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Broken punch bowl... kitchen fire.... what's next??

Posted by on Mar. 8, 2013 at 6:11 PM
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OH my goodness!!!

We got pretty sick... aches, pains, sinuses, etc... fevers... shakes shivers, etc..   Might have been influenza A because my preschooler had a classmate with it a week or so before we got sick.

Anyway, everyone else is better...  I'm not...

I've been taking care of my sick kids and being sick myself for DAYS... 

Anyway, yesterday, after doing the grocery shopping, I was trying to put some snacks up on the fridge and pushed my big beautiful punch bowl off the top of the fridge...  I didn't have much stuff up there, but some one had tossed an empty egg carton up there instead of in the craft supplies where I usually keep them...  

So my punch bowl... which is twice the size of a normal one (think big church social or wedding size or something)...  is shattered everywhere.   Including shards of glass in the container I keep baby's bottles and cups in... so out of sheer exhaustion, I worked at cleaning that up and just threw out the baby's bottles... I had two more in the dishwasher so I knew I had something that didn't run the risk of his ingesting glass.

FFW>>>>   Today...   I go "prep" for dinner and my head starts a stabbing sensation behind my eye and I am crying out in pain.   So, I decide to wait til DH gets home instead.... FORGETTING that I already turned the oil on... I was thinking I hadn't turned it on yet....  

Anyway, the alarms are going off and I go running out to smoke EVERYWHERE and flames leaping up AROUND the hood of the stove and licking the cieling.    My impulse was fire... water... wait...

NOOOOOO do NOT throw water on a grease/oil fire... stupid woman..... head is splitting and I pull my sleeve down and grab handle of pan, removing it from heat source and stand there almost falling over because I'm in so much pain I cannot rationally THINK about what I'm doing.

I'm still standing there thinking, OK... what do I do...   I'm in the middle of my small kitchen with a pan that is leaping flames up at the cieling.   I need to put it out, but I need to put the pan down so I can find the lid or something that I can smother the fire with... but I cannot put it down anywhere safely... so it's burning and I'm starting to feel the hot handle through my sleeve.... the very hot handle...

So I calmly convince my kids (yeah, with the smoke alarms going off, they are losing it!)... anyway, get them to open the back patio door (which stays shut all the time and is blocked by a light buffet style table)... and to move the table, and the push the curtain back and stay out of my way... while I try to calmly walk this burning pan out of the house.   

After dealing with the fire, I had to go and see if there was damage and get the smoke alarms to stop screaming at me...   we have a small ranch home that has four smoke alarms within a 7 foot radius... hmm... that is A LOT of noise.

Can I just quit now????   PLEASE???

Oh, and since we didn't get to celebrate last week, we are meeting friends at the zoo tomorrow and will be exchanging kids for mutual sleepovers.  We have a pool party on Sunday in celebration of the older kids' events... plus church... plus a delayed "party" at bonkers on Wednesday.  

I just need this headache to go away!!!!  I NEEED to be human again!!!   I also need my husband to know how much misery I'm in...  he's just not taking this seriously.

by on Mar. 8, 2013 at 6:11 PM
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