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I expect to be bashed for this, but I feel like I had to .. it wasn't fair~4th edit. Field day was today.

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Okay, So my son had some problems in school. He has ADHD, and was acting up. With (low dose) medication and firm parenting, we go him back on track. 

For the last 4 weeks, he has been trying his best. He has only gotten 7 strikes .. which is really good. And a lot of them wasn't even his fault. He got a few strikes for not making it to homeroom in time to finish his morning work. We live half an hour from the school, and I take him every morning. We will get there 15 till and he has enough time to eat breakfast, and get half way through his morning work. Because he does not complete it (before school starts) he gets a strike. I dont think this is fair. We live all the way out here, and I have 3 different kids in 3 different schools. And even if i did leave earlier (we have tried it) we get stuck behind all the school busses when we get to town. 

Another time, he got a strike for crossing out a word he had written on his paper - instead of erasing it. Really minor stuff. Well like I said, he has been trying hard, and only got 7 strikes in a month. Well the teacher made it to where the kids in the class lost letters (that spelled FIELD DAY) when they got strikes. And if they lost all their letters ... they didn't get to participate. Which is fine, except my son has 1 letter left. So this morning, he was upset and I asked him why. He said that he just knew that he was going to lose his last letter today and he wasnt going to get to do field day tomorrow. 

I know im going to get bashed for this but (since he hasnt missed any school, except for doctor appointments) I told him he could stay home today. He cant get strikes if hes not there. I know its wrong, but damnit, im cutting him the break he needs. If he looses this last letter, his hard work was all for nothing. 

So, go ahead .. tell me how horrible i am. ... 

To make it clear to everyone .. Morning work is work that gets handed out before school starts. Its not homework. He does all of his homework at home.

I do not coddle my son. But I do believe in taking up for him, when he's tried so hard. I understand some of you moms are hardasses, but you have to draw a line somewhere. He tries very hard. And makes all A's and B's in school. He is in 3rrd grade and reads on a 5th grade level. His math is the same way. We do our best at home to help. I know his teacher(s) are the boss, and I dont want to step on their toes. They do a great job with him, but that doesnt mean we always have to see eye to eye. And she might have used this method (of the field day letters) to keep the kids on track, and let them participate anyway, im not sure, but Its something he has tried his BEST (i know my sons best) at and I feel horrible that it may be taken away. I dont argue with his teachers about what strikes he gets, I tell him he needs to do better (and he honsetly has). 

And please stop refering to him as a snowflake. That is not nice and its just like calling a black person the "n" word, and a white person a cracker. im sorry, but in my eyes its the same thing and not nice at all.

BTW - Anon, im 100% sure your the same person looking to get my goat .. your not you cold hearted bitch so just comment away :) Keep bumping my post! I think its great!

And another thing - he is never late to school. Most of the teachers at the school dont give strikes for not completeing morning work, my sons teacher is one of the few who does. I agree about feeding him breakfast at home, I did this morning, but not every morning is like this morning. It gets a bit chaotic in the morning with 3 kids (one being ADHD, without his medication yet). And the others are 4, and 6. They spend the whole time talking and not eating, so it really depends on the day. But I wanted to make it clear that this whole school year, my son has been late 3 times. He is always there between 7:30-7:45. But he is never "Late".

Update for may 8th (field day)

my son had a wonderful field day. I do not regret letting him stay home. Just looking about how much fun he had, justifies it.

thank you everyone. I did feel bad (a little) for letting him stay home the day before, but I'm really glad I did.

Posted by Anonymous on May. 7, 2013 at 9:33 AM
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by on May. 16, 2013 at 11:38 AM
Op I would have done the same thing. Every once in awhile a kid needs a break.
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