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A bittersweet I told you so.... *Very long!

Posted by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:42 AM
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Okay.. Im trying to shorten this the best way possible.. My Aunt 'W' was with a guy since before I was born 'P' they had two kids together 'A' girl & 'D' boy. They broke up, he moved to a different province, his reason for leaving her? 'D' was to much to handle. So she left 'D' here homeless (we got him into foster care because we couldnt take him in at that time + he had uncontrolable anger .. but we did provide christmas etc for him...she didnt even send him anything or even phone him!) and took 'A' to get back with their dad. He didnt take her back, so she bounced around from homeless shelters - living in her car because she couldnt afford rent there. a year later W messaged me asking if 'A' could come down for a month in the summer to visit our family, I of course said yes because I then had an extra bedroom. So she comes down and I said to my family If they are living in a shelter I wont FORCE her to go back (she was 14). Turns out her mother only bought her a one way ticket. She was with me from June - August and her mother never even sent a dime to her. It was then that I knew she wasnt taking her back so I applied for the 'baby bonus' and took 750.00 to get her back to school clothes etc (All she had were two freaking pairs of shorts and two pairs of capris and one pair of jeans... but then they were all too small for her!) out of my own money.

I got her everything she wanted, a new cell phone, gave her a laptop, MP3 player, top of the line hair straighteners, blow dryers, curlers, makeup ... literally EVERYTHING. Flash forward to April, She starts acting up... she refused to listen to me (she just turned 15) and my rules were simple 1.) Clean your room, and help out around the house .. if you see a dirty dish wash it - no biggie 2.) You go to school and you pass. I even was helping her figure out her career goals for College etc. She also started skipping school - which was a major no no. Come to find out she was talking with her mother again, I saw texts between them and wow.. I was heartbroken at the things she said about me. Turns out she was planning to move back with her mother! I tried to talk her out of it, I told her if she goes she will be right back to where she was and nothing regardless of what her mother has said has changed. She didnt listen.

June she moved back with her mother, at that point I was so sick of her attitude I was relieved to not have her to take care of anymore. She made her choice, shed have to live with it - I had to worry about my son, and my son on the way. That happened June 2010-June 2011, We only just started talking again. Not only was I right and things didnt change, but she has not only been bounced around from house to house living with friends etc up there (her own father wouldnt take her in because he just didnt want her to be in his life) but she now lives in a teen shelter!


I feel so bad, and as much hell as she put me through Id totally take her back in *stupid but still* but at the same time all I can think is " I told you so ". I have nothing to do with 'W' now because I can't believe she would allow that to happen to her own children and honestly I am furious just having typed this thinking about it.


Anyway /rant. (sorry just really wanted to get it out)

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by on Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:42 AM
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