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I keep my daughter from my SO's family

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I have gone over this for the past 7 months in my mind,

and I have settled with the following points

1. Our daughter is to NEVER be alone with his family (as of right now without ME present because he is still learning how to stick up for himself)

2. Until the problems are addressed our daughter and I will not be attending any holidays or picnics ect (I only say this because they invited us to camping for Memorial Day) , as for Holidays we travel as a family, last year he went to his moms for xmas alone.

3. I will say WHATEVER is on my mind if they are over or around. 

He agrees with me.

(p.s. this is the first time I've ever put it in list form, but this is basically it)

WHY you ask?

They have manipulated him his whole life for personal gain, NEVER treated him as an individual, used him, control, didnt pay much attention or take his life seriously, ( did provide a fair ammount of structure though, did good in school, saved money, did chores ect). Openly disrespect me, our parenting decisions, manipulated him into (guilted) lying to me to cover their asses, speak very rudely to me, have left my daughter in a dirty diaper to try and make ME look bad while she had my daughter ( I was upstairs ) 

I will ignore any rediculous views on this post but I welcome honesty--- Am I choosing realistic boundaries?

Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 3, 2013 at 11:19 AM
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by Anonymous 6 on Apr. 10, 2013 at 8:03 AM
Wait, you were just upstairs? How long were you up there, and why the hell were you not with your kid's?

If you were just upstairs sounds like your either exaggerating the time he was in that diaper or your just as neglectful as you claim they are.

And I am separate from my kids. I don't know why women feel if someone treats them bad they must yank their kids. The cord was cut.

But I don't dictate what my man does. So the kids would see them with him.

I don't keep family from my kids. And if you were just upstairs.dumb reason to.
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