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Why is it. (Might cause a debate)

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Why is it that black history month is celebrated but if I wanted a "white history month" its racist.

Girls in boy scouts is fine but no boy could join girl guides (Canadians)

Gay pride parades every year but if I teach heterosexual families I am bigoted.

Schools can teach about all religions and all holidays but not about Christmas

That there can be "Black Beauty pageants" where no whites are allowed but if someone tried to do a White only pageant they would be sent to court.

In my sons gymnastics class and a black child went in front of Connor for an activity (no big deal) Mom was beside me (didn't know I was mom) and mumbled  "good job we never go in back put the cracker in the back" I turned to her totally surprised but didn't say anything. What would have happened if I used the N word?

I am sorry for the past I really am...but how much longer are we supposed to bend over backwards for what our ancestors did??

Oh and learn the bloody language of the country you are moving to!


Okay so I will get chewed out for this. But before you do. I have friends of all colours I am not racist I am just tired of being treated like a second class citizen by those that claim they are.

Vent over

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 21, 2013 at 2:12 PM
Replies (511-519):
by Anonymous 88 on Apr. 3, 2013 at 2:27 PM
I totally agree. I often ask the same questions. Very sad.
by on Apr. 3, 2013 at 2:29 PM
Agreed 100%
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by on Apr. 3, 2013 at 2:39 PM
Whoa!!! My ancestors were supressed by the romans. The were persacuted and kicked out of their country by the catholics. The were forced into slums and indentured when they came to america.
I love learning my history and yeach my children their history but I dont blame my neighbor who is catholic for it. I dont blame tge colonists or the italians. Come on. Honestly minorities it seems are the ones who are perpetuating racism. Sure there are still some white racists but the majority are not!

Quoting Chayaj17:

Well I must say that the Mother in your  DS class was extremely out of line. But the Black History month thing i can not agree with because I feel that Black History is very important for every race. To know not only tolerance but  how Black people in the past contributed to society in great ways. I mean if i had my way  i personally think that there should just be a month celebrating the diversity of ALL cultures in America.   I just quite honestly feel like as a black person myself that Blacks do have a right to not be so happy with White people. With that said though being completely disrespect to a White person is out of line. But when white people as your self get on the Internet and complain about how Black people in a sense have a problem with White people, I don't understand how you can even begin to be upset.  YOUR ancestors brought us here we didn't just say lets all go be slaves  just for the hell of it. So i personally don't think its your place to even BEGIN to start complaining about the way Black people not ALL black people but some act towards Whites. I just feel sometimes that White people complain too much about how Blacks are mean or are Racist. When your ancestors took us from our comfortable homes and sold us like fucking cows and tore families  apart,  murdered us. raped our women, and a list of more horrific things. But the way i see it is that WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD JUST GET OVER IT AND STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING BECAUSE YOUR ANCESTORS DID THIS TO YOU CAUSED YOU TO BE HATED BY OTHERS RACES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. SO BE MAD AT YOUR ANCESTORS NOT US OR ANY OTHER RACE THAT HAS BEEN OPPRESSED BY YOUR ANCESTORS.  Any one who has a problem with this can message me and say it directly to me not on this DUMBASS comment board or whatever it is.

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by on Apr. 5, 2013 at 4:53 PM
White males don't have it easy because they are blamed for everything.

Quoting lesliemck86:

Women have a history month, and im ok with that. White males have it the easiest in this country. Women are still at a disadvantage though.
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by Anonymous 89 on Apr. 5, 2013 at 4:57 PM
That was years ago. Their ancestors were oppressed, not them.

Quoting Anonymous:

black people were oppressed, were you??

by Anonymous 72 on Apr. 16, 2013 at 9:25 AM
......... I'm sorry are you still on about this?........

Quoting Anonymous:

No, the people you're helping do not need to know who you are or what you've done in order for you to need validation.  By stating things like "I help cancer patients and volunteer for the March of dimes" and "I'm in the world DOING SOMETHING" to a complete stranger, purely for the sake of your argument, on a different topic, is a way of making yourself look and feel good about the things you do. In other words, it is your way of attempting to get VALIDATION for the good person you think you are. For the sake of your argument on the original topic, these "points" you are trying to make serve absolutely NO purpose other than to seek validation and applause. They do not prove your argument. You claim I am here "whining" about a video music station while you are actually "doing something" in the world.  As if ALL I do is sit around and wait for you to continue the argument.  BUT, you aren't taking the time to carry on the argument because YOU are "doing something", you are helping sick people everywhere!  Good for you.  I'm glad you take the time to do good, but that does not make you a better person, that does not mean I am not doing good things or helping others, too.  Yes, that IS what you are saying when you claim I am "whining" while you are "Doing".  You keep responding to me, as well. Seems like you are doing just as much whining and not so much of your so called "DOING SOMETHING" to help mankind. 

I have not miscontrued or misinterpreted a single thing.  I have given facts over and over and proven many fallacies in all of your arguments.  You just don't agree with them, so you keep changing the topic. People who change the topic frequently are the one's with "no legs to stand on."

Quoting Anonymous:

Ummm that's your assumption. You brought the "feeling better about myself" subject up. First I never said you were a bad person YOU said that. Second in order for me to need validation wouldn't the people i help need to know who i am or what I've done? The point of that statement was that while you're here whining about a video music station I'm in the world DOING SOMETHING! I don't need validation or acknowledgement for what i do. It's not the subject i care about but your lack of understanding of what i say. EVERYTHING I've written you come back and misconstrue, i guess to make your imaginary point you have to turn my words into lies? Understandable since you don't seem to have a leg to stand on. IF you did you could go with facts instead of running attacks and misrepresenting my words. But hey in your own words "what ever it takes to make you feel good about you" I already said my last rebuttal was off subject so bravo to you for reiterating that for me.

Quoting Anonymous:

Obviously you care more about this "lame subject on a social network website" than you are willing to admit. If not, you wouldn't continue to carry on with responding after you have said you were done.  It does matter to you.

I think you were hoping I could some how applaud you for all the "helping others" that you do.  If that's what you need to feel good, once again, okay.  It's great that you help cancer patients and volunteer for March of dimes.  Really, it is.  How do you know that I do not do the same or at least something similar? You don't. You just made an assumption, based on the fact that my opinion is different from yours, that I cannot be a good person or willing to help others in any way, shape or form. You're the type of person that does these "good things" BECAUSE you need validation from others that you are a good, selfless, person. If you didn't, you wouldn't have felt the need to announce these good deeds on a "social network website", completely off topic.  Oh, but wait, I'M the "SELF-RIGHTEOUS" one. 

Once again, just save your breath....or typing, for your prosaic mind.


Quoting Anonymous:

I was talking about music videos if you read what I wrote (not spoke therefore my breath is saved) you'd see i was taking about music videos. YOU however went off on a tangent about people not taking responsibility............. for music video stations? I feel good about myself because I live and love not because you went bonkers on a lame subject on a social network website. I help cancer patients and volunteer for March of dimes. See? THAT'S the kind of stuff that takes priority for me. HELPING others, not worrying about who has a video station or a beauty pageant. So take your self righteousness and..... well...... you understand how this off topic rant is ending right?

Quoting Anonymous:

You went off topic in your rant.  I was simply responding to that rant.  If you believe that that means you "win", so be it. Whatever you need to feel better about yourself because you know you are wrong and have nothing more to add, is just fine.  I know there are plenty of people who are very thankful your outlandish talks are over and really hope you have learned to save your breath from here on out. 

Quoting Anonymous:

Wtwhat did any of that have to do with music stations?! I win.

*drops mike and walks off stage*

Quoting Anonymous:

ALL races, "constantly stir the proverbial pot" and need to learn to be understanding and tolerant.  None of this is one-sided.  Just as you suggest "white" people and those complaining on here need to "make moves to change your imagined slights or sit down and be quiet," people of EVERY RACE need too as well.  We are ALL responsible for OURSELF. If you don't like your life, hate your job, wish you had finished school or whatever your gripe is, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Don't sit around waiting for your "freebie," lotto winnings, or for someone else to do it for you or help you out.  Handing people every little thing does nothing but continue the cycle.  It's not about tolerance, it's about RESPONSIBILITY.  LACK of RESPONSIBILITY is what is wrong with America. Take responsibility for your life.  Life sucks sometimes and it is often REALLY REALLY HARD, on so many levels.  That's just the way it is and it can only get better if YOU want it to and YOU decide to MAKE A CHANGE!  Everyone has an excuse why they "can't." BUT, everyone also has the opportunity.  Most people are just too lazy to put in the effort.  Excuses and self-pity are what are truly LAME!   

Quoting Anonymous:

You're absolutely right. You absolutely put me in my place. I'm sorry you all are so lame that this IS at the top of your lists of important things. I'm also sorry that the money made from this "segragated" station goes into the pockets of a white man. I'm also sorry that instead of going after that white man you attack the viewers. Honestly I don't watch ANY of the stations mentioned I don't know what they show. Have you watched BET? Maybe they have white programs or are you all under the assumption that the station is only available to black tv subscribers? Tell you what we'll put a token white on the shows on BET, the way you all do with tv shows that are predominantly white, to appease you. Problem solved! If you can't tell the difference between nonsensical bitching and discussion then YOU are the one with the incomprehensible brain. This entire post was designed not for debate but for argument. If someone doesn't come in here and set this ignorance straight you all (happily) run rampant. I'm well educated where it matters and will no longer entertain this garbage/BULL SHIT (yeah I said it)

Edit: I truly do apologize for allowing the lack of education and common sense found in this post to anger me even slightly. There's so much information available to you all yet you choose to ignore it. You all are what's wrong with america instead of being understanding and tolerant you constantly stir the proverbial pot, actively searching for some way that you have been wronged. Get over yourselves either make moves to change your imagined slights or sit down and be quiet.

Quoting Anonymous:Actually, I wasn't bitching. All I merely did was state fallacies in your argument.  If you are incapable of understanding the difference, that is your problem. Discussion and debate are what make the WHOLE world go round. While this topic may not be at the top of your list of important issues, others feel differently. If you think it is juvenile to be discussing this issue then why are you wasting YOUR time reading and responding to this "bull shit" (as you so eloquently called it) on the same social network site? Isn't that really the pot calling the kettle black? Oh, wait, is that going to be misconstrued by you and your unintelligible brain? Oh well, maybe you will take the time to actually educate yourself on somehting instead of just "bitch" about other people.

Quoting Anonymous:Again then take it up with the white people who own the station. What's truly juvenile is that with EVERYTHING happening in the world y'all are on a social network site bitching about bull shit.

Quoting Anonymous:Your 3 "white" stations are not exactly "white" stations nor do they advertise themselves as being "white" stations, where as BET DOES solicit as a "black" station. MTV and VHI both actually portray quite a bit of the black race. I would actually argue that amongst "black" and "white" it is probably quite even since BOTH those races dominate in the music industry in this country. Is it equal over all races? No. Do we see or hear many Spanish or Latin singers on these networks? No. What about Asian races? Nope, not really!   As for CMT, they may not have a large number of black peope represented on their network, but is that really because they are trying to cater to an all white community? No. It's because there are not many, at all, black country singers. They can't play or portray what doesn't exist. Your comparison is pretty juvenile and inaccurate.Simple fact is there should NOT be any segregated stations, particularly if we ever want race to be colorblind!

Quoting Anonymous:MTV, Vh1, CMT vs BET? Three against one, Now all of you can stfu about that one damned station!

Quoting Anonymous:i am so with you. whites are becoming the minority. sad. and they can have a BET but if we had a white only channel. its truely aa double standered. if i heard someone say that to my child i would freak on them. i am a total mama bear when it comes to my kids

by on Apr. 16, 2013 at 9:46 AM

I totally agree with you on everything but the language. I am sorry but my ancestors did not even participate in American slavery because my great grandparents lived in Germany, Sweden, Czechslovakia, and Finland! My GRANDparents were all first generation Americans so while slavery was horrible, my family had no part in it. But yet I get treated like I keep black babies in my basement and sell them into servitude, especially because I speak PROPER english not ebonics and I live in a ghetto area where all I hear all day is "ya know what I'm sayin?" "who dat be?" "Why he gon do dat?" and crap like that.

by Ruby Member on Apr. 16, 2013 at 9:47 AM

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by Anonymous 90 on Apr. 16, 2013 at 9:51 AM

it sounds like she's Canadian, and we actually have language laws here.  So the legal language of the land is french or english.  Immigrants should learn one, I don't care which one, but I agree they should learn at least one (both would be bonus).

Quoting Anonymous:

1st of all I absolutely agree with you on most but one thing, The thing you mentioned about learning the language of our country, Actually if you wanna get serious about that maybe you should hit up some Native American language book so that YOU can learn the language as well... English is not the original language of this country it was forced upon the people who were here first.. so please learn the language if you are gonna be here sweetie...

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