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What does my refrigerator say about me? *edit again - VERY pic heavy*

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The contents, not the magnets, lol.

Top shelf, left to right: Miso, fish oil capsules, almond butter, white truffle oil, vinegar dressing I never use, two plain goat milk yogurts, two cartons of cage-free large brown eggs.

Middle shelf, left to right: mayonnaise (you can't see it, really), ground elk meat, full fat cottage cheese, organic carrots, organic cauliflower, organic spinach.

Bottom: 4 gallons of water.

Nothing is in the bin.

In the door there are condiments and 0 cal. sobe lifewater (sweetened with stevia).

This is what my fridge looks like on an average day.

Ok, so, I should mention that this isn't all the food in my house.

In my pantry I have tofu, quinoa, coconut oil, canned soup and packaged tuna.

In the freezer I have some different kinds of frozen fish and frozen berries (forgot to get chicken at the store :/)

On the counter I have about 20 apples, 4 pears, 2 oranges and bunch of bananas. My son and I are apple addicts lol

I think that's about all I have... plus little things like olive oil and vitamin C packets n stuff...

Because I'm even more bored than I thought! LOL

Here is my pantry:

The tofu is on the left, the two little green and white containters. There's also dried split green peas, molasses, gluten free thai peanut sauce, quinoa, spices, teff, organic pastry flour, oatmeal, sea salt, dried kelp, etc. and the other things I mentioned before.

Here is my counter:

Those are dietary supplements, garlic, raw honey, then some garlic sesame seeds, and the large containers are protein powders.


I have a job, and I get no child support or public assistance, fyi.

There are way more responses than I thought, so I figured I'd add a couple pictures of what dinners look like at my house, since everyone thinks I must eat like a bird with no yum-factor lol. Yes, I take pictures of my food sometimes, I'm a weirdo all around :D

Chicken, onion, zucchini, corn, cooked with coconut oil, garlic and salsa. So easy and soooo good. I took this picture the first time I made it for my husband.

3 bean salad with red quinoa on spinach.

Curry chicken with red bell peppers and kale salad 

I know the salmon doesn't look very good, but it really was. 

Honey dijon salmon with asparagus and brussell sprouts. 


Broccoli pancakes with peanut sauce

Crockpot potato soup

Rice and sausage bell pepper "nests"

Egg and avocado salad on slices of fried tofu

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 22, 2013 at 6:40 AM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Mar. 25, 2013 at 12:43 AM

I actually like the flavor of straight tofu, but it is very boring lol.

I have to cook it slowly for a long time with a huge amount of many spices to get it to taste worthwhile, but I think it tastes great that way, and the tofu does still actually bring something to it, in my opinion, though many would say I'm full of it lol.

Quoting RazzleMySpazz:

the cool thing about tofu is it absorbs the flavor pretty much whatever you cook it with! my dad used to cut it up and cook it with chopped chicken or Turkey and my brother and i would have to actually try to tell which was which in the dish! its pretty neat, but we had a failed experience with sausage, it does not work with sausage!!! lol

Quoting Kaylawv2:

Looks good to me minus the tofu, I can't bring myself to eat it. Can you share your recipe for the brocolli pancakes?

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