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We Reached A Compromise Edit*My DH told me I'll have to get a job and I laughed at him

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My husband finally found out what he wants to do in life. He's going to go back to school to become a teacher...which is really shitty pay. We have 1 kid and 1 on the way. I'm a SAHM because I'm not putting my kids in daycare. I have a cosmetology degree. DH said I'll have to work when he starts teaching because he'll barely make ends meet with that salary...yeah, not happening. The way I see it is he should get a career that can support his family like he always said he would. I'm not going to be the breadwinner of the house nor should he break his word when he said he'd do anything that could support his family.

And before anyone says I'm an ungrateful bitch and that he'll divorce me...too bad I wouldn''t get much CS with his shittyass teaching pay.

Here's the teaching pay in OK, our state

Edit #2:
Me and DH reached more of a "compromise." He's looking into the military. He's good in communicating and there's plenty of jobs for that. He's already applied for a college, but with flunking out of TWO COLLEGES ALREADY (a state university and community college, I might add) he has little chance of getting in. He basically has 2 school or the military. He's looking into both.
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 30, 2013 at 8:39 PM
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by Anonymous 3 on Apr. 2, 2013 at 1:00 PM
You are right, I am a certified Massage Therapist...I got a certificate after completing the courses. Trade schools dont hand out "degrees"

Quoting Anonymous:

I didn't realize you could get a cosmetology "degree" I thought it was a license?

Quoting Anonymous:

LMAO @ Degree!

Beauty School Graduate.

Quoting Crymsm:

So you got a degree for nothing...nice.

by Anonymous 54 on Apr. 3, 2013 at 2:55 PM

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Too bad YOU wont do what needs to be done to provide for your kids. If DH wants to do whatever with his life, that's his choice, You cant make him do anything. And what are you going to do if he can't make ends meet? Divorce him? Then you'll definitely have to get yourself a job.

Lazy SAHM's... Want DH's to do all the hard work and earn the $ but sit at home all day expecting to be taken care of financially. The way I see it, SAHM's sound more like in-home nannies without the pay but with benefits.

 Fuck you and buy a fucking clue. Your jealousy is showing, my dear. If it were not for me, my husband would have shit. You are damn straight I expect him to take care of the financial side of things. that is what we agreed to. Sorry your lazy ass husband is not capable of taking care of his family. See? Not nice, is it?

I find it funny how you're so defensive. Cursing at me the way you are says how insecure you are in your own ability to take care of your family if you're forced to take a role in gaining income yourself.

Go on, keep making assumptions. I have my own income to help ensure we have extra money coming in in case something happens. I'm more responsible than EXPECTING my DH to take care of me and guarentee financial stability. It's my responsibility as a mother and parent to make sure my family is cared for.

And curious, How would your DH not have shit without you? Because if he is the only one bringing income into the home, it sounds more like you wouldn't have shit without him.

 You called us all lazy! What did you expect? For me to send flowers? I am not defensive. Your asinine opinion means crap to me as I do not really care what some jealous twit with a lazy husband has to say on Cafemom. And why would he not have shit? I taught him what he knows about my business and handed my business to him to run. He was running a ski lift and pushing a raft down a river when I found him. So, not only do I get to not work, I still make income. Lots of it, actually. Poor you. You could not figure out how to have your cake and eat it to. They saying that says you cannot is a full blown lie. So, who is making the idiotic assumptions? God, some of you are such losers. Sad.

I still find it quite funny. You are being defensive.

Without you, he'd be able to follow his dream or goal to become a teacher without some woman feeling entitled to control where he works because she made the decision to hand over certain things to make him currently successful. That could seriously blow up in your face if he does decide to leave you. He could sell the business or do whatever he wants with it because YOU GAVE IT TO HIM AND SHOWED HIM WHAT HE NEEDED TO KNOW.

And you would have no one to blame but yourself.

  Are you a lawyer? Because my very expensive, very talented lawyer says differently. You have no clue what you are talking about. Another know it all cafemom who actually knows, well, nothing. And, Einstein, I am not the OP. I am arguing with a bright one here, aren't I? The OP will have "Original Poster" after her screen name/Anon. I "gave' him shit. I handed him the company to run. He controls the company in no way, shape nor form.  I am still the President of the company. I have not and will never give up control of the company. So, if he leaves me, he is so screwed, it is not even funny. Because I was real smart, he cannot even take it because it is an assett aquired before marriage and was legally protected as so. So, what were you saying again? I love how *I* am being defensive. I am not the twit who called a whole group lazy. Sorry your life ended up shitty and you cannot raise your kids full time. You sound very bitter about it...

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