes that is what I think most are getting from the poll including myself. Would we "post" this to save a life? I answered yes too. Not that anyone has done it or thinking of it.
by Scarlet begonias on Mar. 11, 2013 at 2:58 PM
Omg it sounds sick! What the hell is wrong with people !? It sounds like it shouldn't even be a legal activity ! What country is it in if its not American yoga type? I'm gonna search it now.

Quoting Emeraldmama7:


Quoting xxshelbyxxx:

You're so right about women wanting a baby of their own, even if its a screaming colic baby. I've never thought of it like that but it was beautifully said, thank you...


But the yoga thing you said? What do you mean shaking the babies around? I've never done baby yoga but i thought about it when DS was young because it seems fun and I know moms who do it..

It's not the American baby yoga you may be used to.  It's far from holding your baby while you exercise or using the baby as extra weight.  This is a woman who believes what she does helps babies become strong and also helps with intellegence.  I warn you, it's hard to watch.  The babies are being swung around, over her head, back and forth- sometimes by just a leg or arm- and they are screaming the whole time. Many of these babies are just weeks old.

Google Lena Fokina.  I'm unsure how to add a video here.  =/



Quoting Emeraldmama7:

After reading the replies, I don't think I will watch that video.  I cry when I see that lady who does baby yoga, flinging those poor babies around.  My mom teaches special needs and one of her students was a shaken baby syndrome survivor.  He died just last at 17 month from minor complications. =(

My second child had colic and there were times that I just cried with her or had to walk away and scream into a pillow.  I lost two jobs because my ex called me at work saying I needed to get home now because he couldn't handle her...and I'd hear my baby crying in the background.

After 7 kids I have gained even more patience and I just count my blessings that I'm even able to have my children because there are many women out there who would do anything to have a crying baby if it meant they had a baby to call their own. 


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by Scarlet begonias on Mar. 11, 2013 at 4:09 PM
I completely completely understand and agree with everything you said, and I'm almost positive if you explained it to her the way you just did me, it'd make her stop dead in her tracks next time she's goes to say something along the lines of speculation about a real real terrifying syndrome. I'm sorry you have to go through this, I can't even imagine, but at the same time you seem like you're helping others tremendously by what you've been through and that's amazing, what the world needs! I commend you for informing others like you do. That video was heartbreaking but inspiring at the same time and I DO think they should share it at parent classes especially first time parent classes.

And the vaccine thing- I agree with what you said also. I read alot about the new statistics on autism diagnoses and its scary as hell. Makes me wonder WHY the F there isn't a better understanding/reason that this is happening. I'm not too familiar with the GMO food situation but I've also read little tidbits about it here and there and it seems legit, and scary also. :( the world sucks sometimes. I mean, my child is the best thing in this world and I just wish everything was less mystery, less dangerous, more peaceful, more understanding. But anyway, your video is beautiful. I didnt realize you were OP until I seem your screen name. Is that your baby? If that's too personal a question to ask then dont answer and I'm sorry ahead of time for asking.

Quoting hope4rockell:

LOL .......... no, no tin foil hat (although one never knows these days) and she's probably as sane or insane as the rest of us.

I probably over read too much into everything (I know I do) and since this is so personal to us, when she suggested that she heard a report on infowars suggesting that SBS is really more likely caused by immunizations, I kind of lost it. *Its OK to speculate on things sure, but people hurt their cause when they try to say things like Immunizations can cause the retina to detach and burst, the brain to start swelling and bleeding to the point where 90% of it dies and the skull fills with spinal fluid, along with causing cracked ribs and injured vertbrea, broken bones* >>>>> so when she suggested that, I realized the ignorance factor was flashing a huge blinking light on her post.

Ignorance simply meaning totally uniformed. And as one gal stated, that is very dangerous because some people will try and use that as a defense to try and skate free on this important violent act.

Side note: I personally believe we are being poisoned by the GMO Monsanto food causing cancers, which drive us into the arms of doctors, pharma and insurance companies (there are massive profit being made on our illness's). I believe the same thing about immunizations & the metoric rise in Autism ........ but I'm never going to suggest to someone who is living through something like SBS that "reports suggest" xyz >>> it just hit me, but again, she's probably as sane or insane as the rest of us :-)

PS. regarding the Autism thing and immunizations ......... just because I believe what I believe, that is pure speculation on my part and I'm not suggesting or going to suggest any report out there. I'm not living through that and God Bless any family that is. The truth is, we don't know why it was every 1 in 2,000 and now its every 1 in 100 children. That real statistic is very alarming, but it could be caused by anything, not necc immunizations, but ....... they really need to get cracking on the WHY before its 1 in every 10 children

Quoting xxshelbyxxx:

Thanks lol :) good reply by you! But can I ask this: what makes you think/know that girl wears a Tin foil hat? Does she have answers like that to every post or something?

Quoting hope4rockell:

Agreed .......... I actually do like a lot of what AJ talks about. Some of it is overboard, sure, but some of it not

So, good post by you :-) 

Quoting xxshelbyxxx:

Lol lol lol omg It's so funny you just said all that!! Haha because I listen to Alex Jones! I saw the Piers Morgan thing too, but I don't like him to begin with. And I don't listen to/watch AJ religiously, AT ALL, but there is so much truth in alot of what he says. The illuminati? Eh not so much. But I agree that the government is behind a lot of shit that goes on and there's tons of evidence proving it. BUT I don't think vaccines have a god damn thing to do with SBS. I mean come on! How can anyone NOT believe that parents snap and shake poor innocent babies when they're frustrated?? We see it everyday! So yeah the vaccines comment makes me believe she's a nut. But Alex jones doesn't make her a nut, unless its all encompassing life consuming thing she's got going on.

Quoting hope4rockell:

Thank you :-) ........... well said

One thing regarding where she was coming from with comment about vaccines. She is basically doubting that people are actually shaking their babies ~ she just does't believe it. The fact that there are 3 Million reports of child abuse each year (she probably doubts that too) and she doubts that approx 5,000 of those are SBS (because of a report she heard)

She sited her belief on a website called "" ......... that website is run by the guy (Alex Jones) who went on the Piers Morgan Show because he wanted Piers Morgan to be deported and he sat there and just yelled at Piers non stop (I'm not a Piers Morgan fan) he can go back to his hole in England for all I care, but, it was kind of embarrasing even for people that follow Alex Jones (like this gal does)

His whole schitck is that the Illimunati are running the world, he sees black helicopters & black SUV's on every corner, so he also thinks that the Goovernment is poisening the Country with the vaccines, etc etc

So, bottom line: the gal is a bit of a loon

I'm not saying that (some) of what they claim isn't true, but there are crazies on all sides and that's where she's coming from (its waaaay out there thinking)

Personally, I have my doubts about vaccines. Yes, I think there's a strange coincidence between them and the rise of Autism (used to be 1 in every 2,000, now it's 1 in every 100), maybe that is a number everyone should be asking more questions about, but I'm not an expert so I'm going to stay neutral on that *unlike this gal who thinks a vaccinantion can detach a childs retina, scramble their brain, replace their brain with spinal fluid, crack ribs, injur the vertebrae, etc etc (that's a little out there, LOL) so again, what you said ~ :-)

Quoting xxshelbyxxx:

Oh so you're saying shaking a baby has no negative reaction? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And I'm very open minded to the vaccine debate, I've done alot of my own research on it. But shaking baby syndrome is very much a real syndrome caused by abuse! What the hell do you think their brain is doing when someone shakes them ? Not just sitting there calmly like its supposed to! It's shaking and damaging it permanently !

Quoting buttersworth:

there has been speculation that a lot of this shaken baby syndrome isn't from people shaking the babies but from the infants getting certain immunizations that have an adverse reaction and make the brain look the same as if shaken

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by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 6:42 PM
The thought never ever ever ever crossed my mind. I love my babies and would do anything to protect them from being hurt. I am NORMAL
by Anonymous 133 on Mar. 11, 2013 at 7:36 PM
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I was flying solo shortly after my younger son was born (their dad bailed on us) and he was a SCREAMER!!!  The poor kid had HORRIBLE colic for the first 4 months of his life. If he wasn't sleeping or eating...he was screaming!! He only slept for an hour or two at a time day OR night so I was completely exhausted AND trying to keep up with a toddler during the day. My boys are 18 months apart in age. I completely understand the rage, frustration and pure exhaustion that 'causes' ppl to come unglued and shake their babies??? Ohhhhhh YEA!!!!! Big time!!

Fortunately, I had seen (first-hand) the results of SBS as a teenager and it really messed with my head! I never forgot it! So every time my youngest would start his screaming marathons and I felt the urge to yank him up out of his crib and shake the bajeepers out of him, I'd force myself to STOP!! I'd tell myself, 'This is a baby. He relies on me to love him and take care of him and he's in pain. How would I feel if I was in that kind of pain and couldn't make anyone understand?'  I'd then take a couple deep breaths and (gently) pick him up and either walk the floor with him while we BOTH cried (lol) or I'd settle us into the rocking chair and sing to him while he screamed. He'd eventually fall asleep.There were many times that I'd seriously consider giving him up for adoption because I was sure I was doing something wrong and maybe I wasn't a very good mom because I was powerless to make him feel better.

He did eventually settle down a bit, but he never did sleep through the night. Still doesn't and he's now 25 years old and he and his wife are expecting their first little bundle of joy!! And yes, he STILL battles with tummy troubles.

My oldest ds was SUCH an eeeeasy baby! Just soooo mellow... then came Seth and allllll hell broke loose!! lol I've often said that if he had been born first, I never would have had a 2nd.

by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 7:48 PM
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He performed such an important public service. That should be on TV like the smoking/ cancer ads. I hope that the person who did that to the child is in jail. One of my kids was a serious cryer and I never shook him, I knew better than that. They should tell new parents about the danger before they leave the hospital with the baby.

by Member on Mar. 11, 2013 at 10:34 PM

yup... it seemed like my daughter cried nonstop... but i had post partum depression... i was soooo lucky to have a good SO at the time. she just got on my nerve so bad when she cried. i was tempted many times but never did it. i always felt guilty for thinking that way after i calmed down though

by on Mar. 12, 2013 at 12:52 AM
No but a friend of mine pinched her baby cause she was crying!
by on Mar. 12, 2013 at 12:02 PM

Armywife- That is exactly what I try to do find out what is wrong with my baby, once I took all her clothes off except her pamper and she didnt want milk or anything I was going crazy, so I just set her down and she calmed down by herself, I miss her being that small though :'(frown mini

by on Mar. 12, 2013 at 1:56 PM

Hurting a baby doesn't make it stop crying, although killing it will.

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