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The Emergency Room Stories.

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I'm sitting in the ER waiting to be seen and a man just came in talking about a toothache. Said he was here 2 days ago but he cant afford the prescription and wanted another shot. It looks like he has NO teeth. What are some outrageous things you have seen in the ER?
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2013 at 5:44 PM
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by Anonymous 62 on Mar. 30, 2013 at 12:57 AM
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Toothaches/ and gum infections are BAD.. one can kill you, so id say his ER visit was valid.

by Anonymous 61 on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:09 AM
I went to the ER with a debilitating migraine as well as other symptoms. I knew I was having a allergic reaction to some injections I got earlier. The doctor wanted to give me Benadryl. I told him I was alergic and he got all pissy arguing that nobody is alergic to Benadryl and I was wrong. He said that was what they were giving me ir nothing. I told him fine (stupid me), but I told him not to leave me alone. I went into anaphylactic shock, luckily the nurse was with me and helped me through it, with assistance. I never saw the doctor after that. Asshole!

My mom went to Kaiser ER, they told her it was just a bad cold that was causing coughing and trouble breathing. They sent her home. She went back later that night and found out she had pneumonia and a collapsed lung.
by Platinum Member on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:17 AM
I've heard that many times. I would use anything I could to break the bottom before I called anyone. That sounds awful. I never heard all of that with the vacuuming her insides, ouch!

Quoting Anonymous:

I worked for an insurance company and it was my duty to make copies of everything I found in files and label them and file it in the new room. 

My friend was at the other copier and she told me about her sister whom was a trauma nurse and there was a woman that was brought in on the stretcher that apparently used a glass soda bottle as a dildo and because of the vacuum she caused herself to bleed as she was sucking her insides out from it.

She was covered with blood and they had to break the end of the bottle to release that air pressure she caused inside her in order to get it out of her as it was that far inside her. 

Imagine calling 911 for that? Sheesh! You have fingers! Why use something artificial? Yikes!

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by Anonymous 63 on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:18 AM

My DD had pneumonia. We sat in the waiting room for 3 hours while she had a 104 fever...she had just turned 1 btw. We lived in Morgantown, WV and the hospital is right across from the college football stadium, and it was homecoming day.

They brought back all the people with sprained ankles, wrists, too drunk to walk, etc first.

Finally I chose to take DD to the Urgent care because they refused to give her anything to bring the fever down but they wouldn't take her back and she wouldn't stay conscious.

The bitch of a nurse standing behind the receptionist told me she would call CPS if I did. I told her to go ahead and try, if my DD had anything serious I was suing the hospital for negligence anyway. She tried to tell me it would be a few minutes and I told her they said that 3 hours ago.

In urgent care they had her back, x-rayed, and diagnosed in 20 minutes. When I left the hospital I immediately called the director (who I knew personally) and not only gave her the full situation, but the nurses name who threatened CPS on me. I also told her my DD's diagnosis. A few weeks later when visiting someone in the nursing home, I spotted ER nurse training with another woman. Having worked in both places, I know the HUGE salary difference (hospital pays awesome compared to nursing homes). I still don't feel bad. My DD was admitted next day and stayed for a week, the urgent care docs said if we hadn't brought her fever down when we did she could have started seizing since she was unconscious. In my opinion every damn person who passed over my DD and denied her treatment should have been fired, and had I not been friends with the hospital director I would have sued the shit out of the hospital for not doing their job when they knew the severity since she was barely conscious when we left.

by on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:22 AM
My husband went for a toothache once. It was 2 am and his pain was so bad his blood pressure was 220/150 (we have a monitor at home) . Once they gave him some pain meds and he stopped hurting , his blood pressure went down. The nurse was snotty about the toothache lol but we figured it was better for him to go then have a stroke.

Quoting Anonymous:

I know alot of times they will give a shot of a strong pain medication (not sure what) that temp relieves the pain.

Quoting Anonymous:

If he can't afford the prescription, what does he think they'll do?

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by Platinum Member on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:23 AM
OMG!! Sorry you had to go through, that sounds horrible.

Quoting jacandjay:

After I had my daughter(3 days of labor ended up in a c-section) i had alot of neck pain and a terrible headache mentioned it to the doctors at my check up they said it was no big deal, i took my newborn to her check up and her doctor which had been my dr as a child, told my mother to get my to the ER(i couldnt even stand up straight) bc i had a spinal headache bc of difficulties from the spinal from my c-section.

I got to the ER they told me to drink caffeine and it would repair the hole.. 2 days passed and it was no better (i drank coffee and took caffeine pills,nothing)

I went back to a different ER they told me they could do another spinal to go in ther and repair the hole (told them hell no! Ive already got an issue from someone being in there not ahappening again) they gave me 2 iv bags of caffeine and I was great after a few hours..

They told me it was rare it wouldnt happen again, 3 yrs later I had my 2nd c-section,the next day I had that feeling again in my neck, the nurse told me it was just bc i had been laying on the table .. 3 days after i had been discharged I was back in ER balled up crying in pain bc i had ANOTHER freakn spinal headache.. they ended up giving me morphine and sending me home with it. Apparently both times(even though its rare?) they had done my spinal wrong and i was leaking fluid from around my brain everytime i stood or moved around and so my brain was laying on my skull thats what caused the insane pain/headache... SORRY ITS LONG.. it was irritating to me that it happened again..
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by Platinum Member on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:29 AM
I'm not prone to violence either, but I could make an exception in that case.

Quoting CoachyMom:

Not prone to violence...but if I was those parents the next stretcher in would have been the baby sitter!

Quoting thePBandJmom:

I was in the er one time and the EMT's came racing in with this little girl on the stretcher. She looked to be maybe two or so.  About an hour later the parents arrived and I overheard the nurses whispering to each other about how the sitter had shaken the baby. Then I heard the parents start screaming and wailing. Its something I will never forget.

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by Silver Member on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:30 AM

Never saw anything outrgeous but do havea funny ER story to tell. Alittle background first:

All her ife, you could never tell when my oldest DD had an ear infection untill she had lots of disgusting crud draining out of her ear. She never ran fevers, redness, or complained of pain. When she was 12 1/2 years old,  was diagnosed with her first brain tumor and had it removed. At the age of 15 a new tumor was found and she underwent oral chemo. When she was 16 we were grocery shopping on a Friday night and I notice she has crud running from her ear and crusting over so we leave and take her to a local ER/Urgent care and I decide that she needs to start learning how to fill out papers, and answer questions from the triage nurse. The nurse asked her if she had any health issues and my daughter says "no" then looks at me, at which point I tap my head and she says "Yeah, I do, I have a brain tumor" The nurse then asks her  "Where is the tumor?"  My deligtful and sometime dingy DD looks at the nurse like she is the biggest moron in the world and say "DUH on my brain!"  After trying my best not to laugh and barely succeeding, I told my DD "I think she wants to know where on your brain"

by on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:34 AM

When my nephew was taken to the ER three times due to a very high fever at 6 years old, they declared he only had the worries just take him home & give him Tylenol.  3 days later he was dead, he had had menengitis & they had missed it entirely.  A couple days after his death, another child was brought in with the same symptoms, the doctor started to dismiss this child as well as a flu case, the nurse called him on it, sure enough that child had it too, they were able to save her.  I just wish that they had been on the ball with V.  He would have been 10 this year.

by Anonymous 64 on Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:35 AM
Well when you live in a county with no urgent care and you have a 8 month old with a 104.8 fever and vomiting non stop your only choice is the er at 2 am. I don't give a rats ass what the nurses or doctors think. If I feel my child is ill enough for the er, the er is where we will be.

Quoting unspecified42:

Which is exactly why the BS patients piss us off so much. Go to the urgent care for your cough x 1 week, UTI, abscess, migraine, sprains, etc. Thats why we invented, built, and staff them. The ER is for people who truly believe they will die or sustain serious injury by not being seen immediately. Chest pain, some abdominal pains, respiratory distress, etc. We can only do but so much to get patients back when the works are gummed up with patients who don't need to be there. So that chest pain that back pain who presents with stable vitals only because the aorta has dissected and not fully ruptured has to wait because little Johnny threw up four times last night. Or the non-STEMI who gets cleared through EKG has to wait because someone got another migraine. Or the lady with a numb wrist who is actually having a stroke stays behind the flank pain x 1 week who didn't feel like paying the urgent care copay that day.

Also, your nurse probably didn't care at all that you yelled at her. Physical violence and serious threats are so prevelant that bitchy patients don't even register to us.

Quoting tharealty2:

The only thing I can think of are the stories where people died in the waiting room of things they could have survived had they been seen and treated.  

Other than that my ER stories are tame and boring.

I remember one time when I went in by I had a kidney stone trying to pass,. and this nurse told me to quiet down.  That didn't end well for her.

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