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For those of you who bash on those who get PA...

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Some of you say that its your hard earned money and that they should get jobs. Some of you say that they are milking the system. Some of you even say that those on welfare are lazy. Ive even read that some of you think that those on welfare are not thinking of their children properly. A lot of people who are on public assistance actually do have jobs. Full time jobs. However, working full time sometimes just isn't enough, especially considering how expensive it is to afford shelter and food these days, especially when a child is involved. Some of these people are in college because they want to go to school so that they can have better jobs and get off of welfare. Yes, there are those that milk the system. However, there are those who genuinely need the extra help just to survive. A lot of people on welfare are not lazy. In fact, they would rather have a job that pays them enough so that they can get off of welfare. A lot of the people on welfare are also on it so that they can fully support their children and provide for their needs. A lot of people go through really hard times in their lives financially. Sometimes, people need help from the government for survival. Not everyone is blessed with a good job or a second income.

Update: Ok, some of the ladies on here seem to be implying that they think Im on welfare. Let me set the record straight. I am NOT on welfare.Do my DH and I sometimes struggle to keep our heads above water? Yes. But we are not on welfare.

I get a free ride to school, yes, but thats because I am technically considered an orphan by the government (and believe me, I wish my mother was alive, and that my father wasnt so abusive; I would prefer not being considered an orphan).

My mom was a single mom of 3 children, one of which (me) having many expensive health issues. So yes, I did grow up on welfare, but that was with my mom working her ass off at 3 jobs.

Eventually my mom got too sick to care for us, so I spent half my childhood in foster care. Yes, I was technically on welfare then, but through no choice of my own.

But now ? I am not on welfare, and I hope that I am never at a point in my life where I would need it. But I don't really care if others get on it. Sometimes people need help. I was merely stating my opinions in this post, and a lot of the replies have been assuming and overgeneralizing.

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 9, 2013 at 3:15 PM
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by JoseManuelVargas on Mar. 15, 2013 at 9:19 PM

this post could go on and on and on... to people who look down on those on welfare: some of u say u were dirt poor and got by without it, some say u worked super hard and did without alot of things so u wouldnt have to go on welfare, some say no one should be entitled to help from the government..i say, i have seen on a history special; most of the welfare has came from drug money, that is now gone to the welfare to help the poor. its not all your hard earned money going to welfare. perhaps, those of u have managed to stay off it think if i can do it, anyone can. but some of the people on welfare really are in horrible situations, maybe domestic violence,homeless, etc. that they may need this help or they wont make it and will lose their children. you havent seen some of these peoples lives, or walked in their shoes, u can never judge everything. there is only one judge and that is God. And those that are humble are esteemed higher in Gods eyes than those that are proud. i also, have found myself judging others, but now i feel really bad about it. maybe u have gotten by just fine without it. but u never know in the future what hand u may be dealt, and u shouldnt judge others so harshly.

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