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Nobody can be THAT allergic. Right?

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 SO I have been getting into couponing lately. Not so much extreme couponing, but if something is free and I use it, I stock up. Well, atleast as much as being military and on the move allows me to. But I always have left over coupons for free stuff. So I decided to give it to DS' teacher, whom I LOVE! Its the first teacher I've actually cared for, even remotely. She can donate it to other teachers and parents who need some extra help. She was of course, amazed by the amount of free stuff I get, and said that they have a "free table" in the teacher's break room, where they put class room supplies and teaching materials they no longer want. She said she can place it there.

AWESOME! This gives me a chance to suck up to whatever teacher DS might get next year. And sorry, but lets face it, if the teacher adores the parent, the kid gets slightly special treatment. I'm not talking about anything major like grade wise. Example, I spent two days inflating the new PE equipment. We had to take a picture of the kids with the new equipment to give walmart as a thank you for donating box tops. DS was pulled out of class to be one of many to pose for the pic. Little shit like that makes his day. Yeah, sure, maybe it isn't fair, but that's the way shit is.

Anyways, I got off topic. So yesterday I brought it a bunch of personal care stuff. Tons of disposable razors, olay bath bars, deodorant, boxes of bounce, even makeup and facial care. The teachers were extremely thankful and excited that I would be bringing in stuff once a week. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. They even made requests! Today I brought in a few more things, mouth wash, toothpaste, etc. I was unloading it to the "free table" when I noticed that someone wrote on the white board by the table, "please do not bring scented items into this room. SOME are sensitive to scents." WTF? The only thing I can think of is the bounce. But it was sealed boxes, and the only way you could smell it is if you brought it up to your nose and took a deep whiff. Plus the fact that as soon as I unload it, its gone within an hour, also the room is fairly large. somebody is just being a bitch. I came back later to pick up DS and saw that somebody else wrote under that "IT'S FREE STUFF!!!!!". I giggled.

Well I got a call from the principal tonight. The anonymous teacher was apparently ticked off by the remark, and complained about the free scented items in the room. So the principal very frankly told me she didn't feel like dealing with the BS, especially during state testing week, and I should just stop bringing in free items, and simultaneously apologized and thanked me. (she took quite a few goodies too and asked for more olay bath bars)

It's always one bitch that ruins it for the rest. Who can be THAT sensitive, or allergic, to scents? Its not like I came in there spraying air freshener. Are you, or anybody you know really THAT sensitive to scents? Or is this just an uptight bitch? I'm not going to lie, I was really happy to do this for the teachers, or atleast the good teachers. You know the teachers who go without and spend a ton of their own money on the class. Then this bitch strolls in and not only fucks it up for the teachers, but fucks up my feeling like the warm and fuzzy do gooder. We'll find out who it is eventually, and I'm sure DS will get her as a teacher next year. I'm actually surprised how upset and angry I am about this recent turn of events.

ETA* she couldn't have been that allergic if she sat there, finished her lunch, waited for everybody to leave, then wrote her note. If her allergy had been a life threatening one, why didn't she mention it right away? If she had said "I'm sorry! This stuff gives me a reaction, could we find another location for it?" I would've apologized and removed the items immediately. I hadn't brought anymore scented items in, but that didn't stop her from complaining to the principal. She could've at least given me time to correct the situation. Which was already corrected since all of the items were taken before the lunch break was even over. 

Also, I will donate MY STUFF as I see fit. Who are you to decide who is more deserving than others? Not to mention that I stated in my OP that I told the teachers to grab stuff for parents that are needy. The teachers know who the needy parents are. 

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by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 1:47 AM
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by Ruby Member on Apr. 30, 2013 at 1:34 AM

Quoting Anonymous:

Yeah the situation is different till someone is taken away in an ambulance. Duh?!

Quoting got2monsters:

He was punished in school bc some kids told on him for bragging about it. I think he got like a week of in school suspension. And yah her baby was fine.

Quoting Anonymous:

Holly shit. Was any legal action taken? WAS her baby ok?

Quoting got2monsters:

I had a science teacher once who was severely allergic to fragrance. She was pregnant that year and on day one of school asked us to never wear perfume or cologne or body spray or whatever. ( in 7th grade might I add, puberty and BO). Well anyway, one kid failed a project and he got mad at her and drenched himself In spray one day, within twenty minutes she was being taken away in an ambulance. She was hospitalized for two days. It's very rare but it is real. But I think ur sitch is different and that teach was being a bitch.

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