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The police took SS away UPDATE IN PINK

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All of this happened yesterday. SS is 16 years old, I have been his step mom for 4 years, he has anger problems so we have to keep a close eye on him when he is over which is every other weekend. He has been in consoling and it has gotten better but he still lashes out now and again. It is very stressful because I have 3 kids of my own but because of how we are worried about SS's anger, my ex was willing to switch weekends with me so that he has the kids when SS is over.

Since he has gotten better I guess we have let our guard down a bit. Yesterday, I passed by SS's room and I saw that it was pretty messy and he had dishes piled up. I told him to bring the dishes down to the kitchen and to clean up his room. He isn't supposed to have food in his room but I pick my battles with him, I was going to tell DH when he got home so that he could just remind him not to keep food in his room. Dh went into work early that morning and was to be home by noon, this all happened just before 11

He got really mad because I asked him to clean his room, he started slamming things around and so I headed downstairs with the intent to call DH. He followed me downstairs with his dishes and said "hurry up fatty" I am 7 months pregnant. So he tried to pass me but because he was mad and being careless he ended up pushing me down. I fell down 5 steps. I called 911 right away because I wasn't sure whether I had peed myself or my water had broken. They came and got me and the police came because I told them what had happened. The took SS away. I called DH too and DH met me at the hospital. All I told him  was that I feel down the stairs because, at that point, I didn't give a damn where SS was. By the time DH came the doctor confirmed that I had just peed myself (thank God) and that the baby was fine (again, thank God) though the doctor told me she did want me to take it easy for the next few days and come in  on Monday just to make sure everything is still fine.

I told DH about what his son had done and that the police had taken him away. that point, DH's called his ex and she said that she was just called to come pick SS up because he had assaulted a pregnant woman (me). I didn't ask the police to take  him away or anything but they did. We don't know much more right now but it looks like SS will be tried in juvenile court.

I don't know exactly what is going to happen but I have told DH that he will not come in our home again.

Dh hasn't said much of anything to me about it but I almost feel like he is blaming me. I can't explain it because he hasn't said anything, it's just how he has been to me.

WOW, let me first say that this post has gotten way more replies then I thought. Thank you for the well wishes and kind words. For those who think I am just out to get SS, I am not sure what part of my post makes you feel that way but if that was what I was doing, I would have said he couldn't come over when he started threatening my kids instead of switching the visits so my kids wouldn't be here when he wasn't here.

Some have gotten a little confused about whether or not this was an accident. I was he was careless and angry and that is what caused this. Not cause him shouldering me, that was on purpose but because he was angry and not controlling his temper, he shouldered me so hard that it pushed me down the stairs.

Anyway, on to the update

I went to the OB this morning. They did a more in depth ultrasound, the person in the hospital who does it is not a trained OB ultrasound tech, they know enough to see that the baby is still alive and that the placenta is still attached.The ultrasound showed that a small part of the placenta has started to detach. Therefore, I have been put on restricted activity which includes no sex until the baby is born. Basically, I can do small amounts of housework in between lots of sitting around until baby comes and I am 30 weeks right now so between 6-10 weeks.

We got out of the OBs office to find DH had 9 missed called and 4 voice-mails. In between lots of threats and cussing from BM and SS (some were from SS voice-mails were from BM) they said that SS will be charged with the assault of a pregnant woman and may well do time in juvenile detention. They said that the only way SS will not be charged is if I go and say that he did not shove me or even touch me intentionally and that he just accidentally bumped me and I lost my footing and fell. I will not do that because that's not what happened, he may or may not have meant to make me fall, I don't know but I do know that he meant to shoulder shove me knowing we were on the stairs and that I am 7 months pregnant.

Maybe making him face the consequences on his own will help him, maybe not but I am not going to lie for him, especially after I found out today how close I came to losing this baby over his temper tantrum.

Dh agrees that until I feel comfortable with having him over he shouldn't be. He will take him out and they will do stuff together and he is going to try to work it out with BM that he can take him for a couple hours a few times a week since he is not taking him every other weekend. As far as me lying for SS, he says that DH is torn. He wants to protect his son but he understands that I am not willing to lie to get him out of trouble since after what he did, he should be in trouble.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 28, 2013 at 4:22 PM
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by Platinum Member on May. 1, 2013 at 3:48 AM

20 years ago this pwecios wecious wittul teenager would've been knocked on his ASS for DARING to touch a pregnant woman. 30 years ago he would've been knocked into next week for even mouthing off. Just because its typical for teenagers to test limits shouldn't mean they should get away with it. If her dh leaves her over this...his loss. She shouldn't have to put up with a punk.

Quoting chalisa0:

Well, I don't see this marriage ending well for you.  But, it will end-either way.  You know perfectly well that that kid did not purposely push you down the stairs.  He was being a typical teenage smart ass and an accident happened.  Then, to tell dh that HIS kid would not be in your house again.  Good for that kid.  He shouldn't be forced to be around you ever again.  You're hateful, spiteful and just plain mean.  I bet that's what dh is thinking right about now too.  Just wait and see.  I give you a few months more of marital bliss-at best.

by Platinum Member on May. 1, 2013 at 3:50 AM
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Now, now, give her a little slack. She's typing in a hurry-doesn't wanna be late for her Maury debut!!!

Quoting hautemama83:

Good God. You're ghetto as hell. Aren't you?

Quoting Anonymous:

For one unless the stomach got hit nope baby would be Gucci. And where I live no I wouldn't be charged with hardly anything.

Quoting Anonymous:

You will still be charged with assault and if something happened to the baby you would be charged with the baby's death

Quoting Anonymous:

I can make bond:)

Quoting Anonymous:

Well then I guess your son would be in foster care because if you assault a pregnant woman, you would be in jail

Quoting Anonymous:

For one I wouldn't say it to anyone!! I would do it someone put my child in jail. And I would make sure my child wasn't around either the father or the damn stepmother again

Quoting Anonymous:

He didn't accidentally knock into me, that was on purpose. I am not sure whether he meant for me to fall or not but that's what happened. And if you were his mom and even dared say that to me, you would be in jail too

Quoting Anonymous:

I wouldn't allow my son back around you so wouldn't have to worry about that. Cause if my son accidentally knocked someone down the stairs and went to jail. Someone would be getting a ass beating.

Quoting Anonymous:

It doesn't really matter,maybe he didn't mean for me to fall, but at the very least he did mean to knock into me while, at 7 months pregnant, I was walking down stairs. I don't know exactly what his intentions were and neither do you, but I do know what happened.

Quoting Anonymous:

So it was a accident. Because he was mad its not as is he took both hands and pushed. Sorry it happened but I don't agree with him going to jail.

Quoting Anonymous:

He meant to shoulder me (you know, like when you are mad at someone and you pass them and you bump you shoulder against theirs) but because he was mad and being careless, he did it too hard and pushed me. Whether it was on purpose or not, he is not innocent in this, he was angry and loosing his temper and it could have cost his half sister her life.

Quoting Anonymous:

It spuds like he didnt mean to knock you down.

by Anonymous 91 on May. 1, 2013 at 4:01 AM
Wow what a sad situation. I wouldve done everything you did. Im glad you and baby are ok. Your dh will get over it or at least learn to deal with it. I used to be a stepmom up until last year and we had an incident at my house as well with my dh's 16yo son and I had him arrested. Dh was upset at first of course but he realized that it needed to be done. Good luck to you and get plenty of rest. :-)
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