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**ETA** Is it ok to momentarily parent a stranger's child?

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So lets say you're hypothetically in a grocery store. In said hypothetical store, as you're hurriedly trying to grab dinner at the busiest time of the day, 2 little boys (probably 5 and 9ish) turn the corner right in front of you... Nearly running into you. Both of them are wielding TWO giant foam swords each. An when I say wielding I mean violently thrusting, swinging, and swatting...
At this point is it ok to say something to them?? Is momentarily parenting another persons child ---A stranger's child-- ever ok?

ETA: (to cover a myriad of things brought up in comments...that I don't have time to personally address)

1- I will never correct someone else's child who is standing right there...and I expect the same courtesy. Yes, there are PLENTY of times that I wish parents would correct their child... But the key words here are THEIR CHILD. Not all parents agree on what is acceptable behavior for children.

2- Unless my children are at school or in a class at church (both instances where another adult is "in charge") I am always within earshot. Therefor, if a problem occurs I will handle it. I do not need you telling me what they did and expecting me to discipline them immediately... Nor do I need you disciplining them. Once again, our opinions probably differ on what is acceptable behavior.

3- The only time I will say anything to another child is if I am the adult in charge, the child in question is hurting someone (and even then I'm likely to say something like "be careful, you don't want someone to get hurt") or lastly, we are in a public place and there isn't a parent to be found.

by on Apr. 17, 2013 at 1:17 AM
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by Anonymous 58 on Apr. 23, 2013 at 10:08 AM

I would.  But I'd tread very lightly so as not to deal with the wrath of an angry mother.

by Member on May. 10, 2013 at 2:48 AM

So, catching up on old emails, I see this.

Can't believe how self-righteous some people are.

Sorry, but if I'm the pool at an apartment complex and YOUR 12-13-15-18 year old, hell even YOU,  are horsing around, being rough, and generally causing problem for other people, DAMN RIGHT I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING. If there is danger of someone getting hurt (me, my kids, or ANYBODY else there) or even if it isn't EMINENT danger, I will tell them to chill out. Same with being anywhere out in public. Sorry. If ya don't want people telling your kids what to do, you should be sure you are there to supervise them yourself. I wouldn't want my kid running roughshod over everyone because I happened to be around a corner.

Now, if you are standing there and not saying something, I am more likely to mention it to you before I speak to your child. Either way, I will not allow kids to run all over the place like maniacs without supervision by some adult and if I have to step in, I will.

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