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My dd receives medical from the county. My job does not offer it and I can not afford to private pay.

So every 6 months I have the pleasure of dealing with this gem downtown. She hates me. Idk why. All I ask of her is that she pay attention to my case file. Last year I supplied copies of my last four pay stubs (she only needs 2), and copies of all my bills (gas, water, electric, house, daycare etc.) She called me a week later, and acted like a super bitch as she told me they were going to cut dd's medical for my failure to be responsible and provide the information. When I told her not only had I provided it, I have receipts from when I submitted the info along with tracking numbers, she YELLED at me for calling her a liar and then hung up on me. Refused to answer my calls back until the end of the day, when she informed me she has hundreds of cases to deal with, and doesn't have time to deal with me, then hung up, again. I ended up getting a hold of her supervisor who, miraculously, was able to find my info, in under 30 seconds.
A week later my case worker calls and says she wants my bank account number. I said no. I said I would provide my statements with the account number blocked out, but I was not going to hand her my account information since she cant even keep track of my water bill. She called me a few choice names and hung up on me, again. So I called the head of the department who told me it was not necassary to provide my account number, that my daughters medical would continue to be provided and to file a formal complaint against my case worker.
Did that.
She is still my case worker. Despite my best efforts.
So this morning, 8 am, she calls for my 6 month follow up, that basically says yes my job still provides zero medical blah blah blah.
She tells me she needs a copy of my bank account. I told her no. She tells me its a requirement, and I told her, no. I said I would provide my statement with the number blocked out but if she cannot promise me that the statement will be shredded once its entered into the system, she's not getting it. I have ten days to provide it or dd loses her medical. And then, big shocker, she hung up on me.
I hate this woman.
I am in the process of filing for a new job at a much larger company that is able to provide an affordable benefit package so that I don't have to deal with the county anymore. Just got my schooling done. In the meantime, I get to deal with this peach. I know there are good ones out there, I had one, and she got promoted.
Other fun things this woman has said to me:
"The woman thinks its my job to deal with her, don't she know I got hundreds of cases and don't have time for her?" Announced that gem while I was sitting in the office, did it in front of everyone.
"Why are you even dealing with us? Don't you know welfares not for you people anyway?" I asked who is you people "you know, white people, ya'll have automatic benefits without taking it from us poor minorities too" Yup that cute one was recorded, dumb ass said it over the phone, conversations are recorded.
And my favorite "ya know, if you would just move to the downtown, ya could afford medical" I said the area she is talking about is unsafe "not my problem, why should you get to live some place nice? Who do you think you're better than?" Also recorded. Idk how she still has her job. BTW, where I live, its not a ritzy neighborhood, its a culturally mixed suburb with bank accounts of all sizes. And I pay all my bills. I work my ass off for the good school system and the safe neighborhood. I didn't realize you could only live in the hood to be worthy of help.
All right bash away.
by on May. 16, 2013 at 9:44 AM
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by Ruby Member on May. 16, 2013 at 11:56 PM

I have worked programs which required me to ask for information. One of the things I had to have was bank account information and if the number was blocked out, it was invalid. A supervisor might  be able to okay something if a person bitched, but the lowest level employee still has to ask. I think people would be amazed at how people try to scam the system. It is possible to present a statement for a specific period of time and then deposit thousands the very next day. You would be amazed at what I caught people doing. 

I worked for a wonderful program which required our employees to have extensive experience and degrees. One man was hired without a degree, but had over 25 years of experience. I was the liaison to the state agency which did not have the same employment requirements. What is sad is that many of the case workers are approving benefits for people who have higher incomes than they have and who live in nicer neighborhoods. I know that it does not make your situation easier, but it might help to explain the attitude you detect. In many instances, the pay is so low that the case workers themselves qualify for food stamps and other benefits or are just over the income limits. 

by Ruby Member on May. 17, 2013 at 1:17 AM

I know exactly what you mean. Private insurance is too freaking expensive. Good job, government, on making it almost impossible to have insurance.

i don't know how low income families can afford insurance, honestly.

Quoting Lizard_Lina:

I work 60 hours a week so I can cover everything myself. I pay daycare, house payment, taxes, food, water, gas, electricity, phone, and everything in between. But unless I worked every hour of every day I could not afford the payments they want for private pay. And since my job doesn't offer medical, I'm left with county insurance. And its not even for me its for dd. I'm halfway through the interview process to getting a new job with benefits. In the mean time what am I supposed to do ya know?

Quoting BrittSam2011:

I'll bash her, not you.

what a freaking bitch! It's not like you have a hogh paying job and taking food stamps or cash aid. It's just medical. For your daughter. She's being all kinds of disrespectful over your child's health insurance. Ugh. Makes me mad.

by Anonymous 25 on May. 17, 2013 at 1:22 AM

I always have to provide my bank info

Quoting monkeymom1104:

Why does she need your banking information? I have never heard of that, only in SSI cases.

by on May. 17, 2013 at 1:24 AM

 Sorry you have had to deal with someone like her. I'm glad you finished your schooling, Congrates and good luck!

by on May. 17, 2013 at 9:46 AM

 I hear that, my fingers are crossed for ya!  Good luck! I despise people that are in some sort of public service job, if you can't handle the public, get a different job! ffs!

Quoting Lizard_Lina:

It doesn't really do much good. At this point I'm just crossing my fingers I get this job and I can be done.

Quoting gabby416:

 sounds like a real cunt.  I'd keep complaining about her. 


by on May. 18, 2013 at 2:53 AM
I think its time to ask again. :-/

Quoting Lizard_Lina:

I have. Twice.

Quoting Monkeymama930:

In most states you can ask for a new case worker to be assigned.

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