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What should kids NEVER wear to school?

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7 Things Moms Shouldn't Let Their Kids Wear to School

by Jeanne Sager

Kids Should Never Wear to SchoolIt seems like at least once a week, a story crops up in the news about a school trying to enforce a dress code that's a little out-of-control. Calling kindergartners' skirts out for being too short (when they're wearing tights!). Banning long hair on little boys.

They make me as crazy as any mom. But if I had to be honest, I feel for school administrators. Because for all of us parents just trying to apply common sense to how we dress our kids, there are the parents who go off the rails.

Take, for example, the mom who lets her 6-year-old wear high heels to school. I shouldn't have to tell you that's inappropriate, but apparently it has to be said.

Yes, there are dress codes that treat our kids like they're going to prison instead of school. There are dress codes that sexualize little kids and seem to slut shame girls

But there is also a reason schools have dress codes. It's called idiot parents.

If you're not one of them, you probably wouldn't send your kid to school in just about anything on this list.

1. Out-of-Season Outfits

Sure, there are some kids who run a little hot, and they want to wear a t-shirt in the winter. But ask any teacher what they hate most, and it's not the sexy clothing on teenage girls that bugs them most. They'll probably tell you there's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a little kid whose parents are still sending him to school in shorts and no coat in 30-degree weather.

2. Tube Tops

This is not about sexuality folks. It's about practicality. All it takes for a prankster to make a girl's life a living hell is to give a tube top one quick yank. Straps save sanity.

3. High Heels

It's bad enough trying to walk in these when you're an adult ... and they're bad enough on adult feet. But kids shouldn't be wearing this kind of dangerous footwear to begin with, so why would you have them hobbling around school in a pair?

4. Flip Flops

I'll admit I let my daughter wear these "shoes" -- even though they're not particularly good for your feet! But there are more than a few reasons not to let them wear a pair of flip flops to school -- from the heightened danger from falling objects (just imagine a pair of scissors in a kindergarten classroom ... ouch) to the difficulty of walking (nothing screams fall hazard like a 6-year-old making her way down the stairs to the cafeteria in a pair of flip flops).

5. Anything With a Hole

Sure, some well-placed holes are fashionable, but for the most part, holes just make your kid look unkempt ... and there's a major risk of the holes being made BIGGER by pranksters on the playground.

6. Pajamas

I don't care HOW late you're running. Your kids are old enough to know that pajamas are bed clothes, not clothes to wear in public.

7. Dirty Clothes

A little stain is one thing, especially if it's just from a toothpaste mess-up that you didn't catch until they were JUST getting on the bus. But nothing makes bullies jump on kids faster than dirty clothes. Show a little respect for your kids; wash their darn clothes.

What would you add?

by on May. 16, 2013 at 10:01 AM
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by Ruby Member on Jun. 18, 2013 at 5:54 AM
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I'm a teacher and this is what I hate to see in addition to your list.

T shirts with obnoxious or anti education saying such as "I hate homework"... Really? For school? Sends a bad attitude and message.

Shorts that barely cover their underwear.

Bellies showing.

Clothes that are several sizes too small.
by Anonymous 36 on Jun. 18, 2013 at 7:45 AM

Totally. And there ARE cute close toed shoes. for boys and girls. Flip flops are cute and maaaaybe for Hawaii or Florida... But if they're gonna hurt my DD or DS's little feet then no way Jose. I'm the mamma, its my job to be the protector. Cute or no cute.

Quoting AngelPooh:

flip flops, sandles, any kind of open toed shoes/sandles. I don't understand these on kids at all and refuse to let kids wear them at my house or when i take care of them at my house. Being a etacher i have seen so many serious injuries because of stupid shoes. Just wear a freaking pair of sneakers or other closed-toe rubber soled shoes. i don't care how girly your kid is... you are the parent and make them wear what shoes you say. if more parents listen i would not have had to catch a kid as her lame ass dress shoes sent her sliding off the top of a jungle gym, watch a small boys entire big toe nail get ripped off because of tripping in stupid flip flops, and other injuries that are just not necessary at all. now they make the kids just sit at gym, recess, etc if they come in innaproprite shoes. the kids just sit there doing nothing the whole time! so sad.

by Anonymous 37 on Jun. 18, 2013 at 8:50 AM

Leggings when the child's rear-end is not covered (long sweaters or shirts are fine, but they're basically naked with just leggings and a short top!)

Skinny jeans (even on elementary kids?!?!)

Gym shorts

Any pants with anything written on the butt.  Seriously.  I've seen this in kindergarten.

Velour track suits

by Anonymous 37 on Jun. 18, 2013 at 8:55 AM

All the posts about uniforms - wearing uniforms does NOT stop any teasing or bullying.  I wore uniforms my entire life, went to private school.  Shoes, backpacks, and purses had to meet requirements, but did not have to be purchased at the uniform store.  So, of course, the kids honed in on these items as a platform for judgment and cruelty.

I remember my mom's friend bought me an Esprit purse (yes, it was the 80s!) because my parents couldn't afford a purse for me.  It was yellow.  I got teased relentlessly for this purse, to the point where I actually threw it away and never used a purse again.  Even to this day I carry a messenger bag, not a purse.

Also, my parents couldn't fford the Cole Haan shoes that all the other kids wore, so we had Dickey's loafers.  When the sole wore out, we would just get new soles.  Everyone picked up on that, and it was humiliating.

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