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The brag post... *laughs out loud* (an Eff you post)

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So... here is the story.

For many years I have taught dance and hubby works with his parents in a development business plus real estate. At one point we were able to afford health insurance....

Then came the economy crash :( We are not the only people that had to move fast downgrading everything you worked hard for. We sold our house and downgraded into a rental, downgrading our budget, getting rid of things we couldn't afford, preparing for the worse financially. Let me tell you we moved fast!!!!

Three years of hell we went from making 75,000 a year to 45,000 a year. We were lucky we made 45,000 a year. On top of that back then health insurance was 680 a month and believe me thats a lot not including the 2 grand deductible. Sadly that had to go too because the amount we were making was just getting so low we couldnt afford it anymore. We cleaned our savings, college, retirement trying to stay afloat... When you are in the housing market, sometimes you go months before you have income or a pay.... It was awful.

During this time I continued to argue with hubby about me going back to college. He resisted. I wish had let me go back sooner (although it worked out in the end). Eventually at the end of our debts he let me go back I am graduating this Saturday.

So now we are slowly working our way back up, slowly trying to put back the savings and unfortunately since the last time we had health insurance it has gone up to 980 a month for the cheapest with 2500 grand deductible, one was 3 grand! At this time we simply cannot afford insurance PLUS unpaid medical bills from the 3-4 year economical crash and building our way back up.

I have watched people around me plus those online struggle the same struggle we have gone through, there are still many out there that simply cannot afford the rates.... I understand oh believe me I understand. Then you got arrogant asshats that brag how their hubby works good bucks and great heath insurance and pay only 200 a month for extra benefits and blah blah.... Ya well good for fucking you!

I recently got hired (yes got the job I wanted my ideal job) at the university as a computer specialist. I will work part time however, I will earn a little over the part time hours so I can qualify for health care benefits. After all these years me working part time and hubby busting his ass and barely having health care insurance we will finally be where others are (the employment paid health benefits). So for those that cursed me and others for not having it EFF YOU I HAVE IT NOW!

The end.

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by on May. 1, 2013 at 10:29 AM
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by Anonymous 9 on May. 1, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Congratulations. Glad it is working out for you now.
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