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why do some parents chose not to Vaccinate their children?

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There is this girl on my facebook who is complaining because her pediatrician is giving her a hard time because she does not want her children to have all of the vaccinations. She wants to pick and choose which ones. 

Can someone please educate me on why someone would not want their children vaccinated? 

Also, where we live the schools request the vaccination records and if your child is not up to date they send letters home... what happens if the parents refuse to vaccinate? 

EDITED TO ADD AFTER 3 PAGES OF COMMENTS: I still fail to see the benefits from not vaccinating your children and it seems that those who do not vaccinate just get upset and turn to insults instead of educating someone on their decision 

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 26, 2013 at 9:32 AM
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by Loree on Mar. 27, 2013 at 9:48 AM
Quoting Anonymous:

How stupid and childish! What does that even mean? You're too stupid to actually articulate a good response?

O-and bless your simple heart!!
Pro-choice across the board...I do not need the government to hold my hand!
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by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 9:51 AM

Ok first off... Immunity: Research shows that the more childhood illnesses a kid fights, the stronger his immune system will be. So, chicken pox, measles, mumps, roseola, even whooping cough, were all diseases we caught and recovered from as kids. I never heard of a kid who died from any of these illnesses. They made us stronger. There is a reason they are called childhood illnesses, they are SUPPOSED to happen in childhood. When we vaccinate we don't give that childs immune system a chance to learn and grow stronger, just like any human function, it needs to be excercised.

I also believe that the introduction of vaccines, with all their chemicals and toxins, into a tiny new body, will permanently alter the function of the immune system to the detriment of the baby. A breastfed child is immediately operating with higher immunity - in fact, at the naturopathic vaccine talk I went to when pregnant, they said that if we don't vaccinate we need to breastfeed for a minimum of 18 months and up to 4 years if possible to boost natural immunity. Then we look at the way the vaccine enters the host (with the exception of oral polio drops) vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream. Let's consider that the normal way for a human to contract most illnesses is thru the wet mucosa of the mouth and nose. When a pathogen is injected directly into the blood it creates a completely unnatural response. This can lead to the body going into a state of shock, it can lead to the white blood cells attacking the host itself - auto immune disorders such as gulliame barre syndrome have been linked to vaccines. There have been many recent cases of girls who have had gardasil vaccines suddenly developing auto immune disorders. Ingredients: formaldehyde, thimerosal (a derivative of mercury) aluminium, aborted fetal tissue, rat, chicken, monkey and other animal cells, not to mention a host of other chemicals too numerous to name. I don't want any of this toxic stuff floating around in my kids.

Individual vaccines and potential complications: polio drops: first off, these have been taken off the shelf in the USA. You are more likely to catch polio from this live cell vaccine than you are to catch wild polio. But in south africa, this is the only available polio vax. There are also concerns that our polio vax is a strain that is endemic to europe and not to africa.BSG or the "tb" vax: this does not protect against tb, but against tb related meningitis. Who gets tb related meningitis? Poor people with HIV, not healthy babies. HEPb: this is a deadly vaccine, google HEPb related complications and you will read about some seriously ill babies. Why do we give this vaccine to babies anyway, HEPb is spread by unprotected sexual contact and dirty needles. I can guarantee my kids aren't going to be having sex or sharing needles anytime soon.

DTP or DTaP: this is a contentious one. Diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. First off, diphtheria??? When last did you hear of someone getting diphtheria? It can be easily treated with antibtx anyway if you manage to catch it from a passing victorian. Pertussis - whooping cough - is a scary one. Its a disease that can be fatal for babies. Its horrible, the 100 day cough. Breastfed babies are much more equipped to survive and with medication, they have a very high rate of survival. Small, immuno-compromised, formula fed babies are at a higher risk but even so, they usually recover with medication. Not to mention the fact that in the US (I can't get SA stats) the recent outbreaks of pertussis have been occuring in mostly vaccinated individuals. I think the new york epidemic was 54% fully, up to date vaccinated kids getting pertussis. Tetanus? If the baby gets bitten or has a rusty nail driven into its foot we can give them a tetanus shot. Now for the complications of the DTP... Encephalopathy (brain swelling), increased sleep apnea, prolonged screaming. SIDS is very closely linked to the DTP which is why they give a different version in the USA, DTaP, but in good old RSA we get the old one that kills much more efficiently.

MMR: measles,mumps, rubella. None of these diseases are generally life threatening. Measles and mumps can lead to meningitis very, very, very rarely. Usually in immunocompromised kids (eg HIV+ or kids with cancer). A healthy kid who is being cared for by a responsible adult gets medicated and gets over it. Rubella is not dangerous at all for anyone except pregnant women in their 1st trimester, if they catch it they can lose their baby or the baby can be born with deformities. Surely the onus is on the pregnant women to ensure she has immunity before she falls pregnant. When did my childs rights become less important than a strangers fetus?Complications from MMR? Well, this is another contentious one. It has been linked to various complications, crohns, early onset alzheimer and of course, autism. Wakefield has been struck from the roll for his work in this field. Why? Because from a small amount of research he did as a gastroenterologist he found that a large number of autistic children had severe gastro intestinal problems. He found that many of them had live measles in their guts. He had a small sample, too small to be considered sufficient for real research, so he took his findings to govt and big pharma, saying he needed more money for research - or they needed to do their own research. They flat out refused. So he went on to do some slightly shady things (eg paying kids at his sons birthday party £50 ea for blood samples). He also had the infamous lancet article published. The UK and US govt and big pahrma has spent the last 15 years "debunking" his research in the media. But they have never done proper research, large scale studies into the autism link, NEVER. All they have done is "prove" that there's not enough evidence to countenance a large scale study into vaccine related autism. Wakefield was not recommending not vaxing - at least not at first - he was just asking for more research to be done. Now whether MMR caused autism to be triggered in individuals who have the autism markers or not, I don't believe measles, mumps or rubella merit the risk. Again, these are not deadly diseases.

I can continue - gardasil has caused over 17000 serious complications in teenagers and young women worldwide - death and permanent disability amongst other things, the swine flu vaccine has caused thousands of miscarriages. Flu vaccines kill old people every year - the very people who they are supposedly engineered to protect. You can continue to argue with me over my stance on vaccines but you cannot ignore the fact that I have done buckets of research. I've been to talks, watched dvds, read at least 4 books, and yes, done research online. I know there are a lot of quacks and wierdos in the antivax league and I know there's a lot of myth and misinformation around this subject. However, there is just too much evidence of real harm out there too. Anecdotal evidence is always poohpoohed by the provax community but I find it very difficult to deny evidence I have seen with my own eyes, people I know who have experienced vaccine related injuries - the collegues child who regressed after her MMR shots from a normal, talking, walking toddler to a crawling, non verbal child who screams when her mother tries to touch her. The friend whose baby developed such severe breathing and apnea issues after the DTP shot that she had to buy a special mat for the baby to sleep on and used to sleep on the floor next to the cot so she could leap up and pick up the baby to get her breathing again.

This is an issue that is close to my heart. Do I believe in the value of medicine? Yes, absolutely. Medicine saves lives, releives pain, prolongs life expectancy. Good doctors, selfless, brilliant doctors, compassionate doctors are out there doing miraculous work. Medical science enables us to do miraculous things and medicines and protocol exist that make it possible for women to conceive in the most impossible situations. Babies who would have died or been disabled are given a new chance at a normal life by amazing inventions and stupendous science. I have benifitted, I have loved ones who are only alive due to medical science. My kids - when necessarry, have been medicated to their benefit. Medicine is amazing.


However... Like any major institution, medicine is flawed. Dogma, outdated science, arrogance, misogony, evil ethical practices abound within the realms of medicine. Hospitals continue to practice dangerous, outdated, non evidence based protocols on women in labour. Doctors continue to circumcise in flagrant disregard to the new south african laws. Antibiotics are over-prescribed for everything from a cold to a whitlow - to the extent that new antibiotic resistant superbugs threaten to become such a huge threat that they could wipe out swathes of people. New evidence is ignored in favour of old practices. Stuff gets swept under the rug.


I don't advocate that nobody vaccinates. I do believe that in certain circumstances some vaccines may be helpful or even neccessarry. However I want everybody to do their own research and be sure that they are doing the right thing. Every family is different and we all need to do what's right for us.

by on Mar. 27, 2013 at 3:48 PM

totally curious about your research that led you to refuse the mmr vaccine and not the others? what about the hep b? varicella? you sound informed and educated; im not judging you. id just love to know your thought process. :]

Quoting Anonymous:

I chose to vaccinate my son (who is now 3 1/2) on my own schedule and also not giving him the MMR vaccine. We don't do flu shots either. My son has never received more than one vaccine at one time. I spread them out so yes we were at the doctors quite a bit but it was well worth it. He's only been sick once and it was a 2 day runny nose with low grade fever that went away on its own.

I think vaccinations are too harsh for their little bodies and some ren't even necessary. I'm highly involved in my sons health and did a lot of research before deciding on my own vaccine schedule for him.

My question is why do parents allow people to inject chemicals into their children's bodies without fully understanding what that chemical is? Do you know what is in the flu vaccine, MMR, etc.? I mean really know what chemicals are in those? If you do, then kudos. If not, then that's sickening.

by Anonymous 43 on Apr. 4, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Because, their child/ren has a reaction/s to a vaccination/s. gets sick after a vaccine/s. or their child dies after a vaccination/s. and they are told they are delusional, for suggesting/thinking that a vaccine/s was the cause of their child/rens reactions/illness/death.

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