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Sister accused us of child pornography (long) **EDIT, **EDIT 2

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I have a picture of Dh holding dd when she is about three weeks old in the shower.  Her belly button finally fell off and it was her first shower.  You cant see anything on Dh except his upper chest, shoulders, neck, and head, and on dd you see her back, arms, her face, the side of her head. Dh has one hand holding her back and the other hand across her bottom covering her. I was holding her while talking to Dh while he was in the shower.  She kept trying to turn her head in the direction of his voice and the water, so I undressed her and put her in there with him. She loved it.  She relaxed, never cried and actually cooed.  Anyways, I took a picture of it, printed it out, stamped her foot prints under the picture and wrote a poem.  I had it framed and gave it to Dh for his first father's day.  He loved it so much, he actually teared up. Their faces in the picture is perfect, it shows the love a father has for his daughter, he said he wants that picture displayed at her wedding! lol 

Anyways, my rant is this.  We have the picture hanging up in our bedroom. OUR BEDROOM, our private area of the home, not the living room.  My sister comes over and we are showing her the renovations we have done to the house.  She has never seen the picture, again because we keep it in our bedroom.  Well she makes a comment about it being inappropriate, that little girls shouldn't bathe with their fathers.  Seriously?! She was three weeks old, she couldn't even see yet, so it didn't matter.  Anyways, I ignore my sister's comments and move her through the rest of the house.  Well the phone rings and I go to answer it, apparently when I go to answer it, she went and took a photo of the picture with her phone.  Not only did she take a photo of it, she decided to post this photo on facebook and talk about how disgraceful her sister and brother in law are that they participated in child pornography. WTF?! Thank God, most of the comments are saying the picture is cute and my sister is being ridiculous, but there are a few comments that are agreeing with her. I have told her that she took that photo without permission and that she needs to remove it. I have reported her to facebook, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Seriously though, is this child pornography? You don't see anything more than what you would see with a bikini.

Dh is very upset that she accused us of child pornography.  He is pissed that something so sweet is being twisted into something its not.  He doesn't ever want her in our home again.  I know she is my sister, but I will back his wishes on this one, she screwed up, she is gone now. Sorry to say it, but she is no longer welcome in our home.

I know what she did was wrong, but I'm wondering is it illegal?  Not that I want to press charges, but I'm considering threatening her with it so she never does something like this again. 


**EDIT    OK, Many of you are saying what she has done is illegal, but what part of what she has done is illegal? The reason I am asking is Dh is very ticked, he is concerned that since she posted it in facebook, she could possibly have jeopardized his or my jobs and he wants to press charges.  It's too late to call a law office right now for advice, so is it just the child pornography accusation or the combination of the stolen photo and the accusation?  Do we call the police?  We are not sure if this is considered a police situation.


**EDIT  Thank you for telling me to take a screen shot, I really wouldn't have thought of that myself, and it's a good thing I did because she took it down after I told her that if she doesn't I would press charges and she too would be in trouble for distributing child pornography.  At this point, I told her she had better delete the photo from her phone, because if she gets caught with it, it is child pornography.  Mainly, I don't want my photos in her phone.  I told her I do not want to see her for a very long time, she is not to call us or come to our home.  We are very upset with her.  Both my husband and myself have jobs that required that we sign morality clauses.  He is a firefighter, I work with special needs children.  If she had refused to take the photo down, or if it had escalated, our jobs could have been on the line. The morality clause  gives our employers the right to terminate employment under the suspicion, which is what her accusations would have caused.  This is what my husband was so pissed about, and rightfully so.  My sister has extreme beliefs about a lot of things and goes off on tangents all the time, most of the time, it is harmless, but this time it could have affected our lively-hoods.  I appreciate everyone's support and advice on screen shots and whom to call.  Thank you. 

As far as cutting her out of our lives, yes it seems extreme, however, she feels she did not do anything wrong, she is not remorseful, and she feels my dh and I have committed child pornography.  She feels that we have harmed our children.  She feels Dh has brainwashed me into letting him do that!  She actually said that on the phone!  WOW! She can be very extreme when she picks a topic, and usually it's only verbally, but because this one has afflicted our household, dh wants nothing to do with her.  Out of respect for my husband, I will stand beside him and his wishes.  I have seen how erratic my sister can be.  Yes she is blood, but I chose to make a commitment to my husband and create a family and life with him, not my sister.  So if he does not want her around, then so be it. I have not decided on whether or not to get a lawyer tomorrow, Dh still wants to, just to be safe.  He does not want to sue, he just wants to get advice on whether we need to protect ourselves or not.  Thank you everyone for your support and advice.  I appreciate it.  

Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 19, 2013 at 8:57 PM
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by Snarknado on Apr. 19, 2013 at 10:13 PM

I'm sorry your sister is a moron. 

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM

 shed hate some of the photos i have of dh sleeping with our kids as babies too then!! hes wearing shorts but the covers are covering them so you can only see his shirtless top and the baby sleeping with him!! heck i even have one titled "the daddy pillow" with one of our sons on him. and it does look like hes naked and they are too but they arent completely naked just ina pamper sleeping with him!! heck according to her rules shed have a heart attack to know that i showed with my 3 and 5 year old sons with their 10 month old sister in there due to their shower being broken AND saving time and money by doin gcommunity showers. my husband and i alternate with the boys to where every few showers they shower with him....heck my 8 year old daughter sometimes climbs in the shower with me so i can help her wash her hair when shes tired and needs help!! thats your dhs baby and he can bath with he rif he wants up till the age of 5 and no one at cps will say a thing but how good a fathe rhe is!you could send her this:


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