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What I get for helping family

Posted by Anonymous
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I help my husbands 16 year old cousin get a job at the salon I work for. I'm mainly a manicurist but I also do hair and makeup. Well I got him an easy job sweeping up hair and cleaning the bathroom on the busy days to help us out. All he had to do was sweep hair while the stylist checked out the customer, not hard at all! There's only five chairs in the salon so it's not a big workload!

Day 1. I come in to see one of the stylists yelling at him for not doing his job, "Have you never used a broom before?" was one of the things she asked him. He kept sitting at my nail station, I HATE extra people at my nail station, unless you're with the client or are my boss don't come in. After I shooed him out he wasn't happy the rest of the day.

Day 2. I was off work but I heard he was late because his mom was sick. I called her asking if she was alright because she has seizures real bad. She was fine! She wasn't sick or anything! Turns out he didn't want to come in because we were mean to him on his first day, she forced him to come in.

Day 3. I bring him in and I know I'm working the chair (Hair styling/cutting) and I told him if he keeps messing up he'll lose this comfy job. Only reason the owner chose you was because she know your mom is disabled and needs the extra income. "I would work harder if you were nicer to me." he pops off. Really? This is the real world, no one is nice all the time. Not even me and I'm family, I expect the job to get done.

Day 4, three days after the last day. I'm in the chair again because someone got sick, He came in and got to work, I was impressed with how he was keeping up! I even told him so. The trouble came at the end of shift. I called his mom telling her since I was getting off early than expected I would take him home. After I cleaned up and put my things away I was helping the nail tech put away the polish. He kept pushing everything off. When our boss told him to hurry up because we couldn't leave until he was done his reply was "I'll hurry up when I see my ride show up." I reminded him that I was his ride so he needed to hurry up. He threw a hissy fit saying he didn't want ME to give him a ride home. He wanted his mom, who was having a rough day with her seizures, to come out and get him herself.

Day 5, the last day. He showed up two hours late, so the boss wrote him up saying he KNEW when he was supposed to come in and his mom didn't have a seizure so no excuses. He barely did his job, the girls kept having to jump him to do it! He would run off and text his mom about how mean we were and how this day was rough. It's a Saturday morning, of course we're busy! Every one's getting their hair done for the club! After a threat of another write up he gets his act somewhat together. He's due to go home around two, his mom shows up around 1:30 and since business is down I offer her a basic manicure, pretty much just a trimming of the nails and cuticle work, 10 minute job tops. He comes out of the back with his phone in his hand and our boss tells him to put it away. He says he's done and wants to go home. She says yes after she inspects the bathroom to make sure it was done. I never saw this woman so mad in her life. Turns out he left the bathroom in worse off condition than before a cleaning and tells him he can't go home early unless he cleans it. He throws a hissy fit and throws shampoo bottles across the salon. She told him to just get out or else the cops will be involved.

Needless to say the next morning he was fired. We already have a replacement whom we adore, we're already dreading when he goes this fall.

I gave Hubby's cousin an opportunity and he blew it. This kid is already applying for other jobs and it's a small town so everyone knows what happened already. He needs a job to help his mom, she can't do it all. Even his grandma is telling him he blew a big chance. His mom asked me if we were mean to him and I told her the truth, he didn't even try to do the work. He was texting either her or his sister and neglecting his job. Nine Times out of Ten the Stylist had to sweep her own hair when he worked and that was defeating the purpose of hiring him. We were pretty much paying him to text and sit on his ass. He claims we were downright hateful to him. I was tempted a couple of times, customers saw my patience tested and I usually handle the toughest ones. Yes we were mean to him, only when he wasn't working. This is the real world, no one is going to give you a sticker for just showing up. It's been less than a week and our boss has already received two calls asking about his time with us, she hasn't said anything nice. I'm not expecting him to get work around here until this dies down, and that can take a while.

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 23, 2013 at 1:24 AM
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