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Today, me, DD and all my nephews decided to go to the park in town. It was a beautiful day. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze blowing. Picture perfect spring day.

Now, I have 5 nephews ranging in age from 17 years old to 10 years old. My DD is the youngest out of them all, at 7. My first and third born nephews ( they are brothers) are basically my boys. The oldest called me Momma for a few years and his little brother STILL slips up and calls me that ( its very rare though. Maybe once a month or so. ). I did everything for those 2 and would protect them with my life, same as I would DD. They even claim DD as their sister!!! ( yes,they are my favourites) .

So all 8 of us went to the park. We all had a blast!!! I tried to get pictures of DD and the boys, but couldn't, cause they never stopped running!!! About an hour before we left,this woman comes over and sits a couple benches over from us. Her kid goes off and plays, and she pulls out a book.

Okay.....nothing wrong there. Then I hear this loud shriek of * MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!* Lo and freaking behold my third born nephew has had a slip up and called me mom! He comes flying to me, along with all the other boys and DD. Apparently he had fallen off the slides, and when he hit the ground, he had landed on his arm ( he's fine, BTW) and it was hurting him to move it.

He stayed with me for a while longer, and he said his arm felt better. I checked it out, and it looked fine, so off he went. This whole time, I'm getting these snarky glances from this lady a few benches from me. She would turn her nose up at me, give me an evil look, and just over all look at me like I was a piece of rotten, mouldy fruit ( you all know that look) .

Me, being my curious self, wanted to find out what the hell was going on with the looks. I asked her what kind of book she was reading, and she gave me another look. She closed her book, put it down, and turned to me, saying * Mam, I don't know you, nor do I want to know you. Any woman that is as young as you and has that many kids, well, there is a word for people like you. I bet each child has a different father!!! Do you not realize what you have done to those poor, innocent children?! You don't care though, probably. Oh if I could I would take those kids home with me, so they could have a GOOD life! *

At that, she got up, got her book, and moved away a few more benches. So of course I followed. All I told her was this ( and I feel I was very polite considering what I COULD OF said to her) :

Mam, I don't want to know you either, especially since you just proved to me how instantly judgemental you are. Yes, each child has a different father, except for two of them, and they are brothers by the same dad. I know I was young, so I don't need some judgmental stranger telling me this. And about taking them home with you? You so much as touch one of my babies........ ( I turned to walk away at that to calm down but I turned back around) oh, and also, all those boys? They are my NEPHEWS!!!!!!! My kid is the only girl out there playing.

Oh my God I wish I would have taken a picture of her face! It was epic! And yes, I think of my nephews as my babies. Always have, and always will. What's so sad is, this isn't the first time something like that has happened!

I know I was young when I had DD ( 19 ), but to be that instantly judging of someone? I mean, to have had my oldest nephew, I would have had to of been 10!!!!!! Can't people realize that and KNOW that I don't have 6 kids?! Are they really that judgmental?!
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by on Apr. 21, 2013 at 11:59 PM
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by Member on Apr. 22, 2013 at 2:50 PM
It's hard to believe some people would have the nerve to actually say shit like that out loud. If I had been there my only thought would be how the hell do you manage all those kids. Lol.......
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by Anonymous 9 on Apr. 22, 2013 at 3:44 PM

Yes, they are. DD has a darker skin tone than I do (takes after my MIL) and I've had people refer to her an "another one of those halfsies", although we're all the same race. Seriously. Sometimes stupidity IS so ridiculous that you don't want to believe it exists, but it does.

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